Just Audio uHA-120

General Information

The µHA-120 offers possibly the best solution to exceptionally high quality headphone amplification, which will also fit in your pocket. Ideal for the discerning audio enthusiast or professional, requiring bigger box performance in a smaller more convenient high quality product.

Unlike many similar products in the marketplace, we decided to use a discrete output stage, enabling us to fine tune the circuitry to provide the best possible performance from the design choices made. To confirm the best sounding configuration, we involved an independent panel of enthusiasts - with combined exposure to most of the products sold in the UK market - to blind test several pre-production units (each of course with a slightly different configuration).

The amplifier also includes the option to upgrade the standard high quality stereo potentiometer (used to adjust the volume) and rotary power switch, to an in-house graded (< 1dB channel balance) and modified feel (White Velvet Mod), fitted as standard to the AHA-120.


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