Mixcder HD601

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  1. Mark Up
    "Something Good, Something Not"
    Pros - Lightweight, Good Quality For Price, Full Midrange
    Cons - Off Highs, Bluetooth Bass Issues, Also Too Small
    Mixcder V4.2
    This is my second review. I was part of the review tour. Mixcder was very kind to let me retain the headphones and very friendly and responsive to emails.

    I'm a lifelong musician, live and studio sound engineer, always with heavy duty earplugs. Often the only one in my band wearing them, but then, I've retained my unusually sensitive hearing because of it. I've tried too many headphones and in ears to list. I'll refer to what I've tried where it's relevant in the review, to keep it simple. I've got some I'm happy with now, but I'm never tired of trying new things, so that brought me to these.

    What I Look For
    I prefer warmer headphones, full lower mids, flat mids, reduced high mids. More than a moderate mid bass bump bothers me, and sub bass rarely extends low enough in most quality cans I'll try. I'll say "quality" since there are plenty that are explosive down there, but often at the expense of everything else. Some have said you can't have all frequencies well represented, but enough come close to this, so I know this can be done.

    Common Issues
    Fit has had me reject 80% of what I've tried. I much prefer over-ear. It's hard enough to get over-ear to go over everyone's ears (Senn. Momentum 1 for example, Momentum 2 isn't much better). My ears fairly flat and proportional to being 6'5". My head is also, with Triple X hat size (few of those fit either). Most companies could fit larger heads, with an inch more band extension, but only some seem to take that into consideration.

    Design and Comfort
    These arrived well packaged and designed given how inexpensive they are at retail. Definitely built better than most under $50 USD cans. No case and it is not expected. They fold flat and you can find plenty of nice inexpensive hard cases for fold flat headphones. I won't post pictures, there are a ton of other pictures already posted in the reviews for this.

    They don't extend far enough. I tried bending the headband at the center but it didn't help. A half an inch to an inch more extension on each side is all that would be needed. The extra cost for a bit more metal to slide out is negligible and many companies are penny wise and pound foolish to save money in cutting costs for important ergonomics.

    If you can't get them fully down to your ears comfortably, you can't wear them and there has never been a mod that has been done that can work around it. The pads are a little too small and shallow, though soft. They have that fake smell too. Bose QC35 also fold flat and are portable, yet have ear cups that are deep enough and fully surround large ears.

    The Bose also extend plenty far to easily reach my ears and are very light, and sturdy. I wish more would emulate their design. The angled drivers in these tell me there may be an effort to do that. Also, I prefer the cable entry to be on the left side, not the right as they are with the Mixcder headphones. This brings me to another macro evaluation.

    I can't expect these to sound as good as Bose given their are a fraction of the price. The same amount of plastic, and 10-20 cents more metal for a longer headband reach, and a dollar more for better, larger, deeper ear pads could launch these into a higher territory of value. The better ear depth of the Bose doesn't make them any less portable.

    Thin ear pads for portability is pure nonsense. It's cutting corners in an important area. It's not the material you're using, it's using just a bit more (which would add little to the cost of manufacture) and how you use it. It seems like these companies have small, flat eared midgets with tiny heads testing their headphones.

    Sound Quality and Ideas
    The sound with the wire is far better than wireless. The wireless range and connection is fast and works fine. No complaints there. The wired sound has perhaps the best midrange and bass for a moderate bass head who is not fond of the scooped V shape and prefers flat with extra bass and a bit less treble. The treble has issues here.

    Wired bass is great, reaches low, moderate mid bass bump, bleeds just a bit up into the low mids but I don't mind that if it's just a little. The mids are solid without any ringing issues (like the Sony MDR-Z7 can have). Due to the very close proximity to the ear, that may be why. Literally called "proximity effect" in audio engineer speak.

    That builds up the lower and middle mids nicely. Also being so close, there is no extra reflective space for sound to resonate from, and also there is less of a space to the ear itself for some sound deflection between that and the driver and the likely comb filtering and resonance that could result. It's possible to work around this though.

    The Bose QC35 does this with DSP / EQ obviously. When NR is off it has that EQ off and they sound horrible in terms of ringy reflective sound (boxiness). It is rather stupid of Bose since their latest Sound True generation is nearly the same in build and drivers compared to the QC35. It has no EQ or DSP and if run flat, there is no boxiness.

