JBL Synchros S100a


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Pros: Warm (Rolled off treble) , Excellent presentation in the presence region , Build and Design , Not grainy - Great for rock
Cons: Bass could be more refined , Comfort , Cheap Generic remote , Over-Priced
Like all JBL products , performance is the last priority, the S100a does one thing good ..that's rock , the treble is not that grainy , making it excellent for rock , its rolled off too not in a bad way , its the 6XX roll off , almost perfect roll off ....which is very odd for a IEM like the S100a 
I really enjoy it , very good indeed ..I think it should sound excellent with a nice neutral low OI amp 
The mids are a great , they are not distant and recessed like some IEMs .....they don't sound thin or overly thick , almost perfect 
There is some missing information in the lower mids as the transition is not that good , the upper bass is a bit bloated and the mid bass is a bit recessed , so it might sound a little confused at times 
Not for the Hip-Hop lovers since the Mid-Bass is recessed , not for classical since the treble is rolled off but excellent for Jazz and Rock , the dark tone makes those genres sound sweeeeeet !!!!
The build is excellent , comfort not so much .the remote weighs it down a bit , cable is a flat style cable which is nice , good IEM ....recommended if it ticks the boxes for you , thanks for reading .....have a good one !
* In my review I said there's no mic , apparently its there 
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how is the more expensive sibling, the 200?
Haven't heard them , sorry !