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Tri brid so good you will want to sell off your other higher end IEMS.
Pros: Bringing the best of 2 electrostatic+2 BA+10mm Dynamic implementation that brings, cohesion, transparency, imaging and detail to a fun, spacious, technical tuning. Attractive looking solid built all resin filled semi custom ergonomic well isolating shells. Detailed extended treble end with remarkable imagery, Detailed clean clear rich mids with exacting qualities. Detailed full bodied bass end that behaves with quality and control, vented deep reaching rumble with zero roll off. All included on a spacious 3D like sound canvas. Included high quality 8 core SPC and 2 sets of tips you will actually end up using. Solid metal canister to carry your precious.
Cons: Some folks think blue is better looking than the green. Look at my photos people!
Mids emphasis can vary depending on sources and tips. No lip on the nozzle so some tip slippage will ensue. Will have you rethink your expensive earphone purchase you made before getting the Mofasest Trio.
Penon CS819 cable shown w Mofo Trio.

Tribrids seem to be the new thing nowadays. Seems a lot of manufacturers are getting on board using 3 different types of drivers in an earphone. Hence the name given to such technology. The MOFASEST Trio is tempting to a lot of enthusiasts since the price of them are reasonable compared to some of the competitor offerings that use the same three driver configurations. Our good friend Audio123 had one early on and I remember him stating the Mofasest Trio is punching above the price for SQ of them so this got me curious.
I finally got a chance to hear the Trio for myself. Upon open listen it was immediate to me that we are dealing with a higher end more technical sounding IEM. I was taken aback on just how much auditory information was flowing out of the lovely Green shells of the Mofasest and it didn’t take long for me to start their own dedicated thread here. I start threads on headfi for earphones I feel are exceptional. It doesn’t take long for me to recognize a standout sound.

A standout sound is what you get with the Mofasest Trio. I would like to give a hearty thanks to Penon audio and Mofasest for the review sample. I am not associated with any of these folks just so you know. These here statements are all about how I hear the Mofasest Trio.
As far as I know Mofasest was made by pros in the industry. I can easily tell. The hand made all resin semi custom shell for one. The inclusion of 3 different types of drivers. 2 Sonion Eslectrostatic super highs, 2 Sonion 2600 BAs for mids to highs, and a 10mm Biofilm dynamic, doing bass per housing and make them mesh onto a sonic canvas that not only shows mastery of sound tuning but shows excellence for each tech used. The other is the included accessories. Being a reviewer I have come to appreciate what manufacturers include in an earphone. If the accessories suck. Phones get a dock in points simple as that. Sure sound and form is tops on the rating list but you would be surprised how many manufacturers skip on the basics. Throw in a stupid weak cable and tips that have nothing to do with optimizing the sound and for me personally I will dock a solid point.
This being said, the Mofasest Trio you get accessories that match up very well with the earphones. Included 8 core SPC cable is of a high quality soft supple and most importantly does not limit the sonic character of the earphones. Included in the package is a hard metal circular case to carry around your earphones. Practical and protective. Included tips are actually optimal to the sonics for the earphones. Soft high quality set of foams and a set of silicones that sound great on the Mofasest. There is no possible way these were made by first time designers is my point.
So basically you don’t have to dig into your aftermarket cables and tips right away. This says a lot about the design of these. It tells me they are thinking about the end user experience. This makes a huge difference so I applaud them for including accessories that are functionable and adds to the overall experience. While they didn’t include a huge variety of accessories the quality of what is included is evident.
Sound evaluation was done using my DAPs Fiio M15, Shanling M6 pro, M5s, M3s, Ibasso DX160,Sony ZX300, IFI Black Label- Disclaimer. I like to try a variety of sources to get a good indicator of their true sonic performance. Also to see what type of sound sourcing matches up with a particular sound.
The sound profile of the Mofasest Trio is a slight V shaped in design. Actually balanced quite well. It is close to the Harmon target curve for earphones and I don't feel any part of the sound spectrum is overly enhanced over the others. I like to call this type of tuning a technical fun tuning. Don’t get the word fun description twisted here. The fun description for a cheaper earphone does not apply here, so what is fun about these you might ask? What makes your favorite roller coaster a blast? What makes going to your yearly Halloween costume parties a blast? The Mofasest Trio for the ears are simply a blast to listen to and is a testament to their strengths in sound design and I feel for a mid fi level earphone to pull off this particular sound tuning. You better come correct.
First time I heard these It had some awesome detail nuances that I have only heard in much higher end earphones. I couldn't take them out of my ears. Energetic, excitement, broad, dimensional and impactful came to mind. Treble notes would hang far right or far left of my hearing floating in a space to its own. So the Mofasest Trio happens to be my first experience of the Sonion electrostatic drivers being used for upper trebles. It definitely left a positive impression on me. That initial listen wasn't all about the treble but the mids clearly had distinction, great imaging and energy. Bass had a definition to it that cheaper earphones just can’t touch. All within a large spacious roomy presentation.
It didn't take me long to figure out these had a great sound. They look stunning in person with the all Resin semi custom design in green. There are folks on the web that say the blue is better looking but I beg to differ. Green my friend is the color of grass. Is the color of life, spring and all things that are fresh and new. It is the color of trees in the forest for god sake. Team green for the win.

