Lavod Bicycle Headlight with MP3 Player, 2 GB Internal Memory and Integrated High-Quality Speaker (Silver)

General Information

We are now introducing the Lavod Bikeman LFB-615S, the world's first bicycle headlight with a built-in MP3 player! You can enjoy your favorite tunes while riding in the fastlane.Unfettered by wires, the Bikeman LFB-615's powerful loudspeaker gives you that musical boost to breakaway from the pack. Encased in a special oxide-coated, waterproof aluminum cylinder, the Bikeman LFB-615 is designed to withstand the rigors of any biking adventure. The LFB-615 is also a handy companion for any outdoor excursion providing hours of entertainment and a high-powered LED flashlight, peak brightness of 90-100 lumens, to illuminate your path after sunset. At home or in the office, the LFB-615 with its stylish, sleek form and crystal-clear loudspeaker is the smart, multi-purpose alternative to the common PC sound system.


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