New Head-Fier
Pros: Sound is clear enough, nice carrying case and bass is nice for a basshead
Cons: Too bassy, confort is poor
First I`d like to say that I`m not an audiophile, but I appreciate good sound especially for watching movies on my ipad.  
When I got these headphones I was really impressed with the the bass response, at first I thought that would be nice to have such bassy headphones for watching movies. However, as I would use them, I noticed that I the bass was so overemphasized that A guy shooting a 22 would sounded like a Desert eagle! totally unreal. Songs were good though, however, the bass guitar sometimes seemed to keep vocals out of focus.
Comfort wise was really bad since these are on-ear, the pressure is too strong. I Also have a Bose AE2 which is excellent in comfot (only comfort) and you can note a HUGE difference!  klipsch image one sounds way better than Bose AE2, but when you spend long periods of time wearing the headphones, comfort make the whole difference.
Do not get Image One Bluetooth set. The bluetooth is really a big let down. Got one recently but it only lasted my for 2 months before the bluetooth died on me.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Light. Sturdy. Compact. Bass (for those who like it). Comfortable for a few hours. Remote and mic. Easy to EQ. Nice design. Nice case.
Cons: Bass. Recessed mids. Muddy. Bloated. The wire, Plug.
Let me start by saying that I am no expert when it comes to sound. I am not very good at using what I like to call "Audiophile terminology". Anyways, on to the review.
-Dell Inspiron 15
-Samsung Galaxy Q
-Sony Xperia S
-iPod touch 2nd gen
-iPod nano 5th gen
-iPod nano 6th gen
Well, having owned these for as long as I have, there have been countless tracks used with these. For this review, I picked tracks used in my other reviews (with the exception of K-OS)to keep consistency and better judge the sound.
-Michael Jackson Thriller flac
-Michael Jackson Dangerous flac
-The Beatles Blue Album (Greatest Hits) flac
-Drake Nothing Was The Same flac
-Frank Ocean Channel Orange flac
-Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience parts 1 and 2 mp3 @ 320
-Eminem The Slim Shady LP flac
-Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP flac
-Taylor Swift Safe and Sound (song) mp3 @ 320
-Daft Punk Random Access Memories flac
-MGMT Oracular Spectacular
What's included in the box:
-Hard shell, zip-up case (really nice)
-Airline adaptor (those old two pronged nightmares)
-1/4 inch adaptor
-The headphones themselves
Well, they are about as comfortable as any supra-aural (on-ear) headphones I have tried. As is common -at least for me- they get quite uncomfortable after about 3 hours of use, due to the pressure put on the ears by the cups. This isn't a fault of the headphones per say, as it's part of what comes with the design of any headphone (that I have tried) that goes the supra-aural route. However, if comfort for long hours of use if important for you, look else where (preferably over ears or, if portability is a concern, iems -if you can find the right tips-). These also cause discomfort when worn with glasses after about 45 minutes, so for those of us with glasses, these are a no go. As for the material used on the pads, it is pleather and as such is not very good in very hot weather where sweat and heat may be a concern. The headband has good enough padding and is well made.
While wearing them around the neck. the swivel cups come in very handy, as they can become flat and not interfere with movement in anyway.
Build: Sturdy, and I mean it. The actual headphones -minus the wire, but more on that later- are very well built, and can take a beating if you're so inclined to subject them to it. They are built almost entirely out of plastic, aside from the metal in the headband. That's not a problem though, as the soft touch plastic is great for taking everything life can throw at them, and contributes to the light weight of the headphones.
The Sound: As a note, I'd like to mention that everything was heard un-amped.
Bass: Bass heads rejoice
The meat of the sound. Thumpy, thundering, muddy, bloated or any other such adjective you can use to describe a headphone with huge bass presence. Imagine a subwoofer, now grap some tape and tape it to the side of your head and that's what you have here. Personally. I am not a fan of headphones with too much bass so I am going to count it as a negative. However, if you have a good equalizer, you can EQ to bearable levels, as I did for most of the hip-hop songs I used for testing (if you're not a bass head). One thing I can say, is that these headphones seem to bring bass out of places that normally wouldn't. So.......yeah. As a side note, if you travel a lot via bus, train or plane and want an affordable, portable headphone, these are very good as the bass drowns out the outside noise quite well. 
Mids: Where?
One word: recessed. They sound distant and muddy. Drowned out by the bass, there really isn't much to say about them. Voices seem distant. For example, Michaels voice in smooth criminal takes a serious back seat to the bass guitar and drums.
Highs: .....Better than the mids
Slightly more forward then the mids, but not as quite as prominent as the bass. They're okay, though there isn't much sparkle. Not much to say really.
The Wire and controls:
The wire is a non-removable "Y" cord with the mic and iPod/iPhone controls seated in the Y split. The buttons are good, they have a nice click to them and seem like they can take a beating and not break or loosen up. The mic also is very good, with clear voices when used in environments that don't involve howling winds. There are a couple of things that are huge negatives to an otherwise pretty good wire.
1:It is very kink prone
2:Like I stated earlier, it isn't removable. Even though Klipsch offers a 2 year warranty, it is worrying as it can give out after a while. Though I have not have any issues with it yet, watch out.
3:Straight plug with not do great strain relief. This is where the non- removable nature of the wire becomes very very worrying. The plug isn't very good, and doesn't live up to the rest of the headphones quality.
The Klipsch Image Ones are great as a starter pair of headphones (as they were for me) or anyone upgrading form something like the old beats studios, solos, or the apple earphones. They are alright, but you can do a lot better at the price, especially if you look around a little and spring for sales. 
Thanks for reading :)


