Kanto YU2MG Powered Desktop Speakers (Matte Grey)

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Discover a desktop mini-monitor that delivers bold crisp sound that will truly astound you. While designed primarily to enhance your desktop computing experience, it is amazingly musical, and perfect for environments with limited space. With 3.5mm AUX input, high-quality built-in USB DAC and a subwoofer output, the YU2 comes in 8 gorgeous finishes to suit your style and flair. Proudly designed in Canada.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Crisp highs, impactful lows, solid mids, built in DAC, small, sleek design, powerful, solid build quality, etc.
Cons: To be determined
So around Christmas time last year I picked these up for my mother. I tried them out and was immediately disappointed. Sounded very tinny and weak. As a side reference I own HE-500s out of a NFB10.33 and have had Z2700 2.1 speakers and Klipsch promedia 2.1. I almost felt like sending them in for a refund, but boy am I glad I didn't.

The looks are very modern. I have the matte gray ones and they have not changed appearance in the multiple months of owning them. The build quality is insanely durable and I've dropped them a few times and have hosted a party that featured these and M-Audio BX8's that contained over 80 people. Quite a thing to trust these moderately priced speakers around 80+ drunk people of whom I know maybe 20% of. They have USB and Aux input (sadly no coax), as well as a subwoofer out and standard speaker taps that go from one speaker to another. The wires supplied with the speakers and of definite good build quality. The 3.5" woofer cones are made of Kevlar and the 1' tweeters are made of silk. Materials not even seen on products 3* its price range.

At $150 CAD which I got them for, they impress me in so many ways.

Lets start with volume. The volume knob doubles as on in/off and is located at the back, giving the front a more flush, again, modern appearance. I run these out of my FIIO X3 via line out or through the aux out on my NFB10.33, depending on circumstances. These little guys certainly can get LOUD. They're actually crazy small and pack a hard punch. If running out of a phone, putting the volume to 80-90% will oftentimes be much more than you'll ever need. I keep these on around 30% if I want to play loudly from my Fiio or NFB 10.33.

Bass: Although these are merely a 2.0 system with no subwoofer, damn these things can hit a low bass nicely. Not, its nowhere near earth rattling, and is pretty tame compared to a subwoofer, however I can still feel the bass! When turned up louder this is especially prominent. My friend came into my room whilst I was working out and had these speakers on loud and asked when I got a sub. He couldn't believe the punch these little things put out

Mids: The mids are slightly recessed, however mildly. They are very clean and are pleasurable to listen to.

Highs: The treble on these are very nice. Crisp, not at all sibilant (I've owned HFI-580s, so don't even start me on sibilance). Fantastic to listen to violin on and other high frequency tracks. The lack of sibilance at high sound levels still impresses me.

At the price point of $220 or so retail I'm less certain about the value, but at $150 CAD I could not be more satisfied. Although Kanto is a new and relatively unheard of brand, I can assure you these are worth the bite. The break in period is atrocious and is like an entirely new system, however the post break in period is wonderful.

I rate these a solid 9/10. I ordered the Kanto SUB8 to help extend the sub bass further. I will possibly update with results of that in a couple months.
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So, you never got back around to comparing these to your two 2.1 systems. How do you like the YU2 over the Promedia 2.1? I got the YU2s in today, and while they sound amazing (I know they still need to burn in), I can't help but miss the bass of a good subwoofer (I used to own Altec Lansing ACS621s).


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