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KOSS UR22V Full Size Over-The-head Stereophone

  • Koss Full-Size Over-The-Ear Stereophones

Recent Reviews

  1. tdockweiler
    Best $20 full sized headphone i've heard yet
    Written by tdockweiler
    Published Sep 27, 2012
    Pros - Comfortable, quite clear, actually has treble.
    Cons - kind of too bassy (mid-bass)
    These are just some very early impressions since almost nobody reviews the super cheap Koss products under $30 other than the KSC75 etc.
    First impression from a Clip+ was that the bass was a bit bloated (not the Clips fault). I stopped using that immediately and switched to my Headroom Micro Amp and ODAC (both very neutral). I don't know if they'll sound as good with portable devices. Maybe an amp is a good idea? Remember..early impressions.
    The sound is quite full and kind of warm sounding for a $18 headphone. There's quite a lot of bass, but not overkill. Except for the slightly boosted bass, it sounds fairly well balanced. Not like a studio monitor. These actually have more than enough treble so far it seems like.
    With harsh garbage tracks they're a bit fatiguing in the upper mids/treble I think. It seems to not smooth them over at all and make them any easier to listen to.
    I'm listening to the Nine Inch Nails song "Besides you in time" and am surprised how good these sound for $18!
    They're more balanced sounding than the Philips Downtown I just got. More treble, less bass and more neutral mids. I don't have to feel like vocals are too shouty. Comfort is better too.
    Yes, despite the Downtown retailing for $100, these are better.
    First full sized $20 headphone i've heard that wasn't a piece of junk! These are even $12 online..crazy.
    Not sure about build quality, but it's VERY plasticy. Well duh, it's $20. Comfort it's a 4/5 for now, but it may go downhill. The pads are not that deep at all and kind of small.
    BTW I wonder if this uses the KSC75 driver? Probably not, but I should inspect it.
    I also tried the UR-29 and UR-20 and this sounds much better than both of those IMO. I don't remember the UR-40 much. I'm also a fan of the UR-55 and of course the Koss Pro DJ100.
    EDIT: I just noticed that my Pearstone Velour pads fit [​IMG] So do the M50, M40 and V6 pads. The M50 pads would ruin the sound probably and make them too treble happy.
    The Pearstone pads stretch a bit and give you slightly more room inside them.
    EDIT 5000: I've been listening to these the last 2 hours(!!) with the Pearstone Velour pads. Ultra comfortable and the sound is impressive. Sounds better than many $100 headphones that i've tried. Right now it sounds quite well balanced, but with a slight tilt toward being a tad trebly.
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    1. Hellbishop
      Thanks for the excellent review tdockweiler :D Yes Koss makes some very pleasing low priced headphones with blissful treble. I was just as astonished with the Koss UR40 when i dug them up out of three year closet storage after moving into my current thin walled studio apartment. I was amazed at the razor slice sharp sweetness of the treble. They were so good i picked up a second pair the titanium version with more bass when it came out. I still havent broken them in completely due to getting distracted with the Krk KNS 8400 and Koss Pro DJ100 thanks to you ha ha. Am also currently deep into the Sennheiser HD 280 pro with its godly isolation. I'll have to check these Koss UR22V out. I believe i've seen them alot at Best Buy.
      Have a great weekend :D
      Hellbishop, Sep 28, 2012
    2. AnAnalogSpirit
      Nice review, tdrockweiler: Yes, I'm also a KOSS fan. I like the look of this headphone for some reason, and have been contemplating getting a pair (now that theyre being discontinued, maybe a few as gifts) since they sound good too, as you note.
      I'm not sure they'd have the KSC75 driver, most likey it has the KSC35/SportaPro/PortaPro driver. Mylar diaphragm, non-Titanium-Coated (cheaper?) (my theory).
      AnAnalogSpirit, Nov 22, 2012


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