New Head-Fier
Pros: Will satisfy bassheads, restrained highs are forgiving, very durable and good-looking
Cons: Too much bass for me, drowned lower mids, upper mids are pushy
Having gone from the absolutely awful Sony MDR-XB500s directly to these, I was relatively impressed. Only relatively, though. Now that I own Audio-Technica ATH-M50s with non-airtight velour replacement pads and a Fiio E11 without using the bass boost feature, I've come to truly appreciate the somewhat more neutral sound my current setup presents. The Image ONE has plenty of sub, and it extends impressively low. The highest highs, however? Gone. Rolled off the steepest hill imaginable. For most music, that would be okay, due to this forgiving sound signature. But as a listener with variety, I like to hear the crack of a snare drum or a vocalist's throat being cleared before a lyric. The ONE just doesn't deliver in that sense. The mids are not completely absent, just being pushed on by the jacked-up lower frequencies. This combination of extra sub, scooped out mids, extra mid-highs and no highs at all makes these an odd combination that I can't say I love. The durability is surprising, and the $120 price tag is reasonable. Bass = yes. Variety = maybe not.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Comfort, build quality, sound quality, iPod mic/clicker thing.
Cons: Some might think there's a bit too much bass, your ears get kind of hot after a while
Let me start off this review by saying two things: 1) This is one of my very first reviews, so I'm sorry if I'm horribly inaccurate and stupid-sounding or just flat-out wrong. I try to write my reviews without bias and with as much honesty as I can. 2) I am not an audiophile, I listen to my headphones on an iPod touch 5th gen, and I don't own a portable amp. I do this because I want my reviews to apply to the average Joseph who likes great sounding audio, but isn't really in it to make a very expensive hobby out of it. I am an enthusiast for high-quality sound, but the majority of people who will look up "headphone reviews" on Google are not out to make their own audio rig, just to find something that will sound good on a day-to-day basis.
Now, without further adieu, the Klipsch Image One review.

Build Quality

These headphones are built very well. They have a leathery-looking back and some extremely comfortable ear pads that are very soft and supple, almost like real leather. You can really wear these all day without getting tired of them. The headband has a nice quality tough rubbery feel to them and the overall feel you get from these is that they will not break. They are very tough, and they look pretty great to boot. The cable is nice and thick and the clicker has a nice feel to it, with the buttons having a nice "clicky" feel to them. All in all, some solid work from Klipsch.


