Jensen CATV isolator (VRD-1FF) + short Blue Jeans RF Coax cable

General Information

FS: Jensen Cable TV Isolator (VRD-1FF) and a 6" Blue Jeans RF coax cable for attaching it inline to a cable TV box (this is not for satellite TV). They are in excellent shape and I no longer need them. For the pair, I'm asking $48 shipped in the CONUS including PP fees. Check my references here, Audiogon, Audio Asylum, Audio Circle and eBay (genegold99).

The Jensen CATV isolator is designed to eliminate hum/ground loop on an cable TV line, and many people report that it does its job very well (see Amazon link below) . I actually bought it more on a lark than for hum to see what it would do and - surprise! - my HDTV picture improved dramatically, so much that even cable TV techs are amazed. And that's just with decent $10-$20 mass market type HDMI cables.

- Improves audio/video quality by reducing 60 Hz ground currents on CATV systems
- 2 MHz to 1300 MHz bandwidth spans VHF/FM/UHF/CATV spectrum
- Low VSWR helps prevent digital cable channel degradation
- Capacitive based design minimizes broadcast channel interference
- Built using the finest transformers money can buy: Jensen
- Passive design means no power or batteries needed
- Rugged construction for long service life


Jensen Cable TV Isolator + Blue Jeans RF coax cable.jpg


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