Melodic Artification Alter Ego

General Information

Brand:Melodic Artification


Shell Material: TC4 TITANIUM

Frequency Range:5hz~40khz



Stock Eartips: Final Type E


Driver Configuration: 1DD+4BA+4EST

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New Head-Fier
Buy one get one free: MA Alter Ego
Pros: Essentially two IEMs at the price for one
Balanced tuning with decent technicality in default
Great vocal performance in "warm" mode
Stock cable is great for "warm" mode
Open back design for more natural bass
Included pouches for single IEM prevents damage in storage
Cons: Not a fan of metallic shell
Tuning switch is both not aesthetically enjoyable and is too heavy to operate
Stock cable isn't for the default setting
Open back design prevents listening in pulic
If I would have one sound it would be the 622B, but if I would have one IEM it would probably be the Alter Ego

Normally tuning switches on an IEM are normally used to fine tune the FR of the IEM and typically does not bring significant change in sound. However, as the title suggests, the Alter Ego presents two different tuning with its switch, each with distinct characteristic but all well-tuned and are very competitive in their own field.

Default mode

Despite being the more technical mode the sound of the default mode is already a bit warm with a more relaxed tuning. Horizontal soundstage is large, just shy of something like the 622B, but the depth is somewhat lacking at least when using the default cable.

Treble is transparent and clear, with impressive extension to the top like most well-tuned EST drivers, but the brightness is controlled for a more relaxing listening experience, so do not expect something like the Jewel here. It is more of a slightly brighter 622B in terms of that. Mids are at a suitable distance that isn’t quite the best for vocals but definitely not lackluster. Vocals are also clear and transparent, but I wouldn’t describe them as toxic at default setting. The bass has just enough depth and amount, and thanks to the open back design, it feels more natural than most TOTL IEMs on the market. The dynamic is overall good for the price point.

Overall, the sound under default setting is already competitive at the asking price of $2500 as an overall balanced IEM, not quite TOTL on the technical side, but the open back shell does add more to the coherency of the overall tuning.

“Warm” mode

There is no name provided for two modes on the Alter Ego but if the default more is just slightly warm upon a neutral tuning then the other more is very warm in comparison. Interestingly the change in sound is not due to a simple change in FR as most other IEMs with a switch.

The overall frequency distribution is still neutral, but the size of the mid-low becomes noticeably larger, with closer and thicker vocal presence. The transparency and clearness of the treble is still there, but the shrink in soundstage along with the enlargement of the vocals and upper bass in the overall soundstage made them not as ear catching as it was under default. Yes, the soundstage in the “warm” mode does shrink, but in a good way since the soundstage performance under default is simply not for vocals. It is at this point that the vocals start to become toxic, with the naturality of the bass provided by the open-back design, I actually found myself enjoying this mode more given that I already own the 622B which resembles the default setting in many ways.

Sound under the “warm” mode is often compared with the Camelot in some other reviews. However, as a former owner of the Camelot myself, I would say that the Alter Ego is simply way more of a finished product than the Camelot given its bass is actually good and the treble extension is better. Definitely a more enjoyable and more technically finished sound to go for.


The stock cable is perfectly tuned for the “warm” mode but simply not for the default mode. The cable itself is more of a classic copper cable tuning, with emphasis on bass and coherency of the overall sound but cannot bring out the technicality of the IEM. After switching for the REC-Absolute for the default setting, the depth immediately becomes acceptable, and despite the soundstage is still not really holographic since the width is still significantly better, it is more natural to say the least and adds to the overall technical performance of the IEM.

With that said, however, the default cable remains to be a competitive option for the default mode since it brings out the vocal and the bass. A gold&silver alloy cable could be the best for those who only wants one cable for both modes, but personally I would still have the stock cable around just for the “warm” mode.
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I would say its standard "good" dynamic bass, everything is there, really has nothing to complain about.
How concerned should I be about sound leakage from open back?
I would say this prevents listening to the Alter Ego in any public occasions or if the background noise is audible. However if using on your own it is a pro for me.


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