Linsoul x HBB Jupiter


500+ Head-Fier
Linsoul x HBB Jupiter, A love Affair with Audio
Pros: Great Bass
Detail and air is very nice
Cons: Upper mids could be a little more forward.
Not for neutral heads.
Packaging is average for a 1600 dollar iem.
This is a short review, as I have a lot of products coming in. This is a loaner set, but to me is a special iem. Not just your average iem, but a very good one. Maybe one of the best that I've tried in that it does something just perfectly. But as this iem hasn't got what I feel is its due attention, I thought I'd give it a review to let others know that it's a solid product. Beyond that, I fully enjoy its bassy but fun tuning. I wish that we could recapture this iem in a cheaper cost.


The shell is fantastic and feels great. I like that you can easily cable swap with this.


The cable is very nice and I really enjoy it. I find it a treasure to use and hold in hands. I'm not much of a cable snob, but this is a fine cable that is appropriate for the cost of the iem.


Song Choice: Tidal list here:
I listen to a wide variety of music. I pick the songs because of various reasons. But I picture myself locked away like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank blasting music and shut off from the world. It’s a blissful image.
The Marriage of Figaro -The opera song from Shawshank Redemption, terrible recording but fun and gets me in the mood to listen to music.
O mio Babino caro -This is a modern less operatic version but a song with great female vocals.
Video Rigoletto - “La donna e mobile” Sung by one of the three Tenors, great song for high-performing male vocals. Pavarotti is the greatest classic singer maybe ever. Fight me!
Iron man - The sound at the beginning is hard to make sound great, great drums, and cymbals, and if done right it feels like an old-school band.
I Will Survive (1981 recording, I like her voice, and the old vocals, the drums, and various natural instruments really make this a favorite for me.
There is a light That never goes out - Smiths ( A classic, I just love it. It’s mellow, and I can tell a lot of the tuning if this song is done right.)
Jump (I like how the sound effects are in this!)
Star Child Someone recommended this song to me, and I like how funky it sounds and has nice vocals and a mix of music and things going on.
Dicke Titten Ramstein The beginning is amazing and the bass hits hard. Great song. I love rock and metal. The German language fascinates me
Master of Puppets: Very fast song. Helps me determine if the driver can keep up.

This is a newer version of my 10 favorite songs that also work for audiofile music.

This is a copy of a bunch of good audiofile music. Some are on my favorites, but all are great to test headphone tracks. (70+)

This is my favorite overall music. 300+ songs (needs to be edited a bit)

Bass (20-60 Sub Bass, 60-250 Hz Mid Bass)

The details of the bass is strong and everything sounds right on it. The bass is impactufl and beautiful.

Midrange (250 HZ to 800 HZ Low Mids, 600-200 Hz Mids, 2000-5000Hz Upper Mids)

The timber and tone is great on this iem, there is a slight amount of warmth. Think of a basshead who wants to be able to listen to anything. This is your set! It has nothing that will often plague other iems. No weird plastic feeling, voices sound right with no plastic feeling.
I don’t find it shouty at all but fun, smoothe and enjoyable. Podcasts and voices all sound great on it, and it has a good feel to it. Overall this iem is fresh, non fatiguing and just an easy clear listen. Vocals sound detailed and lifelike. The best part of this item is there is no fatigue in the upper Mids, it's just nice.

Treble (5000- 10000 Trebble/Highs, 10000 ++ HZ Upper Trebble & Air)

The treble is a good part of this set and this iem has great detail and sparkle for me. No issues here. I’m able to game, listen to music, and a podcast all at once with this iem. It has incredible details that come across in the treble. Looking at the frequency response I would think it would sound neutral or boring without the 3k spike, but I enjoyed it. All the music that I listen to sounds great and I feel that it has a wide beautiful soundstage.


Gaming is great on this iem, it’s cozy and has a world-class feeling of fit to me. Details sparkle for me, but the treble and space aren’t much better than the Hexa, it is fairly similar and on about the same level. It has a beautiful open and clean sound. The stage isn’t too wide, but just right. Detail retrieval during fights is immaculate, and the imaging vertically and horizontally is fantastic. It has great imaging and a good sense of where I am.

Vs Monarch MK 3

This is much more resolute monarch, and to my ears is better and more fun at the same time.



This hits my target very well and is a nice graph.

Sound - Final Impressions

This iem is a high end love affair with Bass. I fully enjoy it and recommend all to demo it or try it if they can afford it. It's a special iem, and one of my favorites that I've tried. The tuning is lovely.

I have a silly ranking list to help people out of what to buy or what to recommend. Despite it's price this comes in very strongly at 3rd! Being one of the best sonic iems that I've ever tried (Only Elysian Anniliator 2023 and FF GM are better, but even then it's somewhat debatable.) It gets my full recommendation, but again it's expensive and I hope someone can do this tuning for cheaper.

Here is a short youtube video if anyone would rather watch!

Awesome I've been eyeing this particular set hard and impressions are so scarce online.
Codename john
@Jaytiss Great review. To the point. No waffle. Bottom line. You like them a lot. The end.
Thanks for review ! Interested by the Jupiter but the bass might be too much for me on it. I'll wait for a new version... On sound test the Prestige LTD seems more balanced in the upper regions.