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The 99 Classics are taking headphone design to a new level by combining modern with hand crafted design, using natural materials and focusing on delivering the best premium sound.

It delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The real wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones.
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New Head-Fier
Still one of the best under $500 in 2022
Pros: Relaxing and fun to listen to
Warm low end with punchy bass
Natural mids
Good Treble
can be eq to excellence
Cons: not all aftermarket cables will fit
average technicalities
eq really makes these shine
Meze 99 classics

Warm and energetic low end

Punchy bass that goes very deep and does not step over the rest of ss

Natural mids and highs, very pleasant to listen to

Treble has right amount of brightness and resolve for relaxed yet fun listen

Non fatiguing sound signature

Great tonality with organic timbre

Vocals spot on

Average technicalities but It doesnt detract

Everything sounds natural

Best closed back under 500$

Very relaxed yet fun and entertaining to listen to

Good soundstage for close back

Good imaging

Works off low power but scales with better neutral clean amp

Comfortable to wear and very light

Excellent build, everything screwed together no glue

Good sound leakage level

Responds very well to eq which can really step up the game on these into another level of performance ( stunning )

These are the one to give


New Head-Fier
Smooth Operator
Pros: 1. Organic timbre, superb natural sound
2.Fun quality bass, not overblown or anything. Just very very fun
3.Cymbal hits sound amazing
4.Awesome vocals
5.Good imaging and soundstage for a closed back
6.Exceptionally good build and timeless aesthetics
7.Extremely easy to drive. sounds varying degrees of good depending on the source used
8.No sibilance, no upper midrange shout. Smoothness reminiscent of the Sony IER series iems
Cons: 1.Not for trebleheads. Lacks air in the upper treble
2.Can be too warm and bassy for people used to flat/bright neutral sound
3.Stock cables are well made but kink easily, retain shape
4.Average technicalities if compared to open backs in the same price range
I am posting this review as a co reviewer at Amplify, a hobby project founded by Mr. Sajid Amit, a veteran audiophile from Bangladesh . Our reviews are made for fun and to share our passion for audio with the rest of the community. This Unit was sent by Meze in exchange of our honest opinion. No external influence as always.
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Meze 99 Classics Impressions
Meze is a Romanian brand and offers a limited number of offerings compared to its peers. 99 classics is not a new model. It was released back in 2015 and the only thing Meze changed thus far are the pads. Is the 99 Classics/Noir (noir is the drop version. Costs 110 usd less and has a less fancy packaging) still relevant years after its release? Let's dive right in.

Build, Comfort and Aesthetics
Simply put, a marvel when it comes to overall design, build and aesthetics. Looks like an art piece and there is no sign of hard cheap plastic anywhere (only plastic part being the elastic material used in the self adjusting headband system, that too being vv high quality). Ear Cups are made of CNC cut hand polished walnut and those are held together by steel arches over the self adjusting headbands. Everything is bolted/screwed on and nothing is glued together (take notes, Hifiman). They are also incredibly light at just 260 grams. Quite an achievement for cans made of wood and metal.
Comfort Wise, they are solid. The pads are a bit on the smaller side but I have larger than avg ears and never had any comfort issue even with my glasses on as the pads are super soft non sweat prone. Self adjusting headband system works perfectly and takes away the hassle of readjusting
All in all 10 out of 5 stars in B.C.A Dept.


Accessories and Packaging:
Great. Meze provides a high quality carry case made of EVA material that houses the headphones perfectly. Two cables of different lengths and adapters are supplied in a different pouch that can be perfectly stored in the EVA case as well. The outer packaging is made of hard cardboard material and opens magnetically. Overall luxurious unboxing experience that matches the luxurious looks of the 99 Classics
5 stars

It will be wrong to pass any verdict without trying them out for at least 3 or 4 days. They sound good out of the box but if you are coming from highly technical bright sounding headphones these will sound a bit too dark and mellow at first. These are kinda the full sized version of final audio e4000 and distant cousins of Sennheiser HD650. Very slightly V shaped with superb natural timbre. 99 classic is the master of bass under 500 usd. It's not overblown or too forward. The bass decay & rumble is just perfect and that's the ultimate recipe of fun here. Midrange remains fairly neutral and natural (very slight coloration in the lower mids but not as much as the senn HD599, negligible) and the smoothness is the upper mids and presence region can be compared to Sony IER M7/M9. This can be a double edged sword. I actively look for this type of smoothness in iems and headphones while many find this sort of tuning boring and muffled. Thus if you are into energetic upper mids and leaner lower mids (will sound perceptively cleaner but tonality might suffer. Will be less organic/natural) then 99 classics are not for you. Treble is interesting. Just like the bass, Cymbal hits have the perfect decay in these cans. Vinyl ver. of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams (Search in YouTube, published by Rhino. Best version of this track IMO) are mad mad fun on these thanks to how the cymbals and bass sound. Treble extension and detail is good but loses some air in the top end resulting in a more mellow, less energetic treble. Big no for treble heads, big huge yes for those who crave chill fatigue free listening sessions.
The sound overall ticks all the boxes for me at this price point. This is probably my fourth most favorite headphone so far followed by Final D8000,Susvara and HD650.
5 star for me, 3 or 2 stars probably if you are in the different club

These are pleasant sounding headphones for chill sessions like I mentioned before. Won’t win any awards in the technical dept.
Surprisingly though, despite being closed backs, they don’t sound that closed. Fairly expansive and wide. Imaging is impressively good tho. Perfect for gaming and movies. Explosions and gunshots sound visceral with authority. Instrument separation was avg in the beginning but I suspect there is some sort of burn in going on as they are sounding incredibly good with every passing day (or can be mental burn in). Details are not as good as open back headphones in this range (HD 600/650, Sundara, Beyers) but good enough in my book.
Oh and forgot to mention, incredibly easy to drive and sounds good out of everything. You can probably run them off a calculator lol.
All in all, Great headphones and completely worth the MRP in my opinion despite my initial doubts.

