Drawing on expertise learned from building some of the finest loudspeakers in the world, JBL...

JBL J55 High-Performance On-Ear Headphones with JBL Drivers and Rotatable Ear-Cups - Black

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  • Drawing on expertise learned from building some of the finest loudspeakers in the world, JBL engineers created lightweight, over-ear headphones with a fresh look and uncompromising JBL sound. The J55's premium drivers generate clarity and extended bass that competitive products simply can't touch. Pure, accurate bass lets you hear the truth from your music. Our unique, DJ pivot mechanism lets you rotate either ear-cup up to 180 degrees, which frees up one ear to hear outside sound. Bold styling details, including sandblasted, stainless steel ear-cup and headband accents, make J55 headphones an aesthetic, as well as acoustic, triumph.

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  1. JamesM
    "Brief review on J55i"
    Pros - Eye catching, abundant sub bass without being dry
    Cons - treble a bit dull
    In 2012, there was a number of newly launched headphone products by JBL. My friend happens to to have bought one of the J55is. Here is brief review on it.
    JBLJ55i2013.jpg JBLJ55i20132.jpg
    Packaging case for J55i
    For a headphone which costs only $79, packaging is up to standard. At least, it doesn’t appear too cheap.
    Various items inside the case
    A small pocket inside the headphone sack for its accessories
    Shirt-clip included, to minimize cable noise?
    JBL J55 headphones’ uniquie, twisted lock mechanism. When you plug the cable into the ear cup, a simple twist locks it in place.
    Apple three-button remote with built-in microphone – the difference between J55 and J55i.
    This is a 180° rotatable ear cup. Regretably, it is hard to tell the left from the right by the small prints on it. Only good eye sight can help out here.
    Sound Quality:
    After a test run, I find that JBL J55i’s output performance coincides with its dynamic design on the outside. Sound qualities are thick and warm, particularly suitable for contemporary type of musics. Overall performance is inclined to mid low range and its sound definition is quite nice. The timbre is relatively warm by character, though it stays clean and doesn’t appear muddy.
    Bass for J55i is abundant, and so is its sub bass, which displays a great deal of strength without being dry. All in all, J55i’s bass is stunningly good, with vocals more forward located. Falling short of expection is merely its high frequencies, which is a bit dull.
    Personally, I’m more big on j55’s appearance, and have thought about getting one for my portable headphones inventory. Hence, any review or comment about it is highly welcome.

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