MEElectronics M6P-BK Sports Sound-Isolating In Ear Headphones with Microphone/Remote for iPod, iPhone and Smartphones (Black)

  1. hitme987
    Best in its class, pure bang-for-buck!
    Written by hitme987
    Published Oct 15, 2012
    Pros - Build Quality, Customer Service, good all-round sound
    Cons - Fit can be frustating for some, over-the-ear style might not suit for everyone
    My first purchase from Meelectronics was M6P, I can simply say, Im just amazed by the quality of this product. I had many IEMs before in 30-60$ price range, but this truly indeed is my pick of them.

    Heres a detailed review on M6P :

    Accessories : Well, Meelectronics really cant go wrong in this part, they provide a solid package of Accessories for all of their products. M6P comes with
    1) 1 Shirt clip
    2) 6 pairs of silicon ear tips (3 sizes Single Flanges, 1 Double Flange and 2 sizes of Triple Flanges)- Tips are pretty much the best silicon tips Ive used with, they are reasonably durable with good comfort..
    3) Hard clamshell carrying case- Pretty hard case on the outside with good soft material on inside making earphones secure to carry on the go

    Build Quality : Cable is pretty solid and has low-profile L-plug, Housings are made of plastic. The over-ear cables has a 2 inches of memory wire. Cable is reasonably durable, microphonics is very less and can be avoided by using the clip provided.

    Isolation : This suprisingly isolates a lot, particularly with Triple Flanges,Double Flanges. Might work well for gym and running.

    Comfort: This is where this IEM lags a bit, since its over-ear, the memory wire can cause fit issues for some. Experiment with different sized tips might solve it. With a little knife work, memory wire can be removed making it wearing straight down which might solve it for some, Comply T400 is another alternative which isolates well with good comfort

    Sound Quality:

    Signature: V-Type Signature
    Mids: Mid is slightly recessed but has good clarity, range, extension
    Highs: It has good crystal-clear detailing at top of the range, it is little bit bright and is relatively smoother
    Bass: This is where M6 Shines, Bass Control is good for the price, mid-bass hump gives a good overall balance, has good impact and body
    SoundStage: Pretty good with decent airiness

