Logitech G51 5.1 Speakers

General Information

Experience luxury 5.1 sound at an affordable price with this mid-range solution from Logitech. The G51 features four satellite speakers, one center speaker and a powerful subwoofer you can feel. Breathe new life into your music, videos and games with immersive surround sound and bass that adds the punch your entertainment demands.

The G51 also lets you express yourself in a number of ways. The satellites feature a plastic casing that can be removed and decorated with personal inserts. The speakers also stand on slotted pedestals that can be rotated for convenient wall-mounting. The center channel can even be placed on top of LCD monitors securely. You can also set up your speakers to accommodate most rooms with extendable wires.

Controls for the G51 are placed on one convenient desktop pod, which allows you to adjust the individual volumes of the center, front and rear channels as well as the subwoofer. Inserting headphones triggers its own dedicated volume. The control pod also features different sound profiles for games or entertainment. Take your aural relaxation to new levels with the G51 and start waking up the neighbors today!


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