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Great Review! Been enjoying these for over 18 months and funnily enough apart from using them as a "chill go-to" headphone...I've been using them for work for all my conference calls....
yes great as a communication device thanks to that mic cable and how good the vocals sound. I wish the mic had a bit more gain though, quieter than usual

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100+ Head-Fier
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Meze 99 Classics


Personal unit. (I won them as part of a gear bundle in a competition.)


Come with a sturdy hard case (headphones fit in even when the cable is attached) that looks good and is very protective.
Two cables are included – a short one with microphone/remote unit, and a longer one. Both have got a 3.5 mm plug. Last but not least, a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter, airplane adapter and zipped bag (for the spare cable) are included as well.

There are no side indicators on the headphones (Meze dedicated that job to the cable).
Build quality and design are good, however ultimately the headphones don’t appear as premium. Still very good.
I really like the wood grain. Beautiful.

Self-adjusting height adjustment mechanism (somewhat comparable to that of my AKG K701). Likes to pull my hair out, though (at least as badly as my Koss Porta Pro, probably even worse).
Headband bracket made of metal; very unpleasantly microphonic and ringing when touched, which is a big factor of annoyance.

I don't like the cable. It's fabric-coated everywhere, even above the y-splitter. Quite microphonic as well. Will show signs of wear fairly quickly due to that fabric, as it will fray over time (mine already does a little in some places).
3.5 mm mono plugs on the cable’s headphone-facing side.

Fairly small and shallow ear pads. Still manage to seal well, though. Good noise isolation.



Big, bassy, smooth, natural, dark.

Really strong bass elevation with only moderate roll-off towards the sub-bass. Lots of impact and punch.

Warm fundamental range transition into the upper fundamentals; therefore warm, lush lower mids without becoming overly muddy or muffled sounding.

Treble generally evenly in the background, even already in the lower treble. Therefore on the darker side but relaxed and smooth instead of lacking. Natural kind of relaxed. Not fatiguing.
Pleasantly lacking any noticeable dips or peaks.


Good midrange and treble resolution; nothing to criticise here.

Unfortunately the bass doesn't really blend in with the rest. Appears somewhat dull and also a bit loose, lacks some differentiation; doesn't have the details of the mids and highs. Also shows some already slightly audible distortion even at quiet listening levels.
While not very bad, I expect better bass quality for the price. What the 99 Classics deliver is the bass performance I'd expect from a set of 150$ headphones. That said, I'd rate my Sennheiser Amperiors’, Shure SEH440s’, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros’ (250 Ohm) and the 1More Mk801s’ bass quality above that of the 99 Classics. Solely the Mee audio Air-Fi Matrix² (wired use) and Brainwavz HM2 are about comparable to the Meze in terms of bass quality, but both headphones cost much less.


Average for closed-back headphone in terms of dimensions.

Not too much width but fairly good localisation and decent layering. Instrument separation could be a little better, just like the separation (it's not foggy but not spot-on sharp and exact either).

Still fairly decent imaging overall.


Beautiful wood. Unfortunately highly microphonic headband arch (rings when touched). The headband really likes to pull hair out. Small ear pads.
Bassy. Smooth and natural, warm-dark midrange and treble tuning; even response that lacks peaks/dips. Decent midrange and treble resolution. Underwhelming bass quality and low-range details, though.



New Head-Fier
Hi Meze team,

I am looking for a good deal on a 99 classics walnut gold this Black Friday 2017 or/and trade ins on this website!! I am here because of the raving reviews from Tyll of Innerfidelity, who I have trusted in the past. However, he and many others have made it clear that some sound quality is compromised for comfort in the larger pads (new batch). Will you guys be doing sales of the 99 classics on the older pads. It would also be clear if you guys can clarify the iterations on the classics pads. Hoping to hear back from you folks and wishing you all a happy holiday season!!
Hi Meze team,

I am looking for a good deal on a 99 classics walnut gold this Black Friday 2017 or/and trade ins on this website!! I am here because of the raving reviews from Tyll of Innerfidelity, who I have trusted in the past. However, he and many others have made it clear that some sound quality is compromised for comfort in the larger pads (new batch). Will you guys be doing sales of the 99 classics on the older pads. It would also be clear if you guys can clarify the iterations on the classics pads. Hoping to hear back from you folks and wishing you all a happy holiday season!!
Hi Prasri92, thank you for your questions!

We do have some Black Friday sales going on, a bundle on the Meze 99 Classics: And a discount for the Meze 99 Neo:

Unfortunately, we do not offer the older pads yet.