Logitech LS11 2.0 Stereo Speaker System

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2.0 Stereo Speaker System

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Pros: Cheap, decent sound, portable,
Cons: design, flimsy wires, no off switch
I got these for $25 at futureshop. They are easily the best value audio equipment i have ever heard. Everything sounds clear and they are not revealing.
they may not be very detailed but they are still very fun and easy to listen to. They are not harsh, the mids are a little scooped, bass is boomy, and the highs are smooth.
they may not be that durable though as they have small cheap flimsy wires but i have had no issues. I also find the fact that the drivers are open and not covered by something to be a little cheap.
but all in all for $25 these beat out 90% of headphones i have tried. They may not beat my shure srh840 or my alessandro ms1 but they sure as hell make my music easy to listen to. That si something the other headphones struggle to do.
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Lol, you were right. I do have these. The mids are really thin. I've moved onto a cheap sub and speaker setup.


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