    Back to the Mixcder. Wired sound is good up to the treble, which is weird. I'll detail that more. It gets worse with BT and mainly in the bass that blows up to a ridiculous mid bass bump. It's so bad it's not useable. The idea of big bass bumps for "walking around outside" is also wrong, unless the headphones are bass light to begin with.

    The weirdness of the treble is in both wired and wireless. Both are dark and dull, especially wireless. The actual detail level is worse, beyond just mere brightness. They still manage to have what appears to be at least one if not two narrow peaks just under 10 kHz that aren't always noticed, but when they are it's brutal. Dull yet peaky.

    How They Make This Better
    There you have it. Arguably among the best midrange quality of any cans at any price in wired mode. The bass quality and quantity there is also great. It suffers also from lack of soundstage due to proximity to the drivers, but that said, even in that way, the space is surprisingly good for cans without much space to let it develop that are also closed.

    Put out a version with a $10-$20 higher price tag. $30 to include a cheap hard case for fold flat cans if you so desire. The core $10-$20 is to cover $5 in new and extra and better material and $5 in labor putting it in there. You still get a big return on your investment and put these in another category of quality that will rival cans that cost a lot more than that.

    Longer reaching sliders for tall heads. Longer, wider, deeper ear cups. Getting wireless to at least sound similar (even if not as good) as wired. One should expect the same general sound, not to have remarkable mids and bass turn into a massive mid bass bump rendering them unusable. It will take some more research and trial and error to get it.

    I'm glad they are listening. With all due respect to Meze, a competitor with great products including headphones that I tested, their newer headphones, from the reviews I've read of them, are nearly the same as the older line it was meant to be an alternative to in size, they suffer the same fate that these and many cans will suffer with needlessly.

    Their ear cups were a bit too small, they made them a bit bigger but the headband design didn't change which was again too small. Bose gets it, trying on their latest generation of cans (go to Best Buy if you haven't, they're on display there) you feel like they really paid attention to comfort and being able to fit various heads and ears. It can be done.
  2. genclaymore
    "Great HPs,but bass neds some work"
    Pros - Light weight
    Easy to drive
    Analog 3.5 sounds good
    Cons - Bass is one noted and muddy
    ear-pads/Cups are not deep or wide enough
    Bluetooth audio performance isn't that good
    I wanna thank Mixcder for giving me the chance to review the Mixcder HD 601.

    Upon opening up the box for the HD 601, you will see that it's sitting in a clam-shell, with the usually box of accessories in the middle. Inside the small box you will find an USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable. The charging cable is for charging the headphones when there charge runs out, the 3.5mm cable will allow you to use them wired either when the charge is out, or when you are using devices that are not Bluetooth ready.

    I put the headphones quickly to see how they feel, the headband padding is the same exact one used on there other HD301 model, which what I liked about it. It still feel comfortable on the top of my head. Sadly the ear-pads are not comfortable at all and right off the back they annoyed my ears due to how small they are in width, while the height of the ear-pads fits around my ears. The cup is also not deep enough as my ears touch the base of the cup, if the ear pads was a little more wider at the same time being more deeper inside the cup, it would be much more comfortable. The headphone weight is very good as I did not find it to be heavy but to be very light.

    Unlike the HD301’s the HD 601’s do not fold, but there cups do still rotate flat. Which means you can still store them in suit case, carrying bags and your pocket if there wide enough. Folding would had made them easier to carry in smaller pockets, but not really a con, since you can still bring them with you on the go.

    Lets talk about the connections and buttons, on the bottom of the right cup, you will find the 3.5mm jack, I didn’t have any issues at all plugging in the including cable and using the headphones. The volume buttons are a nice size, I didn’t make any mistakes at all lowering or raising the volume.

    Pairing the headphones to my iPod worked without any problems. But nothing is perfect, when I went to plug in the charger cable into the mini USB port on the left cup, I had a hard time getting it in. It was like the port on the headphone was a little too small, evidently I got it in but I had to use force. I don’t seeing the connection holding up long due to the amount of force needed to plug the cable in, evidently the port will get damage from all of the force.