Also known as: the entire reason you're reading this in the first place. The sound will be quantified in three main parts: Highs, Midrange, and Bass. The headphones are tested on 3 different songs:
1) Michiko Naruke- Song: Bramble Blast, Album: Super Smash Bros. Brawl OST (Tests treble, detail, speed, and overall clarity)
2) Martin O' Donnell- Song: Overture, Album: Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack (Tests midrange clarity and soundstaging)
3) Direct- Song: Final Boss (Tests bass response and speed)


The highs on these headphones is great. There is plenty of detail and the notes sound very true to the original recording. There isn't very much of the "sparkle" that some headphones have, and they aren't very bright sounding. However, the highs are never grating or screechy. It is crisp and clean sounding. Cymbals sound like actual cymbals, with a sharp attack and some decay, and flutes and clarinets sound clear and true. Overall, the highs on these headphones are pretty fantastic.


The midrange on these is nice, if not anything to write home about. The mids do come off as a bit recessed, but it isn't really anything noticeable if you don't know what you're listening for. The clarity on the midrange is not quite as good as the highs, but it isn't awful either. The detail is definitely there though, and the French horns in the Overture from Halo: Reach really shine through well. The bass does not bleed into the mids very much or very often. Overall, the mids are not amazing, but they are clear enough and hold their own against the highs and bass.


Bass. Some people can't get enough of it, some people think it's the scourge of the land and that any product with any amount of bass in it at all is automatically terrible. These headphones would not be very well received by the bass haters. Not that these headphones are super bass-heavy, that simply isn't true. The bass response is actually pretty surprising for a headphone of this size and stature. That isn't to say that the bass is bad either. Far from it, actually. There is plenty of the stuff, but it doesn't really show up unless you are playing very bassy music on them. When you do, the bass is not only deep, but tight and detailed too. Bass heavy music sounds truly amazing on these headphones. Overall, the bass response on these headphones is tight, controlled and detailed. Very, very good stuff.

Overall Verdict

For a pair of on-ear headphones, you really can't go wrong with the Image Ones. With a mixture of plush comfort, better than decent sound, and iPod-friendly features, this is a great pair of headphones for people who want something small and compact but still packs a punch. TIP FOR POTENTIAL BUYERS: Never pay full price for these headphones. They can be had on eBay for under 60 dollars (I got mine for 55)
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review!


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Inexpensive, durable, lightweight, good sound, bass, in-line remote
Cons: A bit small for over-ear, a bit big for on-ear, thin cable/connector
These are my favorite headphones of all time. They aren't the best sounding or looking or the best quality build, but they aren't lacking and can be found for VERY cheap.
Quality and looks
The looks are very good. I would prefer a matte finish but the leather-texture on the back of the ear cups looks very nice. The chrome also looks nice. They are small and look completely non-pretentious. The build quality is shocking. While very thin, small and light, these headphones have survived about 2 years of abuse from me with no issues. The cable is thin and small but the connectors and in-line mic/remote have not worn down. I could not be happier in this category
The sound is very impressive. They are 32 Ohm, so they can easily be driven by a phone or iPod. However, they scale VERY well with a good DAC and AMP.
The bass is a strength for these. The extension is very impressive. Low-notes in trap songs like Trap or Die 2 by Young Jeezy or Lost by Gorilla Zoe are the only things that give these headphones any trouble. The bass does lack accuracy a bit this low, but it is still impressive. Hard hitting bass like a good kick drum sounds great too. They hit hard without dampening the mids. When amplified, the bass sounds very juicy.
The mids are well balanced, though a tiny bit warm. Personally, I very much like this. They are definitely not as good as you would expect from an audiophile headphone, but for a portable headphone, especially with the price in mind, these are very good in the mids.
The highs are not terribly sharp or at all fatiguing, but still clear and even a bit sparkly. Sound great for all genres. They become more present when amplified
The sound stage is lacking. Without a good DAC and AMP, they do sound very compressed. However, when paired with a Schiit Vali/Modi or a Fiio E17, they do open up.
With rock music, they do well, but are a bit imbalanced without amplification. After being amped and paired with a good DAC, the guitars come through very well, and all kinds of vocals sound good. Cymbals are not too bright, but can be a tad sharp if not amplified. the drums are a bit recessed, as the upper mids are not these headphone's strong point. However, bass guitars and kick drums sound very good.
With metal, these cans are quite good. The only complaint I would have is a tiny bit of sharpness with cymbals at high volumes. The heavily distorted guitars don't muddy up the rest of the sound, and clean guitars sound very detailed. They don't do anything for the lack of bass and low-mids that much metal suffers from, but that isn't the fault of the headphones and can be helped with EQ. Snare drums sound very good, but don't overpower any of the sound.
With rap, these things are fantastic. Vocals are forward and balanced. High electronic noises are clear but not overbearing, and the bass is very impressive. Nothing stands out, and nothing is lacking. This is the best genre for these headphones when unamplified without a doubt. They do very well when amped as well.
These sound good with other genres such as orchestra and jazz, but I don't listen to them enough to comment about how they do.
This is the shocker. These can easily be found for under $50 lightly used. Even at $100 new, I think they sound better than ATH-M50's or any other offering. They often go as low as $30-35 for lightly used models, and at that price, they are stupidly good.
Though they are not perfect, they have proven to keep me interested for 2 years. They brought me out of the dark for audio (I upgraded from skullcandy) and they still are enjoyable to listen to. I highly endorse these headphones!
General opinion on these is that they're seriously bass-heavy, so either Klipsch has made a revision or you're quite the basshead. I had a pair of the Reference One, and couldn't listen for more than thirty minutes without serious bass fatigue.


