Logitech Z-3e Premium 3-Piece Computer Speaker System (Black)

General Information

Enjoy the home stereo styling and premium sound of Logitech's Z-3 speaker system, featuring an innovative home audio inspired design. Phase plug satellites and pressure driver subwoofer technology produce the high quality sound you expect from Logitech. Satellites feature a brushed aluminum face and removable grilles. Black and Silver finish

Latest reviews

Pros: affordable, sleek design, decent sound, sturdy
Cons: discontinued
I've been using these speakers daily for around 6 years now and am actually a bit sad that they were discontinued some time ago.
- Very affordable, as far as I remember I paid around 30 Euro for them
- Sleek design. The aluminium fits in well with every desktop
- For the price the sound is very decent. The bass is muddy and the satellites lack clarity, but it is way better than any other 2.1 or 2.0 set I heard in this price class
- Virtually indestructible: After about 4 years of not moving the pot it began to scratch a bit, other than that: nothing!
- Discontinued (this one speaks for itself)
- Sound: The sound is decent for the price, nonetheless it is not really good. You can get better sound from nearly any 40$ headphone. But: These aren't headphones, these are speakers.


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