JBL Reference 410 Headphone (Black)

General Information

Your daily routine may take you to all kinds of places where you don’t want to be. But JBL Reference 410 headphones are your ticket out. With large, accurate transducers in compact on-ear designs, 410 Series headphones deliver rich, powerful sound with plenty of the bass punch for which JBL is famous. If compact-but-powerful sounds like a winning combination, brace yourself for another one: lightweight-but-rugged. JBL 400 Series headphones are designed for hours of comfortable use. Here today, somewhere else tomorrow. Feel like taking a break? The JBL REF410 headphones are your featherweight solution for days on the road. Chill out and turn up the volume. These high-quality headphones provide fabulous sound and effective attenuation of ambient noise. Using the unique 3D-Axis mechanism, they fold down to a small package that you can take wherever you go.


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