Linnenberg u:c:a

General Information

The u:c:a is the logical decision to build a single unit with comparable specs based on the udc1/spa1 experience. The use of a single enclosure with just one power supply enables us to offer an amplifier with a competitive price, even though looking in the box you won’t see any signs of saving. You will notice the same high quality semiconductors in the digital and analogue section as well as for voltage regulation. Naturally the same applies to all passive components

The housing has the clean features of the Bauhaus style. Complementing this appearance is the straightforward operational concept. You won’t find controls and buttons which are not essential, because our idea is to build long lasting audio gear for serious music lovers and not for tech freaks.


USB-input: Input tranceiver working in jitter free asynchronous mode. Completely isolated to the USB-bus, no power is used from the host computer. 44.1–192kHz sample frequency range, up to 32 bit.

S/PDIF input: True 75 Ohms input, digital quartz PLL synthesizer receiver with very low intrinsic jitter (< 50ps) 32 – 192kHz sample frequency range, 24 bit.

DAC: Upsampling to 192kHz, regardless of input rate. Master clock oscillator with 3ps periodic jitter. Passive I/U conversation with 0.1% precision resistors, zero feedback.

Headphones amplifier: Full discrete construction. NO OPAMPS. NO CHIPS. Volume control with selected blue Alps attenuator. 6.35mm phone jack output. 1000mW continuous sine power output. 1Ohm output impedance. Suitable for 32 – 600 Ohms cans.

Preamplifier: Cinch output connectors for use as top quality preamp.

Power Supply: Linear regulated supply using a 15VA toroid transformer. Highest quality voltage regulators.

Handmade in Germany: Because we are not just assembling what was built elsewhere, we can easily monitor the quality of supplied parts and take instant measures if something is not consistent with our requirements. Actually 45% of our parts and raw materials originate from the country.


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