JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX750

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JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX750

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Pros: Very good detail and excellent recreation of the recording environment
Cons: Extreme top end lacks a tad of sparkle, but fine for most listening.
I`ve had these for about 2 months now so I think I have a pretty good idea of what they are all about.  Before I started using them, I let them burn in for about 100 hours.  Previously, I owned a pair of Sennheiser Momentum IEMs and a pair of Shure 215s.  These are far better than either of those two.  These really make my commute more bearable. 
These are more detailed than the Sennheiser Momentums and have more bass then the Momentums or the Shures.  But what I like about them the most is how they recreate the recording space and how they reproduce the human voice and instruments such as the piano or violin.  On these things, the 750s really shine.
I compared them to the 850s briefly in the store and the 850s sound like they are a bit hotter in the high frequencies.  For some, this is preferable; for others, this is artificial.  Also, the 850s, because the in the interconnects built into each cable, feel heavier.  I think the 750s sound a bit more natural in the high frequencies, but reasonable minds will differ on this.
All in all, I am very satisfied with these.   
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Pros: Sub-bass, bass, mid bass....soundstage ....all about that bass....respond very well with Equalizer, realistical with natural tonality and timbres
Cons: Bass! The powerful bass is just always there, even in the track where it should be more subtles ! Vocals is a little further away
About me: I am not an audiology, sound expert or anything professional about audio of short. I am simply just a consumer with a lot of love for musics for years....I purchased this pair, and Would love to share my feelings about these. Pardon my English as well. I will do my best.

Method: purchased, based on other impressions and will keep for a long time.....I love the realistical timbres, and natural tones



As you can see, it arrives in a neat, and small box, the best thing here is the included small carry case with magnet snap, molded foams, and faux leather. I love this case, you will really need it. The pair is a little bit on weighty side, you can feel it weight compare to many other IEMS, and you would like to becareful in handling them, because the Rose gold brass Rear vents are very very soft, and can be easily scratched and indented

It will come in with 2 pairs of soft foam eartips (not comply) and 3 pairs of Spiral dots tips, a shirt clip, and a shirt bottoms ties (never used these)



Very good if wear around the ears, can be used while in bed and lay on the sides to sleep with :D.
The wires are very soft, the shells body is at good length and sizes, the connecting cords are small, and non detachable, which allows lying on the side possible in bed
While wearing it around the ears, it would also reduce Microphonic and support some of it weight. The best way to wear these.


You can also wear these straight down, and rarely have any Microphonic, while the body will protrude outward, and the weight will pull onto it....I don't feel comfortable with it this way.

Best be used with Stock Spiral Dots Tips.....as I tried Comply, Sony Hybrid.....etc....again, please do tip rolls to choose the best one for your ears and taste. Everybody is different


So so, I can still speak with others while having it hooked in...sound leak is minimal....unless you are blasting super loud in a library or at 12:00 am with people around you :D


I pair these with Sony ZX2, and listen to FLAC 16/44.1 (cd quality rips) 24/96 (high res rip)

Lows: fx750 forte, excellent tonality, impact power, natural and realistical timbres

The best bass body, impacts, speed, and quality I have came across. It reaches super low on sub-bass with the clear texture and power, which I rarely see from IEMS. The sub-bass rumbles you can feel upon your eardrums, the power is impactful that you can feel the "Twack" the "Wack" and the "Wamp". The mid-bass, and the low-mid notes are all powerful and will stimulate your eardrums with good speed, quality and quantity.

The bass decays is long, boomy, extend pretty well, dive deep and fly highs....very airy. Bass lovers, not necessarily bass head, will love the fx750. You will not find any single mistep on bass in various genres

Also, due to this bass with it long extensions and decays, it make the pair a little warm and bassy. The power and impact of the bass may veile up the higher-mid and lower-mid details some what....if you are details seeking folks, you may itch for more, just like me.....now this area could be solved by the uses of NW-ZX2 Equalizer as shown below


You can see that I turned down the overall bass to reduce the boom, and the decays, extensions from the low spectrum a little bit, and while boosting that lower-mid and mid a little bit. I was able to achieve the level of warm and natural bass with good quality, realistical timbres, and balanced out the lower-mids, which in turn yield for more higher-mid and highs to come out and dancing around more.

Again, the pair is very sensitive, and very capable, it will just take the equalizer without any strugglings.

Mid: the warm signature which inherited from the powerful and excellent bass respond veile up the low-mid somewhat

Lower-mid while having that thin veil in the front of it, it still comes out and play. Despite having the cons of being slightly vieled up here, the pros of it is that any string and wood instruments will feel very very authentic and realistic as it has the warm extensions here. Excellent for classics. I guess as it is warm and slightly veiled up here, the vocals appears a little bit further away, and together with subtle details is a little further away, which will help the depths of the soundstage. It is excellent for people who love relax and warm sounding. Don't mistaken my intentions here, in no way the mids is lacking, it is just slightly further away as it is weaker than that powerful bass in power.

Mid: full body, will dive down, and reach high also, very airy, but again.....a little bit further away, which makes piano and organ or electric guitars or electric warmer, but still revealing, and details are defintely there. You can't miss it. It is very satisfying for people with taste for warm and musical taste with some emphasizes on the bass.

Again, the excellent forte here in the mid is that guitar, strings and wood instruments is so lively....imagine you are listening to a violinist with that vintage box speaker live!

Due to this warm, speed, and timbres, listening to rock will be a little slow, and somewhat boring :wink:......until here, I guess you know what this 750 feel like already ?

Highs: 750 forte...

It has excellent extensions and detailed lower-high, no roll off, full body, impactful.....a cymbal hits can not be anymore realistic...and interesting....you can hear the full body.....but still warm....and some sub-details may be veiled up....again, nothing with a little EQ can not solve. It take EQ very well. With the EQ slightly adjusted as I mentioned above, sub-details of the hand cymbals hits will reveal, the kick drum cymbals will show itself, and some of those winds effects will just show up beautifully.

The FX-750 has good details and virtually no sibilances while retrieving those highs notes very very well......especially flutes!

Soundstage: pairing with NW-ZX2 give it a little wider soundstage than normal, instruments layers are great, pinpoint accuracy is great !

Conclusion: for around 200$ to have this soundstage, warmer and relaxing musical pair ? Also very realistic. It is excellent for the price, I can not find another one at this price range for the realistic timbres. The cheaper price point would be either ATH IM-50 or IM70, but the bass, mid, high details won't be as good as 750, and also won't be as realistic :D. This is when I say you get what you pay for.....excellent for pops, midi, classics, ballad.....great for dance.....good for trances, electric.....acceptable for rocks, and ....not mucsh for metals :D

***Disclaimer*** please take my reviews and impressions as an idea only, as my taste, sources, point of view may be different than your. I am still improving my English vocabulary on Audio Terminologies, please PM for any question, regarding the reviews and FX750.

Thank you for your time


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