Klipsch S3M-Blue-HP In-Ear Headphone, Blue

General Information

Specifically engineered for mobile devices, the Klipsch S3m headphones give you a front stage pass to your music collection whether you are an Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry user. This is the ultimate hassle-free headphone thanks to a nifty single-button remote and mic which gives you total control of both your playlist and phone calls on virtually all of your mobile devices.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Comfort and Isolation
Cons: Muffled Sound
A honest IEM for listening without any analytical purpose. The sound is just better than common, nothing more. But is perfected by an amazing isolation and comfort. It´s also very easy to fit in and take out. I must say these ones are ideal for occasions where you can sweat because this phone has been shown to be very resistant.
I have also a Grado SR225 (another level), a Yuin PK3 (much more usable at home) and a Sony MDR-XB41EX (better isolation and SQ, but less confortable)


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Comfortable Wear, Nice Balance, Easy Insertion, Relaxed Tips, Cost
Cons: Needs to be EQ'd, Not much not to love at the price
If you look at my profile, I stay within a small range of products that have worked for my son and I.  These include V-Moda, Westone, Audio Technica and Klipsch.  Each have their own strenghts, like Westone does a bang up job of creating high end sound in an over the ear wearable IEM, V-Moda has some seriously well built headphones that have a very nice sound and the Audio Technica ATH-M50 is legendary if you have looked on the head-fi forum.  However, I am not always into the over ear design nor am I able to take the time and effort to insert something "over ear" if I am in the car or cycling on my rode bike.  For those times, I want normal tips with normal insertion, which is something that can always be done with one hand.  The tips that Klipsch has designed are marvelous and while I am not sure if they even designed it, I am givin them credit for it.  Because of the low cost to purchase, my son and I have purchased several of the Klipsch IEMs including the X7i, S4, S3 and the S3M.  Most of these my son used because he could throw them in his back pack and not worry about them, instead of say the UM3X where I berate him if he does not have a case, a cloth and the dessicant pod, but I digress.  Of all of those, I really loved the sound of the S3M.  To me, it sounds fantastic and while not as good as the UM3X, certainly on par when consider value for what you get for $49.  While I don't play them on a flat EQ, I find that a little boost to Latin or Pop (on the iPhone EQ) certainly make it really entertaining and to me is a really "fun" sound.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Comfortable, Block outside sound
For months I did not have a pair of earbuds, headphones, in-ears, ANYTHING to use to listen to my music. I did some looking around in Best Buy and online and decided I wanted the Klipsch Image One II headphones. When I went to the store, they were out of stock and I saw these farther down the aisle. They're almost a third of the price, and made by the same company; I have only heard good things about their product, so I figured I'd give these a try. I was a little tentative, though, because the last in-ears I bought did not stay in no matter what size tip I tried....
Anyway, I've been using the S3M exclusively for weeks now and I'm happy with my purchase. They are comfortable and isolate my music; they effectively block outside noise in the house like the TV, cooking, a vacuum. Klipsch's design of angled tips make them easier to insert into my ear.
I'm no audiophile, but these in-ears give me the isolation I want, and provide nice sound for my listening pleasure. So I guess if you're a music fan but a new person to the headphone market and don't understand all the specifications and measurements (like me), or a casual listener, give these a try.


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