Labkable Pro Series - Silver Galaxy MKII


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Build quality; nice design; Sound quality improvements; fuller sound
Cons: Earguides are a bit annoying; Y-split and slider could be of better quality
Full review of Super Nova MKIII & Silver Galaxy MKII here:

The Silver Galaxy is not less impressive than the Super Nova in any way but it takes a rather different route when presenting the sound. It surely has its own strengths that make it a well worth product. This cable seems to be meant to improve the balance between all the three frequencies and works fantastically well with multi-BA IEM making them sound in a greater unison harmony and coherence.
The bass is quite fast. Maybe not as quick as the Super Nova but more natural weighted and extended, with a slight boost and better punch when necessary. It's fuller and just a tad warmer but still close to neutral.
The mids are in better balance with the bass and treble and show a higher clarity, greater definition and unbelievable resolution. The sound is much fuller, more natural and very effortless without leaving aside any little detail. The Null Audio 'stock' cable that is included on the AAW CIEMs line can sound more muffled and V-shaped in comparison. Same goes for the Lear C2 (which is already a very nice cable for the sub $100 group), while less V-shaped than the AAW's, it simply sounds smaller and artificial next to the Silver Galaxy MKII.
The treble sounds more refined and nicely forwarded, but again, in a very natural way. The energy amount seems better balanced with the bass impact. The major improvements are in the greater dynamics and transparency, offering a bigger sound with a more natural tone. It may sound a little darker than Super Nova but it has a much wider presentation and much improved extension on both ends, and has the best stage dimensions among all the IEM cables I got to try. Sound is more open and airy with superb instrument separation and coherent imaging. If the Super Nova wins in depth department, then the Silver Galaxy has a better rounded and convincing 3D effect. In addition, the height is surprisingly improved, something usually rather hard to achieve with IEMs.
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