    Pressing the power button and holding it down will enable the pairing mode, pressing it once will cause songs to stop playing, doing it again will cause them to play. Double tapping it will allow you to switch between EQ modes, one is balanced and the others Extra bass, which works instantly and without any issues as I can easily tell when you switch between the modes. The EQ mode only works with Bluetooth as I tried to see if it would work in 3.5mm mode, it doesn’t.

    Moving the EQ setting to its own button or slider will make it easier to have access to, as you can mistakenly stop your song or in rare cases turn your volume down by mistake as the buttons are close to each other.

    They added something new with this model in the form of NFC, which allows you to simply touch your NFC supported device to the headphones them self and connect them instantly. Unfortunately I do not have any devices with this functionally to see how well it works.

    Noise isolation was OK, it was not that good as I was still able to hear my house fan, but it did block out most of the noses in my room. It wont block all of the noses if they are very loud. Just the medium to low noises.


    Here how the HD 601 will be used in this review. For the Bluetooth functionally, I will be using an Ipod. While with analog, I will be using my sound BlasterX AE-5 directly using the headphone jack.


    In balanced EQ mode the highs didn’t stick out to me that much, other then some details heard with hit hats. But I did not have any problems with brightness as there was none. There was some tiny sound here and there but that's about it. Even the singer voices didn’t stick out to me either.

    With the mids it was almost neutral aside from the bass which stuck out to me. Which was the problem on the HD601. The bass is too one noted with the way it is produced. You can not hear each bass note. It’s a single boom boom boom, even the low bass produced the same effect. Neither of them sounded good. When I tried songs with a lot of bass action, I heard the bass distort. Besides that there was times where it would overlap another instrument to the point, it was hard to even hear it. Extra bass made it even worst as it made it much worst, due to the highs being effected to the point of it becoming too smooth with some of the freq being removed. Extra bass made the lows and mid bass more in your face like then before.

    Sound separation I would say it was avg as there are times where they merged into each other. While the sound imaging have a 2D type of feel to it, while at same time the sound stage is small, as it’s like the music is slightly outside my ears in width but inside my head in height if that make sense.


    With my Sound blaster AE-5 there was improvements as I could hear where the instruments was in the songs, The separation is better, I now able to hear the instruments better then before. The sound image is better as well since the feeling of it being inside my head is less now. The low bass is still a problem as it distorts and is not clear and even muddy with it’s one note style bass it also still bleeds into the other channels. Highs are more neutral sounding then before with the hit hats having less of an shhh type of sound with the right amount of detail. There was no distortion in the bass or the highs so that was better.

    While I did try the Ipod analog plug, the sound was too flat with the exception of the bass, as it was still one noted, and the separation was avg with the sound being inside of my head. I over all dislike it with the Ipod gen 7’s analog output.


    While I did like the headphone, the major issues with it is the bass, if it wasn’t one noted and had more controlled to it and impact without the muddy sound it would be good. Next including the cup and ear-pad sizes will make wearing the HD601 a more enjoyable. Maybe making the Extra bass work some how while not using Bluetooth.
  3. musicday
    "Very good bluetooth headphone for the price"
    Pros - Price,design ,sound ,good Bluetooth connectivity.
    Cons - Extra bass not suitable for all music genres
    I would like to say a big thank you, to the Mixcder team for sending me the HD601 model sample, free of charge to try out for review purposes.
    At the time of writing this review, the Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth headphone can be had from Amazon UK on sale for £45.99 down from £79.99 making them a real bargain, if this is the type of headphone you are after.
    Purchase link:



    Speaker driver : 40 mm
    Impedance: 32 ohm
    Frequency response : 20 Hz-20 KHz
    Sensitivity : 96+-3 dB
    Talk time : 15 hours
    Playing time: 15 hours
    Support Profile : HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
    Transmission Format : SBG, Apt-X, Apt-X low latency
    Transmission Distance : 10 M

    As we can see the headphones have lots of features for the asking price.

    Box and presentation:

    They come in a rather simple modern looking white and blue box.

    On the back of the box we can see the specifications in few different languages and on the side of the box we are presented with some of the features this headphone packs.

    Build quality:

    The build quality is quite good and they feel very sturdy even if they are made of plastic.Being a light headphone adds to the good comfort for this type of on ear headphone. Also the new modern design doesn't betray the real cost.

    Accessories :

    Is not much included, but there is a usb charging cable and a 3.5 mm stereo jack cable in case your battery dies, or you just want to use it with your music player.
    Also an extra year warranty is a nice bonus to have when you register your headphone online.



