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Kenwood KA-405 vinatge stereo receiver

  1. headphones1999
    vintage amp with awesome headphones output
    Written by headphones1999
    Published May 7, 2015
    Pros - not expensive, amazing sound.
    Cons - vintage, so It will probably go bad in the near future...
    about me: 16 years old live in Israel, always loved headphones (at first i loved headphones, after that I started to love music xD) started this hobby when i was 14, i like fast bright accurate sound (but not dry), big soundstage and airy sound, not a big fan of bass (especially sub-bass), i have little sensitivity for highs. i hear all types of music.
    i was looking for good amp to drive my Q701 for a long time, I ended up with the lovely cube which was supposed to be a really nice pairing for them, just a little info about the lovely cube: sounds really close to the Matrix M-stage amp the LC is just little more natural sounding (maybe the M-stage got a little more bass), and its a clone of an amp called Lehmann Audio Black Cube...
    Kenwood KA-405 vs. lovely cube
    using Q701 with bass mod:
    resolution- overall the 405 won by far.

    details- 405 won. there are much more details, thanks to the bass that added more body to..., well everything :) and that's without cutting the highs that we all love.

    vocal\mid\treble- 405 won. everything is more focused, more accurate, more body, the sound went forward.

    soundstage- the 405 feels like it has less soundstage, but the depth is much better on the 405, once i thought that i left my speaker channel open while using 701[​IMG]
    (oh and i think that the problem: "i hear my music only on the sides" almost gone, and the sound is not laid back anymore).

    bass- 405... (do I even need to say that?), the Q701 poor bass is gone, there is more body and impact, oh and there is sub-bass[​IMG], not a big fan of sub bass but it doesn't bother me with the 701+405, because for me the sub bass is in the exact level i want it to be, although on songs with lots of bass the 701 sometimes gives too much bass, but there is always the option to adjust bass from the 405 itself.[​IMG], i do hear limitation on the bass but hey, its still a Q701. 

    build quality- who cares, the amp looks awesome :3
    more on the sound- the 405 gives the 701 something i always wanted, energy, they always have energy, but now they have much more energy.
    the clarity is still good as always, but there is less airy sound because the sound went forward and there is more mid bass+sub bass, don't think that all that bass took some highs away,
    and again: the highs are still there and they sound awesome as always, the bass didn't touched them.
    in the end: to my opinion the KA405 drives the Q701 almost perfectly.
    some of the amps that i heard with the Q701- AMB M^3, AMB M^3 mini, Naim Audio Headline + NAPSC2,
    pimeta, X-CAN V8, little dot MKIII( the V8 and LTIII was really good pairing for the 701 as well)
    DAC- I used the hifime, but i had UD110 which sounds better to my opinion.
    how does it sound with speakers? well i don't really have experience with speaker amps so i don't really know how good the KA405 is (except that it sound good) 
    i do know that the KA405 is kinda underrated amp, it goes for 150$~ on eBay and they sound better then marantz PM80 which goes for 350$~  
    funny thing, didn't got the KA405 for headphones, and only after 4 months i tried the headphones output :D
    sorry but I didn't heard any other headphones with it yet :frowning2:
    thanks for reading my review!
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    2. headphones1999
      i no longer have it, the KA405 colors the sounds a lot, in a fun way, i now use onkyo A925 which can be found for extremely cheap, and does a better job in every aspect, but it has to be directly from the speakers output (yeah)
      headphones1999, Jul 28, 2018
    3. headphones1999
      as for K340, i heard it with a very nice "natural" sounding amp that doesnt color the sound and it didnt sound good, so maybe it was the amp, maybe it was the K340, not sure, but i as for now i never heard the K340 and said "they sound good!". maybe one day i will find a proper amping for it who knows
      headphones1999, Jul 28, 2018
    4. Baycode
      Baycode, Jul 31, 2018