Well you now have the option for a bit of extra $10 to be exact to choose which of the various colors on Penon web site here. So if you're weak and are not partial to the green thing than you can certainly choose a different color.
In this section I want to go over how I am hearing the electrostats. I didn’t know what the fuss was about. What makes these drivers shine is one aspect you don’t necessarily get from standard BAs or a dynamic doing treble. Precision is absolute, bringing detail in the treble notes that I have only heard with the highest quality BA treble. Dimensional is the other. Dependent on recordings. If the treble has background emphasis you will not only hear it with the perfect tone, pitch and character be it crash symbols, high hats, bells and chimes. But exactly where in the recording it was made. It is almost ghostly as the high notes will hang in your hearings virtual space with nothing to interfere with how clear and clean it will sound to you.
I am sold on this newer tech and now I can understand why tribrids with this tech are being sold at a higher price tag. Treble is perhaps the most toughest aspect of tuning. Too much in a sensitive area and you can forget about how great the rest of the sound tuning is. Too little and you're getting a skew to the warm and mushy side of things. Mofasest Trio is ever so slightly edgy but somehow is not fatiguing. It has to do with that precision with just the right amount of emphasis in the region and some of the best imaging for treble I have heard bringing all of the detail and none of the fatigue. Providing an energetic sheen across the sound spectrum the treble aspect of the trio is a standout and not in a bad way.
Mid to high bands were done with 2 Sonion BAs, tonality is very clean, articulate, with a touch of smoothness and comprised of rich details. The mid bands also exhibit very good layering and can be influenced to be more forward or laid back dependent on the tips and source used. I say this because the resolution for the mids is excellent and therefore can be manipulated to how you like your mids. On a forward sounding source or a laid back one. It most definitely scales to the sound source you will be using. I saw some remarks about the mids being flat or non dimensional. I am not hearing that at all using my Fiio M15. In fact the opposite. Mid bands encompass a flow to the sonics from all directions. On the other hand using my Shanling M3s the sound wasn’t as dimensional and sounded more conventional and mids sounds a bit laid back. That saying good things in and better things out applies here. Use a higher end source and you're gonna hear the best of the Mofasest Trio. Use your cell phone and you're gonna hear the sonics of your cell phone.
Detail of the Mofasest Trio is at the forefront of the sound tuning and mid band encompasses a richness in tone that a lot of BAs simply don’t have. Vocals have excellent range and can sound breathy with emotion. Strings timbre I find exceptional with the Mofasest trio. Each part of the sound spectrum is done so well the tuning becomes extremely versatile. Excels at instrument timbre in general and has the right amount of body with a roomy stage to pull it off correct. Then there is the Bass.
Bass notes are weighty, punchy and again very detailed. The 10mm Biofilm dynamic used on the Mofasest Trio is simply excellent. Bold when called for and gentle when not. The Bass end is of a very high quality with very good quantity. Due to the ample emphasis of the bass notes it is not the speediest of bass but I don’t necessarily find the bass to be sluggish either. Bass stays away cleanly from the mids and has its own space to do its work. Bass is just shy of basshead levels but I feel any more emphasis and it would encroach on the mid bands so true to the harmon curve. Ample bass has everything you would expect from a high level quality bass end. A defined authority, with the deepest of rumble. It has no problems with any bass note, natural or synthetic. You would expect a great bass for an earphone that cost $500 and you get your money's worth here. Bass is not an afterthought on the Mofasest Trio design it is a highlight. This is where the FUN is at right?
You can see the one word that is used to describe the sonic character of the Mofasest Trio that is consistent throughout the sound bands. That is detailed. The level of detail we are talking about is exceptional from highest of treble to the lowest of bass. This is where the TECHNICAL is at. The Mofasest Trio can pick off detail and will not hide a note,a shimmer, a vocal nuance, string pluck, a cough, a drum note and how much emphasis on that drum note, anything sound related that is on the recording good or bad. Hearing such details is not all good as the badly recorded tracks will come through with a bad recording. Nicely well mastered tracks however Shine and will immerse you even better than much higher end offerings.
In the end I feel the Mofasest Trio is an exceptionally well made and compelling offering. I am all about getting what you pay for, especially during these trying times. I have seen these compared to much higher end offerings so just know you're not getting some left over low tech earphones here. These are cutting edge and has the sound to go along with it. The tuning is versatile with excellent control definition and imaging in all regions of the sound tuning. These are a complete and utter blast to listen to and isn’t that why we spend the big money for such an earphone? If you're not enjoying what you paid your hard earned money for, sell it off and get a Mofasest Trio instead. As always, happy listening.
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This IEM still amazes me to the day. What a sleeper, it's astonishing....
I have to agree. I actually own 2 sets. That's how much I like them.
Ha awesome - I did as well for while, but I finally relinquished one of them maybe a year ago.