Koss High Velocity HV/1A

General Information

The HV/1A had a high velocity element that reproduced all ten audible octaves. It was introduced in 1974 and discontinued in 1986. It was an open-back headphone in a time when those were rare.

Latest reviews

Pros: The sound-Excellent and fair priced.
Cons: Not rock solid if dropped etc. The foam pads rotted away.
I have always considered my best set of headphones. My brother talked me into buying a pair of Senheisers in the early 80's and I prefer a phone that covers the ear. The Sens..had good highs but the bass is killer on my Koss phones and that is half the music in my opinion.
All I need if a pair of replacement foam pads and I'm good to go. I would appreciate any help in finding pads for these.



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