Labkable Pro Series - Super Nova MKIII


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Build quality; nice design; Sound quality improvements; Micro detail
Cons: Earguides are a bit annoying; Y-split and slider could be of better quality
Full review of Super Nova MKIII & Silver Galaxy MKII here:


The Pure Copper Super Nova offers a more flat balanced overall signature, with a slight highlight in the treble region, with impressive improvements in terms of clarity and micro-detail.
The bass is rather linear, much tighter and controlled, and yet has an impressive sub-bass depth. It is presented in a more refined way, with a correct punch if needed, but overall can be softer in impact and smaller in quantity.

Similarly, the midrange is also flat and brings a higher level of clarity and detail. It is very clean, no bass bleed whatsoever, and just a tad more forward, or less recessed, depending on the IEM in use. Even though, the mids can be sound a bit thinner or with less body, mainly due the softer low-end impact and a slight more emphasis towards the upper mids region. Resolution and definition are definitely much greater.

Treble shows some highlights at the upper regions, giving a brighter and cooler tone. It is more refined and forgiving without expressing extra sibilance. Treble extension is noticeably better, and helps to add a good sense of air. Soundstage is not much wider or spacious but the depth is quite impressive. Yet, the most amazing part of the Super Nova is the much higher micro-detail level it gives to already detailed IEMs. The background detail is simply outstanding and so effortless that doesn't stop to amaze on every track.
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Sonic Defender
Sonic Defender
Looks like Nucleotide cable to me, which is good of course.