Pros: Bass, lighweight, surprisingly strong, look nice, good quality ear pads.
Cons: "Paint" on the headband, Size (feel like they should be over ears, but my ears are too small), fall off easily
The Image One's were the first over-ear/ on- ear headphone I purchased. I was always concerned about them not being as loud as in ears, and the portability issues as well, but with an amp, I was no longer concerned with volume, and I actually now find full sizes to be as portable as in ears. At the store, I was torn between a few in-ears, and the reference versions of these, which as far as I know are the same sound, just the reference series has a different look, and perhaps better materials (better as in better looking material perhaps). The Image Ones are truly a great pair of headphones, and I loved them even more when I was more of a bass head. Not saying I don't enjoy them still. The bass they provide is a powerful as Beats, but cleaner and more accurate, especially amping them. They have decent mids and highs, but they are muffled when they are not plugged into an amp. With an amp, the mids and highs are good, but not sparkling, for the headphones are really meant for bass. In the sound department, I would give them a 10/10 for bass heads, but now an 8/10 for my taste, as I would no longer consider myself a basshead. Really, there isn't much else to say about sound. The bass can be lessened with an amp, revealing a great sound when you don't want to be analytical about sound, just have something to listen to when doing things like writing a paper.
Comfort wise, the Image One's are quite comfortable really, but due to having smaller head, the headphones were just always too big for me. I find this with many headphones, but the Image One's also have zero clamping. If my head were larger, adjusting the headphone band would increase clamping actually, for as with most headphones, they go in a horseshoe shape to allow some clamping, and making them taller also would make them to have to be stretched further to be put on ones head. I still think the Image One's clamping force would be lower regardless. MY other gripe with the Image Ones' is that I don't know if they are over ears or on ears. My ears are not huge, but not tiny, and the pads extended on parts of it slightly past my ears, and this stopped any isolation. They were not initially like that, but after use, the pads clearly flatten out a tad, and seemed to push outwards.. The pads never got widen enough to go around ny ears. If clamping force were stronger, the force would make the foam widen inwards and outwards, and conform to my ears better, offering a better seal. As a result, I found myself needing to push the pads towards the center of the driver to reshape them. This would work for some time, but another issue came about: The material holding onto the drive casings would stretch and the pads became somewhat easy to take off from the housings. Unfortunely, it a not easy to pop them on again. Even with this dislikes, the Image Ones where never uncomfortable, and with their lightweight design I hardly felt them, but during listening, I could feel sound leakage at times.
The Image Ones are light, but well built overall. The cable seems like it would be a weak place, but it worked well until something caught the wire on the left driver as I stood up and ripped it out. This was after a lot of use and a few good yank on the wires from similar incidents, mind you. I have another pair though, which will be discussed soon for why I do. While not a build weakness, the "paint" stuff on the headband that makes it flat black and also give it a texture that is hard to explain comes off very easily, leaving behind a different luster black. This just was annoying, for the headphones are nice looking, with a very conservative, professional look. I did have one breakage, the left drive swivel cracked, but this crack never got any worse. The crack gave the area more flex, and I was initially worried, so I contacted Klipsch. This is when I saw how great of a company they were. I told them the issue, they asked for shipping information. I thought they were going to send a new swivel, but no, I got a whole new pair of headphones. They didn't ask for proof of the damage. That is very impressive, especially when after my SoundMagic amp broke after a week of using it at home, MP4Nation wanted it shipped all the way back to China to get it repaired or replaced. It was an okay