Monolith M650 Open Back Over Ear Headphones

General Information

Monolith M650 Open Back Over Ear Headphones
The Monolith™ M650 has been engineered from the ground up to provide the kind of quality that is the hallmark of the Monolith series of audio products. Featuring a newly engineered 50mm beryllium dynamic driver in an open back design, the M650 excels at spacious imaging, smooth midrange, and detailed highs. The M650 features a larger earcup than the M600, offering more bass and a larger soundstage than its smaller cousin. Comfort was not an afterthought, as the lightweight headphones feature a padded headband and come with both velour and leather ear pads for sustained comfort during long listening sessions.




50mm Driver
Open Back Design
Comfortable Ear Pads

50mm Driver: The Monolith M650 utilizes a stiff and lightweight 50mm beryllium metal driver. This enables the headphone to deliver accurate and balanced sound. Each driver has been tuned to deliver maximum dynamics, clear midrange, and detailed highs for the ultimate sonic experience.

Open Back Design: The open back design creates an open, accurate, and natural soundscape. The soundstage is generally wider in presence and it feels as if you are in the middle of a live performance. Instead of an "inside your head", isolated experience that traditional closed-back headphones provide, open-back headphones provide a holographic listening experience.

Comfortable Ear Pads: The M650 comes with two sets of ear pads in both leather and velour styles. Both have been created with comfort in mind and can be swapped out, depending on your preference. The Monolith M650 is engineered to fit securely over your head, providing sustained comfort during long listening sessions.

Design: Open Back
Transducer Type: Dynamic
Driver Size: 50mm
Frquency Response: 15-20,000Hz
Impedence: 64 ohms
Sensitivity: 100dB
Cable Length: 2M
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