    I think the cups are normal size for this type of headphone and people with big ears may have problems with the comfort, but there is not much clamp force so you should be fine, especially as they are quite light weight.

    On side of the cup we find the usb port to charge the battery and on the other cup is the on/off button, microphone hole, volume control and the jack for the 3.5 mm headphones.


    Sound quality:

    Is not too much to complain because of the relatively low price, but there is a bit extra bass for my taste that may work well with rap, hip hop music.
    The heights is find them rolled off but the mids are good for this design.
    Voices in music and instrument separation are the strongest point of this headphone in my opinion.
    Instrument separation works better then expected.
    You can sense where each instrument in placed in the band, on classical music and you can tell the distance between them. Mixcder HD601 is one of the best headphones I have heard at this price point and above for instrument separation and voices.
    The soundstage is not wide, but is ok for a closed back headphone, that has Bluetooth connectivity.
    I used LG Flex mobile phone, Samsung S6+ Edge, Zishan Z2, Tera Player, Shanling M2s and they all sounded above average.

    Bluetooth connectivity works really well as advertised and Mixcder HD601 did a wonderful job in keeping the phone connected to the headphone up to 10 m range, with above average call quality, both for caller and receiver.
    NFC function is something that I didn't test but I am quite sure others who are will really enjoy this extra feature on Mixcder HD601.


    At the sale price they are at the moment on Amazon, I do recommend this headphone to anyone who is on budget looking for a Bluetooth headphone,that looks, feels and sound above their asking price point.

    Final word: I wasn't aware of this company before but a bit of research show they have quite few models of headphones one can choose from.
    Looking forward to see other headphones made by Mixcder in the future.
  4. LNuneek
    "Good budget wireless headphone. Lots of features"
    Pros - very comfortable, good sound for the price, packed with features, nice visual design, excellent Bluetooth performance, extra year of warranty through on-line registration
    Cons - Would have preferred a collapsible design for more compact storage, Extra Bass feature only adds a few decibels of mid bass, not much sub bass at all

    Overview: Mixcder HD601 wireless headphone with Bluetooth V.4.2, apt-X, NFC, and Extra Bass mode.

    Specifications from the packaging:



    Design: This is a very nice looking headphone! Black with circular red accents on the back of the ear cups. Mixcder branding is in silver/grey on the ear cups in an unobtrusive font size. There is also Mixcder branding on top of the headband.There is plenty of cushion on the headband. This is a very comfortable headphone! Mixcder excels in designing headphones that are comfortable, and it's great to see they have continued that tradition with the HD601!

    For storage, the cups rotate so the headphones lay flat. I would have preferred a collapsible design for storage. When rotating the cups there is quite a bit of friction between the plastic pieces on the headband and arms that stretch out of the cups. When rotating the cups there is a hollow cheap grinding sound, which I didn't quite like.

    The cups themselves do swivel up & down, very slightly, to secure a better fit. Overall adjusting for fit is rather stiff, but once the HD601 is situated, it's a very comfortable headphone!

    The stiffness that you may notice initially, and the above mentioned grinding when rotating the cups, are things that may relax and loosen up over time and with repeated use. I'm already finding this is the case with my HD601!

    DSC01712.JPG DSC01717.JPG

    There is numbered sizing on the headphone adjustments with a satisfying click for each notch. The numbers don't correspond exactly with the notches, but it still gives a visual point of reference to remember your sizing.


    The ear cushions are nicely padded, made of a very soft synthetic leather, and are very comfortable. They are over-ear, but snugly so. Those with large ears may find them too snug. They were just right in size for me. I have average to slightly smaller than average sized ears.

    DSC01716.JPG DSC01715.JPG

    Overall build seems pretty durable! No obvious weak points where I can see things potentially breaking easy. The plastics used seem cheap, but still seem reasonably durable.


    ***I tested the HD601 with just an iPhone, both wired and wirelessly, as I believe these headphones will mostly be used in a similar fashion by the general public.***

    are a bit rolled off. There is enough detail to hear what's going on in your music and media. Slightly veiled, but very pleasant. Good for long listening stretches.