    Final Verdict : Taken as an entire package, M6 is just a bang-for-buck at its price. It is a very good allrounder with perfect steal for trance and electronica listeners though it serves all genres well. Add the amazing Meelectronics Customer Support, you should not worry for techinal/breaking issues. They just have the best technical support to assist you with any problem and might just give the edge over the other IEMs at its price..
  2. Fox2twenty
    The M6p
    Written by Fox2twenty
    Published Sep 11, 2012
    Pros - Good isolation and Fit with Comply Foam, Working iPhone control and mic
    Cons - Edit: the silicone tri-flanges
    Edit:  sometimes the silicone tri-flanges get stuck in my ear canal when I take the "phones" out.  Then I have to remove the tips from the ear canal with tweezers.  That's not cool.  
    Bass - When I get the seal right, these earphones have very punchy bass.  There is a very distinct feel when the seal is tight and the bass comes forward with physical punch and impact.  However, it is very difficult for me the get the correct seal, and when I do I then have the earphones leaving the flanges behind in my ear canal.  Sound wise, I actually prefer the "breathier" feel of the vented Apple EarPods for bass response.  The seal and punch of the M6p is uncomfortable for me in comparison.  But the bass is definitely present and accounted for if they fit your ears.
    Mids - Midrange on the M6p is good with a slight v shape.  Sometimes vocals can be very slightly recessed.  In comparison to the new EarPods, the mids are dry and clean.  Nothing really special.
    Highs - The highs on the M6p are very good.  I think the treble response benefits from the v-shaped sound signature.  For this earphone, the treble adds a sense of space and imaging that is lacking in the bass and mids.  Compared to the new EarPods, I would say the treble is a little more present and forward in the M6p.
    Soundstage - The feeling of soundstage and separation only exists in the treble region with the M6.  It's as if the overall imaging between low and high frequencies is not coherent or cohesive.
  3. GigaFi
    Budget champion!
    Written by GigaFi
    Published May 4, 2012
    Pros - Great sound to price ratio, deep bass
    Cons - YMMV fit, driver flex
    Packaging – As you’d expect from Meelec, you get multiple tips (normal SML single, M double, SL triple flange), preattached shirt clip (not a fan), and clamshell case.
    Build – Plastic body but very solid. Good strain reliefs on a great tangle and noise resistant cable. Top portion has about two inches of memory wire that you’ll either love or hate. Depending on the tip, I found the drivers to exhibit some flex during insertion which sometimes affect the balance between the left and right channel. No nozzle filter also so may require frequent cleaning. Remote/mic is great but chunky.
    Comfort – Due to the housing and the memory cable, getting it to fit and seal properly is a pain. Once in though, comfort and isolation is top notch.
    Soundstage – There is a really good sense of space considering these are closed AND cheap. Stage isn’t super large per se but there were times where notes took me by surprise. Overall it’s quite impressive considering they are both small and closed.
    Lows – Bass is deep and powerful. Quantity wise it should be more than adequate for all but bassheads. Lows isn’t boomy nor does it ever step out of line.
    Mids – Mids are very smooth and warm because of the lows. Vocals sounds a bit distant but still manages to make its point and is never overpowered by the bass.
    Highs – Treble is clear with decent sparkle but can be harsh at times. I found the amount to be VERY slightly north of neutral.    
    The MEElectronics M6 serves as a budget benchmark and for good reasons. At $15 (or less), they represent a fantastic value with good sound across the board. Be warned the fit is very YMMV!
  4. evanolynuk
    A Killer Consumer IEM!
    Written by evanolynuk
    Published Apr 21, 2011
    Pros - Incredible value, excellent isolation, great build, superb comfort.
    Cons - Poor separation, Recessed midrange, Doesn't wow,
    I was looking for an IEM for my girlfriend and these had come up in the budget category a number of times.  After a little bit of waiting I managed to find them on ebay for $19! For that price I ordered a pair asap! Now, normally with headphones it's best to throw some flowery adjectives around to define their sound signature.  However I believe within the ranks of a bottom end phone like this, we can be a little more direct.  
    We've all bought a $20 headphone... You know what they're like.  This one breaks the mould.  With a ridiculous name like MEElectronics you'd expect some garbage product made in a back alley in Hong Kong. Not so.  It comes with a variety of tips, very nice cables, and an extremely solid feel.  They fit perfectly in my ear and the tripple flange tip is more comfortable imo than the stock triple flange for the SM3.  And let's be honest here.  These things look fantastic!  
    Frequency Response
    The top end is a little messy and a bit harsh.  The instrument separation isnt the best either.  It captures high frequency sounds very well but doesnt have the shimmer better phones do.  However, snare drums and the like have a nice little snap about them.  Like others before me have said, the midrange is strangely hollow. Vocals and guitar strums dont entirely jump to life.  Bass is fairly boomy  but deliciously smooth!  The depth is phenomenal actually.  The majority of the above problems were remedied by a little equalizing. Particularly the boominess.  
    Signature etc
    These dont give me the immediate sensation of realistic imaging or instrument placement.  Also the soundstage is quite claustraphobic for someone like myself (used to akg 701's).  The excellent bass response of these headphones really lends well to pop, electro, techno etc.  
    I sound extremely negative here, but that's because these dont compete with a top-tier headphone.  But obviously considering I spend under twenty dollars on them I would give them an A+ in the value department.  They wont do any instrumental music very well; that is, from an audiophile-perspective.  Those genres are simply too revealing of faults.  Now, I think these headphones are priced well enough to be competitive in the consumer market.  Comparing these to skull candy, jvc and other consumer headphones of up to double the price; these are FAR superior.  For people still developing an ear for audio perfection, these are a great place to start your journey.  Enjoy! :D   
    1. geordienz
      IEM for your girlfriend? Doesn't sound like much of a swap my friend :xf_eek:)
      geordienz, Apr 23, 2011