Mirage OM6

General Information

All of the drivers in the OM-6 use Mirage's latest technology, including the same titanium hybrid tweeter used in the company's flagship M-1si loudspeaker. The upper module contains two midrange/tweeter arrays, one radiating toward the front, the other toward the back. To keep the cabinet as shallow as possible, the front and rear tweeters and midranges are mounted back to back; that is, while the front tweeter is mounted on top, the rear tweeter is mounted on the bottom, and vice versa for the midranges. The overall depth of the mid-tweeter module is just over 4.5".

The two 8" woofers are mounted on opposite sides of the lower, sealed cabinet, in the same bipolar arrangement used by Mirage in a number of their separate subwoofers. This bipolar arrangement is said to minimize cabinet vibrations by cancellation: the movement of the woofer on one side is counterbalanced by the equal and opposite motion of the woofer on the other side. This will definitely reduce the tendency of the woofers to "rock" the cabinet, but I suspect the general complexity of the vibration modes makes cancellation of cabinet vibrations themselves considerably less than perfect. (There's no dispersion advantage in mounting the subwoofer drivers in this fashion, as each driver is largely omnidirectional below its fixed crossover frequency of 80Hz.)


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