    Mids are good as well, and pretty much the focus of the sound of the HD601 when wired and when the Extra Bass feature is off when in Bluetooth mode. Voices and instruments in music come through with good clarity and separation. I do find the mids to be slightly veiled or "closed in" sounding, but in general the mids are pleasant. Voices in video content come across reasonably well.

    The presentation of the highs and mids are pretty much what is to be expected of a headphone in this price range and in a headphone marketed more as a "lifestyle" product. I would say that these aspects of the sound out performs or is at least on par with the competition.

    Bass is where I was a little disappointed. The HD601 is marketed as a bass forward headphone, and even has an Extra Bass feature that can be activated only in Bluetooth mode by pressing the power button twice. When that feature is off, or the HD601 is being used in wired mode, the overall sound presentation is mid forward, lacks bass, punch, and sub bass is almost non-existent.

    When the Extra Bass feature is turned on, it does warm up the overall sound and provide more punch, but it does not add much or even any sub bass. If I were to guess, the Extra Bass feature adds just a few decibels (not much at all) in the mid bass range, maybe from 50-60+hz to somewhere in the low mids. Basically the bass boost is right in the kick drum range, so the HD601 will be knocking about, but not provide much satisfying sub "boom" and "feel."

    Anyone listening to electronic or urban music, as an example, will have the kicks hit pretty hard in their music with the Extra Bass on, but any of that 808 sub bass, or basslines with really low sub frequencies, you won't hear/feel as much of that as you'd like. Anyone wanting these for action movies or games won't hear/feel much of that low rumble of explosions and similar impacts. There is some rumble going on, but it's just not that deep sub rumble you'd expect from an Extra Bass feature.

    Sound stage is narrow, but there is good separation. I would still say the HD601 out performs most similar offerings in this price range by a slight margin in this particular category.

    Sound leakage and isolation are pretty much par for the course. Some sound will leak, some sound will get in.

    ***Despite some disappointments with the sound (would have liked more sub bass and an overall more expansive sound), overall the HD601 is a very pleasant headphone to listen to. There is nothing off-putting or obnoxious about the sound. As a casual budget headphone, the overall sound definitely fits the bill and then some. These should please most people looking for a wireless headphone packed with features, and who are looking in this particular price range.***

    Bluetooth: The Bluetooth performance and range of the HD601 is fantastic, and probably the strongest aspect/feature of the headphone, besides overall value & comfort! Pairing went very smooth, and automatic reconnecting afterwards is very fast!

    While having the HD601 paired to a device I left in a bedroom in my home, I didn't experience any drop outs or crackle until I was out my front door! By comparison, most Bluetooth headphones I have tried crackle and have audio drop outs a few feet away from my front door while I'm still inside my house. Forget about even making it outside with those. Signal is usually completely lost by that point. Not with the HD601.

    I tried watching some Netflix and YouTube while the HD601 was paired to my iPhone. No video/audio sync issues at all. Audio matched up with on-screen action pretty well!

    I'm very pleased with the Bluetooth performance on this device.

    Bluetooth control buttons all work fine and as expected. I just wish the buttons were raised a little more for a more tactile feel.

    Call quality is decent. I could hear the other end fine. However, I had reports that my voice was a little low in volume. Still was able to have conversations with no real issue.

    ***I don't own an NFC compatible device, so was unable to test that functionality.***

    Accessories: Pretty basic offering. Just a micro USB cable for charging and a basic 3.5mm headphone cable with no microphone or control box.


    Warranty Bonus: Mixcder includes a welcome pamphlet with instructions on how to obtain an extra year of warranty by registering the device on their website or contacting them through e-mail.

    DSC01701.JPG DSC01703.JPG

    Conclusion: Despite some *criticism, the Mixcder HD601 is a solid purchase! When considering the price, there really isn't much to complain about. I would personally be happy with the purchase if I was in the market for something like this!

    The sound is good even if not all I hoped for. The extra features, and extra warranty are good to have. The design and overall looks of the headphone are visually pleasing. Mixcder makes some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn and the HD601 is no exception!

    *The criticism is for the sake of being thorough, setting proper expectations for the product, letting the manufacturer know how their product is coming across, and for prospective customers of all types to see and evaluate. Please place the criticism in proper perspective and consider the point of view is meant to bridge both audiophile types and the general public just looking for some information on a product.

    Thanks to Mixcder for giving me a free sample to test and review!