sounding amp, but was horribly made. I just tossed it and didn't bother sending it back. Even though my original Images Ones are toast, I still have a never used pair in a case sitting in my closet, and it is nice to have customer service like that. Of course the Image One's are marked up in price, like any headphone, but I like that a company would trust a customer and not require proof, and better yet, send a whole new pair, and not just a replacement part. Klipsch is an excellent company to deal with. While I prefer the Shure SE215's over Klipsch's S4's, Shure never responded back to me after I complimented them on how pleased I was with the cabling they use. Customer service is, I feel, extremely important, and whether you find a product to be better or worse than another, the company that cares about their customers is a good company. I've had great support from ClarityOne and Comply, if that helps anyone.
Back to the Image Ones, they are a good set of headphones, and the muffled mids and highs disappear with the use of a half decent amp (I was using an E11 with them before I lost the E11, and when they broke not long after).  They are no doubt bass heavy and they will impress most bassheads with delivering punchy, boomy, yet clean bass. One who wants neutral and analytical sound should probably look at another set, but for anyone, they have a fun sound, and with bass turned down, one will hear a sound that is great for listening for background music. They are a comfortable pair of headphones, but would be better with more clamping and/or smaller size. They would also be better if they were over-ears, or even smaller pads that are more  on-ear rather than in between. Someone with small ears will find these to be just large enough to be over-ears, and one with large ears will find them to be great on-ears. For me, my ears are just in the middle, and with a pad size that is right in the middle, sound leakage occurs. Overall a good buy, especially for $80. I got them for almost $150, but everything is more money in Canada it seems.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Good highs, lows and bass
Cons: Could use an amp
For the price I thought they would be a bit better.  The materials are nothing special.  The cable is kind of cheap but I do know in their newest version of it the cable is improved.  I think you need an amp for these which is never something I want to do.  From what I hear though klipsch has moved back to the US and I hope that means they will put out more impressive models.  I still enjoyed it but I was left not satisfied.  They are comfortable though.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Nice bang for the buck, comfortable, bass response
Cons: light on mids, mic is too far away
I have been using these headphones almost every day for the better part of a year and they have proven to be very reliable. I did have to get them replaced about a week after I bought them for what sounded like a ripped cone in the left ear but no problems since, most likely a fluke since I haven't heard of the problem from anyone else. Bass notes are strong and mids are adequate, highs leave a bit to be desired but they produce an overall accurate sound. They do not, on the other hand, isolate noise very well so unless you listen to your music on the loud side, I would look elsewhere for airplanes and busy subways etc. As far as design goes, they are unobtrusive, lightweight, and easy to look at. The microphone is much too far away rendering it completely useless which makes me wonder why Klipsch didn't just run the cord to one side to move it up. They are very comfortable and I have no problem wearing them for a few hours without any ill-effects. I would recommend these to someone who is looking for an honest pair of headphones that they can wear everyday.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: very nice bass, comfortable, well made, play pause controller
Cons: cable connets to both sides, looks kinda weird
if you enjoy bass like i do these are very good headphones for the price, they mids and highs are good, i cant go into detail because im not a audiophile but the bass is very thumpy and rumbly. This is a very fun sounding heapphone and exciting. These are pretty comfy and adjust nicely. Isolation is average and these handle leakage GREAT!! they hardly leak even at full volume.  Over all if you like bass these sound good and you can get theme for $90 on amazon right now


