General Information

Model Number
Frequency Response Range
20 - 20000Hz
With Microphone

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A worthy contender
Pros: Looks Great, very comfortable for long usage, balanced fun sounding IEM
Cons: Mic only but a very nice cable is available.

The Packaging is really premium feeling at this price range. The IEM looks quite beautiful and comes in a number of colors, It feels well made but lightweight , look wise I'm reminded of a few from the past I liked but this signature is different and more to my liking. There is a pouch and tips included so accessories are fairly decent for this price range.
The MEMT R1 is priced in the BLON range and I must say I like this a little better , it has more control and the fit is much more comfortable.
Bass: Bass is rich , has good control Sub Bass is a little emphasized but far from the point of thick and muddy more toward balanced with some extra bite to it. Mid-Bass is fast and has a good punch to it. Bass in general is clean and detailed and well under control by the Dynamic Driver here.

Mids: Most recordings the mids shined through being in front of the Bass suffered little to no recession in all but the oldest recordings. vocals had a nice warmth to them rich with details. Songs like when I drink tequila were so pleasant and full of emotion, it was hard to believe this was so budget friendly.

Highs: Treble is polite, not to say they don't have good detail in the highs and even some sparkle but it always is well behaved even in the most demanding of songs.

Soundstage: Is wide and deep has good imaging and everything together just feels natural in its presentation.

This is a great looking, well made IEM with a mature/ wide V-shaped signature many will find better than others in this price range. I think it stands out from the others with a sound I like and I look forward to more from this company. .


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