jBM MJ720

General Information

* Name of item:Earphone
* Condition: Brand new
* Brand:jBM MJ720
* Color:Black
* Earphone with 3.5mm plug and microphone
* Be fit for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other smart phones with 3.5mm plug
* Advanced in-Ear speaker design
* Long cable, looks like thin noodles
* Cancels unwanted resonance for pure sound
* Pro sound isolating ear tips
* Transports you to a place where it's only you and your music
* Pro strain relief
* Rugged construction
* Right angle connector
* Hugs player to stay out of your way. Reduces wear, perfect for airline jacks
* Micro strand conductors
* Super flexible conductors for subtle detail and clear audio reproduction
* 24K Gold contacts
* For maximum singal transfer, corrosion resistance and a beautiful look
* Controls and keeps weight off headphones so they stay snug in your ears
* Reduce tangles during storage and control bounce while in use
* Compact protective case to protect your earphones from damage, and keep them looking brand new

Package include:
1* Earphone
1* User manual(In Chinese and English)
1* Bag of earmuffs



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