New Head-Fier
Pros: Punchy Bass, clear highs and mids, extremely comfortable, classy design, sturdy construction, portable
Cons: Soundstage not very airy, bass rumbles a bit too much sometimes, non removable cable
My favourite earphones were the Klipsch Image s4's. Purchased these for 80$ back in Jan 2011. Still going strong. Theses were my first expensive earphones, and they got me hooked. I have tried Bose, Sennheiser, Dr. Dre( haha lol...), Sony and a lot of othet IEMs/ headphones below 200$ after that, but none even came remotely close to my s4's. I currently own:
1. The s4's
2. The Image one
3. MEE M6
5. Apple stock
6. couple of samsung stocks, etc...
So my s4's were getting older, and I thought, might as well get a decent backup earphone. I wanted something with a similar sound signature to the s4, good, thumping bass, overall clarity on the sound spectrum, airy soundstage, comfort, etc. Then came across the Image One, and miraculously got an open box item for 45$.
Source: Galaxy Nexus i9250 , with Poweramp.
Burned it in for 30hrs, and started listening. Its true, its very much like the s4, but there are definitely a few places where klipsch went downhill a bit.For example, the soundstage is a bit cramped, not as airy and full as the s4. Even if I increase the "airyness" of the sound via my phone, I never actually get the full distinction between instruments I used to get on my s4. Might be I am not doing it right or something, idk, just my 2 cents..
Second, I read a lot of reviews saying the bass is punchy without being overpowering, I personally found that to be a bit untrue. While the bass is punchy and gives a very enjoyable "thump" on the hip-hop and rap songs( love boom boom pow on this), it does tend to leak into other spectrums a bit sometimes. While it can be corrected by playing with the EQ a bit, and is not at all a deal breaker for me, but I still enjoy the clearer bass of the s4.
Third, comfort wise, its pretty comfortable. Its my first time using on-ears, I typically use over-ears and IEMs, so my ears do feel kind of stuffy after a couple of hours, but I guess I will get used to it.
Also, construction is not overly magnificient or anything, but is nice. Feels classy, typical klipsch. Mostly plastic. not very heavy, but feels very solid, no creaking parts, nothing looks breakable.
Isolation is not very good, at 80% volume on my phone( which is pretty high for me), a person next to me can hear the song if I am in a relatively quiet environment. Again, this might be the standard for on-ears, idk. But I dont c a problem with this while travelling in a train, bus or cab, but not to be used in hospitals lol.
My biggest gripe would be the cabling system. It is a symmetric connection, I would have preferred asymmetric. The cable feels good, sturdy and thick. I hate straight connectors with a passion, they are notorious for going single channel, an L-shaped connector would have been good, but I can live with this. On top of that the cable isnt replaceable, like the SOL republic tracks, which I seriously considered. But all things considered, I dont regret this, and would have gladly paid 100$ for these.


