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    Magaosi X3 - It's not in the numbers!!
    Written by manukmanohar
    Published May 14, 2018 at 2:21 PM
    Pros - Excellent isolation, Very detailed sound with amazing bass, neutral mids and smooth treble
    Cons - Slightly dark sounding for my taste

    “Magaosi” first caught my attention with its 3 driver (hybrid) IEMs – K3 Pro, which I was quite happy with, for the price. Since then, they have followed it up with K3 HD (more refined apparently), K5 (5 BA), and now its flagship X3 (only slightly costlier compared to K5). Magaosi X3 caught my attention, as it claimed to be using 3 flagship Knowles drivers, used in higher end IEM’s, and provide great isolation.

    Before I continue, I would like to thank Penon Audio for making this review happen. Although I received the IEMs at discount, my words remain true and honest, and I was not given any guidelines or requirements for the review, irrespective of whether it would be a positive or a negative review.

    Technical Specifications:

    Price: $189 (https://penonaudio.com/magaosi-x3.html)
    Drivers: 3 Balanced Armatures (Knowles 22955 , 29689 , 33518)
    Isolation : 25db sound isolation
    Impedance: 21ohm
    Frequency response: 20 Hz-20000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 118db
    L&R channel balance sensitivity:≤2db
    Max input power : 10mw

    Build & Comfort:

    Their transparent, custom like shape looks gorgeous; the faceplace has a carbon fibre like look, but imprinted inside the acrylic fibre like material. The fit is exceptional; however, earpieces don’t come with any markings, to indicate whether to affix right or left part part of the mmcx cable; but that is taken care once you get used to it.

    Please note that since Magaosi was celebrating their 3rd year anniversary, my box also came with additional Magaosi Wooden IEMs, plus a Bluetooth cable (Magaosi B3). For the purpose of this review, I don’t intend to review either of them. However, please do comment if you want my impressions on how it sounds with the Bluetooth cable.


    The standard cable it comes with, looks great, and seems to be the same as the one which now comes with Magaosi K5 2.0 Upgrade Cable version (4 core OCC & Silver-plated cable mixed braided). In addition to that, there is an ample selection of tips encased in a leather bag, including the tri-flange tips which come along with the earphones.

    With the right tips, they are very comfortable (again in the end, found KZ starline tips, or Spinfit Tips to fit well), while at the same time isolating very well. I was also using it extensively with Spinfit dual blade (bi-flange), which does get a bit hot, in extended periods of listening and isolates even better.

    Source & Tip:

    I have been listening to this IEM for over a week now. Primary source was HB1 bluetooth cable, LHL Geekout V2+, and sometimes even directly through One Plus 5 (OP5) phone. I found the IEM’s to be quite sensitive, but not having any hiss, with any of these sources. Again, found LHL Geekout V2+ to be a step-up compared to others (probably more because of the DAC rather than amp). Primarily playing my tidal collection and sometimes the FLAC files I have in the phone or computer.

    When plugging in directly through OP5, the soundstage was less wide, plus upper mids and treble was more recessed. With LHL Geekout V2+, it opened up the soundstage even further, as well as the upper mids and treble region. (more airiness). I also noticed that JVC spiral dots enabled these IEM’s to brighter at the top ,and provide the airiness, which I tend to like a lot, but at the expense of bass (bass roll-off with very little sub-bass). I would also like to mention that my primary listening setup at home is a slightly EQ-ed HE-560 driven on a SMSL M8/ Sapphire combo, so my perception of treble airiness, and what it means could be different, as HE-560 may be perceived as bright by some.

    Sound Quality:

    Bass responses from these are really great. It extends pretty deep, and is exceptionally fast. It is overall ever so slightly elevated. Mids are neutral, and is able to portray lots of details. Both, the vocals and strings are rendered very well. Treble is very smooth, and resolving (no harshness in treble at all). However, you might find it to lack that airiness and sparkle, fully, especially when driven off poor sources. Please keep in mind that my home setup is HE-560, which some view as bright, so it is all dependent on how you like treble, in general.


    I would characterize the IEM’s as slightly dark, but overall neutral (with probably sub-bass that is north of neutral, with the right tips). It delivers a smooth, resolving sound and is a pleasure to listen to. Soundstage is quite good, with above average width, and great depth. Instrument separation is very good, and imaging is really nice as well. So, to summarize, Magaosi X3 is an IEM tuned towards smoothness and resolution, and gives an almost balanced sound.


    In comparison with Magaosi K5, i think it had a slightly larger soundstage , and has more lush vocals (being mid forward). However, X3 in my ears, seems to extend much better in bass, and slightly better in treble, while having neutral mids. Bass is very very fast (decay is very fast in general) compared to K5.

    Based on my experience, I think I would rate it higher than MEE Pinnacle P1, Simgot EN700 Pro, Fidue A73 , Magaosi K5, RHA t10/t20i. In terms of isolation, only Magaosi K5 which has a similar shape comes close, amongst the IEM’s I have tried in this price. At a time, when the trend in Chi-Fi seems to be to increase the number of drivers, for better sound, Magaosi bucks the trend with its X3, by including 3 flagship Knowles driver and delivering!!!

    Overall, I feel Magaosi X3 delivers great value for its price, and should be in your consideration set, if looking for a somewhat neutral IEM tuned towards smoothness.
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      Have to try this one out...nice review!!
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      Thank you. :)
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