MEElectronics SP51-BK Sound Preference In-Ear Headphone with Sound Tuning for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Black)

  1. Benik3
    great sound!
    Written by Benik3
    Published Dec 5, 2013
    Pros - Changable bass system, clear and deep bass and overall sound
    Cons - hard cable, size
    I had this earphones for 2 years and I must say, that I was really satisfied with it.
    With the possibility to change bass you can choose what really fits you and I must say, that the bass was really nice, clear and deep (I used the middle one).
    Only cons which I found are:
    hard cable - it can easily pull out the phones from your ear...
    size - the phones are little longer then most of the others, so e.g. under hat it's not very comfortable, but acceptable, it's also easier to pull them out by cable...
    Otherwise I really enjoyed them :)
  2. PoohHour
    The best solution for a "Basslover"
    Written by PoohHour
    Published Apr 29, 2012
    Pros - Interchangeable rear ports
    Cons - You have to be very pretentious to find one, especially when you have three completely different sounding rear ports.
    The SP51 from Meelctronics come in a beautiful box, but the real beauty you will find inside. The first impression from them was really good, since i listen to Drum and Bass, as well as Dubstep, most of the time. Some bass lines which I've never imagined that are in my favorite songs, because i used average earphones before, appeared and just filled my ears with joy.
    The Meelectronics SP51 are well built, with nice cable. Of course it tangles sometimes, but is easily untangled, not like most other earphones i have seen.
    The three ports are a big advantage. I have tried all of them, but of course i picked the black ones.
    Metallic color port: This gives you the least bass, and if you are buying the SP51's, i doubt that you will use the metallic ports, since these earphones are created for bassheads.
    Silver color port: With the silver color port the sound becomes balanced. For a person who likes quality, and insists on hearing every hit, snare etc., as well as deep bass, these are the option.
    Black color port: I really don't know how to explain it. It's like having small subwoofers in your ears. For House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, even Rap listeners,  you will feel as if in Heaven with the black ports. I am really trying to figure out the best example to explain how cool these really are, but i can't say it with words. You gotta experience it...
    Overall: The quality of the sound is perfect. Even with the Extreme Bass black ports, you can easily hear snares, hits, vocals etc. Don't you dare to think that when you put the black ports, the bass will become distorted, and will ruin your favorite songs with sizzling and so on. The price is decent, regarding the awesome experience you get by using the Meelectronics SP51. I know that there are bass lovers out there, just like me, and I highly recommend the SP51 as the best choice.
    By Georgi Evtimov
  3. NotSoSerious
    One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
    Written by NotSoSerious
    Published Feb 19, 2012
    Pros - The Ability to choose from 3 sound preferences, Extremely Well Built
    Cons - Gunmetal Plate is Slightly Fatiguing, Neutral Plate Clarity isn't at the top of the competition ( but stillgood )
    I have owned a vast number of Me Electronics products, ranging from the famous M9 to the M11+. Yet neither of them have been as unique as their Sound Preference model: the SP51.
    With the SP51, you are able to tune your IEM’s to your preferred sound signature.
    Want Monstrous Bass?
    Got it.
    Want Some Extra Clarity?
    Got it.
    It really is almost like magic. However, it is as simple as taking the back port and replacing it with something else. Each port has different amounts of bass and is differently coloured. The “Extreme Bass” port is black, while the “Enhanced bass” is gunmetal, and the “neutral” port is silver.
    Interesting right?
     Build Quality:
    Quite amazing actually, especially for the price. The housing is made entirely out of quality metal. The cable is covered with Teflon and clear plastic and is very flexible, while keeping microphonics and tangling out of the way. I wish all IEM cables were like this…
    Fairly Average at best. The comfort of an IEM is different for everybody, and is also dependent of the type of tips you use. ( I personally use the funky double flanges the M11+ provides, and I get a very nice seal ) For example, using the smallest single flange tips when you have large ear canals isn’t going to get you a good seal.
    Once again, only average and can be completely dependent on the seal you get.
    Used Sansa Fuze with 320 kbps with no amplification and equilization to try to keep it as accurate as possible.
    Okay, this is the big one: Sound.
    I will go by ports, as each one of them sounds quite different.
    Extreme Bass:
    When it said “extreme bass”, it wasn’t kidding. The base on these is absolutely ridiculous. Bowel enducing, impactful, almost painful bass. Whenever there is even a touch of bass, it starts farting out  earthquakes of deep bass. It comes out when uncalled for almost everytime. Really, despite the monstrous bass, I really couldn't find a way to really enjoy the extreme plates.
    Enhanced Bass:
    This is when things get good. A large amount of bass is cut from the extreme bass, giving it more balance.The bass suddenly tightens up. The treble is nice and clear but unfortunately there is lots of sibilance that comes with the treble. Most of the time, it is fine and out of the way, but when it shows up, things end up very bad. Listening the Lil' Wayne's extremely squeaky voice in " 6 foot 7 foot" was nearly unbearable.  Despite the sibilance, I feel that this is still very good sounding with a slight V- Shaped sound sig with slightly recessed mids and vocals and a powerful low end and treble. If only it were less fatiguing...
    Neutral Bass:
    Well, yes, the bass is very neutral on these and clarity is very decent. Mids are much less recessed and bass is well contained. The sibilance is much lessened. These (obviously) are the most balanced of the three, offering excellent clarity. However, if you are looking for tip-top clarity, these aren't your top choice. These are decent, but if clarity and balance is all you are looking for you are better off with something like the HiFiMan RE0 and the Sunrise Xcape or maybe even Mee's own A151. In the end, these still are quite clear, but it isn't at the top of the competition.
    Yes, these can be muddy bass monsters, but at the same time these have the ability to have great clarity. You can think of these as an "all rounder", or a "starter IEM.". You can learn which your favorite sound preference is, or that more bass isn't always better. In the end though, while these do perform extremely well, won't be in the top of the competition.