New Head-Fier
Pros: iPod control
Cons: Ear cups are leather (ears sweat)
I love the iPod control. Good all around sound but they are a tad bass heavy. The fit is good but the ear pads can make you sweat here in Las Vegas.


New Head-Fier
These headphones are excellent portable headphones. In this category, I would rank them quite high.

The headphones do well in all categories. The highs and lows are good, and the mids are warm. The bass is amplified unnecessarily, but I would consider them to be better quality than the Beats Studio or Solo.

The design is minimalistic and refreshing when compared to some of the weird designs today. The headphones are sturdy, but can also acquire some smudges.

The cups are a bit smaller than what they should be, but they provide good isolation. Also, people around you cannot hear anything you're listening to even at a decent volume. Overall, these headphones are well worth the money if you're in the market for portable headphones. :)


Now known as HuoYuanJia
Pros: clean and crisp sounds if equalized, iPhone remote/mic
Cons: bass quantity, technical design
My first impressions were simply horrible! The bass quantity is way too much.
So in the following review I will have equalized the iPod app in iOS 4.3 with the "less bass" option.
Build quality: Rubbery plastic, fake leather, fake chrome made out of plastic, ... typically made/designed in America! Nice looks at first, but cheap materials on closer looks. The design is a cross of Phiaton's PS320 and Bose's On-Ear. It's not too bad, but it's still very far from anything high quality or luxurious.
The cable feels nice and the plastic buttons on the remote respond well.
My only two actual concerns with the design are that the earcups don't rotate far enough (they remain bent so that your ear has more pressure in the back) and that they're not foldable (the cable is two-sided, Klipsch could have easily added some more joints, really).
Bass: Uncontrolled, echoed, bloated, rumbling, extends even to the higher mids, ... IF not equalized!
However, if you take the bass by the balls and bring it down on its knees, you will have a nice musical thumping bass with nice punchy impact that extends very deep.
But again, I must warn you! If your source does not provide an equalizer, stay away from this beast! The bass rumbles. A lot!
Mids:The overall sound has a great energetic feel, similar to that of the Panasonic RP-HJE900 in-ears. Even though recessed, guitars sound powerful. (Especially female) voices are crystal clear and are highly detailed without being too sensitive about production quality. I'm not saying that RHCP's Californication sounds good, but the body and richness of the sound can overshadow a few mishaps. Even though definitely not designed for that purpose, the Image One does offer adequate analytical capabilities for the price.
IF not equalized, the bass extends fairly deep into the mids, not only darkening the sound, but even ruining the sound of electrical guitars: Dear Klipsch, if you have a song starting with a guitar intro, people do not expect it to rumble! Thank you!
Highs: Similar to the medium frequency range, the Image One does a nice job creating a rich and full bodied sound. Occasionally I experienced a small sparkle. On the other hand, I've noticed some high notes were cut off. This is a phenomena I only know by Bose's cheapest On-Ear: cymbals that are supposed to sound like "TS" end up as a flat "SH". This is not often the case (with the Bose always) which leads me to believe that the high frequency graph is not linear at all. However, I hardly noticed any sibilance, which, regarding the extension, is very good.
Luckily, the bass does not affect the highs.
Timbre is bad, IF unequalized (sorry, but I can't emphasize this enough)! The overall sound is too dark and the low mids and bass are a rumbling mess without any chance of instrument separation or recognition. Maybe my ears are a little too touchy, but even with the iPod equalizer settings set to "less bass", quantity surpasses that of the HFI-780 - it's really that strong.
Equalized, I really enjoy the overall sound presentation. Timbre and soundstage (the sound has a nice amount of air) are good for the price.
The remote works well, calls are a little too quiet (but the volume buttons are easily accessed) and the mic is alright. It's nothing worth rewarding, but it works well, both with the iPhone 3GS and 4.
To conclude, my main gripe with the Klipsch Image One is the killer amount of bass that has an awful powerful rumble. I've had an eardrum perforation once and I can say that the Klipsch sounds exactly like that! Why I would pay 150 € for a boxed version of a default is beyond me!
Luckily, the Image One does have potential and it just needs some help to get into that direction. A fun and rich sound awaits the durable eardrum. Fans of high fidelity will be ashamed by Klipsch for the mainstream youth product that's been thrown on the market, even more so by the popularity.
Sources that do not provide an equalizer should stay far away!
Value: 2.5/5
You get a decent headphone, average build quality and a good enough headset.
Audio Quality: 1.5/5 unequalized, 4/5 equalized
The rumbling bass is just way too much. It has the most amount of bass I've ever heard.
Design: 3/5
Looks are good but some decisions, like the earcups or missing joints, are confusing.
Comfort: 2.5/5
A lazy copy of Bose. Pressure on the ears is awkward and the soft cushions still manage to crease my ears.
Overall: 3/5
The Image One is fairly new and it's on sale already. Looks are good and sound can be very engaging. The high resolution and strong presentation make a great couple. I also value the headset.
Price paid: 69,95 + 5,95 € (new)