Lavri Quad Core Cable for Ultrasone Sig Pro


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Lavri-Cables Pure silver Quad Core cable for Ultrasone SIG PRO

I first learned of Lavri-Cables on an Audiogon Add one night when I was looking at the headphones for sale, in those days I was looking to purchase a silver cable for my Fitear F111 IEMS. I decided to contact Konstantin Lavri owner of Lavri-Cables who is based all the way across the pond in the country of Latvia.
I was  right away impressed with Konstantin fast response to my emails and great costumer service, specially because I did not really know what to expect from someone I never heard of and who offered such affordable prices for pure silver cables. I have to say Konstantin is very professional and a pleasure to deal with.
After I placed the order he quickly made the cable and in a couple of days it was on its way to the US,  shipping and delivery took a little over one week, which I think was very fast. When I received the cable I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was, It came inside a simple but nice black cloth bag. The craftsmanship used to make the cable is top notch as good as the best I have seen, much better than many. 
A great looking cable at an unbeatable price; I have never seen pure 6N silver cables at anywhere near this price.
Konstantin is an audiophile.  Like most of us, he really enjoys the headphone hobby and loves music as well.
Konstantin is in the IT business and manufactures cables as a separate  small business that he would like to see continue to grow.
Lavri cables was created 4 years ago after Konstantin realized that most companies in the audiophile cable market over charge for their cables. To ensure the highest quality, he decided to use pure silver as silver is a better conductor of electricity than is copper. Silver is known for its neutrality and tonal balance. I have to agree since most of my cables in both my speaker systems  and  headphone systems are silver.
The Quad Core cable for the Ultrasone Sig Pro that I received from Konstantin is beautiful  in both appearance and performance, and when compared to the stock Ultrasone cable, the sound of the silver cable is cleaner, smoother, a fraction faster with more detail in the highs and bass that is both more controlled with better definition.
Some people confuse clarity with brightness or sibilance when they first listen to silver conductors. I personally feel that for all silver cables a burn in period is needed before comparing the brightness of silver vs copper.

The Quad Core cable is very flexible with almost non- existent  memory.  It is, in all respects, a beautifully constructed cable.  
Konstantin uses high quality silver solder and the best plugs and connectors that the market has to offer. If he does not have the plug or connector that you prefer, Konstantin will do his best to get it for you. He will also build the cable to any length you need. Mine is 6.5 feet long terminated with a 3.5mm Viablue plug.  The price of the cable is 99gbp or 150usd delivered with either a ViaBlue 3.5mm or 6.3mm plug. The cable is very low in microphonics, as I was able to hear none when it touched my clothing and only a very tiny amount when it touched cable to cable.
I will not judge any cable without at least 150 hours of burn-in time. I have about 200 hours on this cable and the change in sound is very easy for me to hear and compare with that when new. It was originally a bit on the bright side but now sounds noticeably smoother and cleaner than the stock cable.
The Ultrasone Signature Pro has very powerful bass, but it never interfered with the rest of the frequencies even with the stock cable, it is a remarkable phone that does not get enough love in this community. 
The silver cable allows the lower frequencies to sound more controlled, as well as tighter and detailed, just the way they should sound in my opinion.  If one has listened to a high quality subwoofer driven with a quality source, it is clear what really accurate bass is supposed sound like; bass that is more felt than heard, bass that lets you hear the different layers and details in its character. This type of bass is more noticeable in the Sig Pro when using this cable.
The upper midrange of the Ultrasone sounds cleaner and smoother with the silver cable,  adding a human naturalness and smoothness to the sound. They vocals simply sound more realistic with better texture and detail.
The highs in Ultrasound headphones have a different character when compared to other headphones in the marketplace; they are unique, as least to my ears. The highs are not sibilant, but they have a  different kind of sound, not grainy, but with a type of sparkle. The silver cable makes them sound more lifelike while remaining extended and detailed.
Macro and micro details are more noticeable to me, meaning they are easier to hear and placed in the soundstage more precisely than with the stock cable. After listening to my Sig Pro with the Lavri cable, I will never be able to go back to the stock cable.
When listening to the song “High Hope”  in the album Rhythm And Response by Glen Hansard his voice sounded much more natural and smoother with the silver cable,  instruments had more of their own space in the soundstage and in the next song in the same album “Bird of Sorrow” the piano was beautifully rendered with great tonality and natural sound.
I used my main headphone system to test this cable, It consist of iMac playing Tidal, Amarra, Jriver with Jplay which is to me the best media player software available since it came out, Human Audio Tabla SPDF converter - Human Audio Muto DAC to Apex Peak-Volcano headphone amp.

Konstantin has a great product range, making both single ended and balanced interconnects, power cords, speaker cables, adapters and, of course, headphone cables. His craftsmanship is superb and customer service is amazingly fast.
His silver cables are truly a great value when compared to the many other cable builders worldwide, therefore, I am a customer for life and can most highly recommend Lavri Cables to anyone looking for great quality cable!
You can contact Konstantin at or at to inquire about his products, services and his prices.


Just received my new cables for my Shure SE846S and they are spectacular.
Looking for a 2.5 to 2.5 TRRS balanced cable about 3.5 to 4 inch for connector to dap to amp.