JBL Charge Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Stealth Black)

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Charge your portable audio experience. The JBL® Charge delivers unsurpassed portable audio performance from your mobile devices and tablets. It provides more than 12 hours of playback time from its built-in, high-capacity, 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, and it can even charge your other mobile devices on the go via its built-in USB port. With two 1-5/8-inch (41-millimeter) full-range drivers and a built-in bass port, it produces full-range JBL sound with exceptional bass. It also wirelessly streams audio from any Bluetooth®-equipped smartphone or tablet. The JBL Charge wireless speaker is a portable audio powerhouse for any environment. High-capacity, 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery The JBL Charge stereo speaker has a massive, built-in, 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that provides more than 12 hours of playback time on a single charge. The battery is easily recharged from the speaker's built-in USB port, which saves you battery hassles and money. Recharges your external devices The JBL Charge speaker's high-capacity battery has so much juice that you can even use it to recharge your other portable devices from the speaker's built-in USB port while you're on the go. So you don't need to carry an extra charger to keep your devices powered up. Bluetooth technology The JBL Charge portable speaker streams audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-equipped device, making JBL sound available for a wide range of portable devices, including tablets. Built-in bass port Some portable speakers produce less-than-impressive bass. Not the JBL Charge. It has a built-in bass port and generates bass that similar portable speakers simply can't equal. Full-range JBL sound With two 1-5/8-inch (41-millimeter) JBL drivers and a 2 x 5-watt amplifier, the JBL Charge generates room-filling audio - impressive performance for a compact speaker that goes anywhere with you.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: A big-ass battery that performs according to it's capacity (6000mAh), Loud! and a very prominent bass, charges your phone/device.
Cons: Audio skips sometimes for like a fraction of a second or something when connected to phones, frequency range is a bit narrow, pairs with only one devi
Well, this happens to be my first review on this forum. So please feel free to criticise and suggest. I'll be trying to focus mostly on Bluetooth/ portable speakers. I have recently bought a JBL Charge and thought it was worth the effort to pen down a few words about it. Oh ya... That's another thing. I sometimes tend to understate a few things.
(Source: Dell Inspiron 3521)
Unboxing: The packaging was pretty Spartan, like a clean white box with an illustration of the product and orange sides with instructions on the back. I opened the magnetic lock to reveal the much awaited, JBL Charge - Stealth edition, wrapped in a thin Styrofoam sock sitting snugly in the top half. Below it was a box containing the cover, a charger, a USB micro wire, a few adapter pins for the charger and a minimalistic user manual and other docs.
Built: The body exhibits a definite sturdiness, with a slight rubbery feel like the back of an LG Optimus One (Ya, an ancient comparison. I know) or
the Sansa Fuze. It's about the size of a beer can. So portability is not an issue. If you can carry a beer, you shouldn't have trouble moving this :p A couple of rubber strips and a rubber ring are provided for resting the device horizontally and vertically, respectively. Charging and AUX-in ports are given on the backside, towards the base. And the USB port for charging devices is given on the left, covered with a river bung to prevent entry of dust. The power button is on top and is lined by blue and crimson LED ring, similar to three tiny LEDs that work as the battery indicator. The volume controls are right next to it. Overall, it has a very sturdy built, without being very heavy.
Controls: The controls are so easy easy, even RaGa could get it. Press power button, ON. Long press, Bluetooth pairing. That's it.
SQ: Finally, the most important section for any audiophile... The sound quality.
The first thing I heard and was astonished by when i switched on the speaker was the loud and resonating beep. I usually like my trebles soft and the bass, deep and room filling. Which was exactly what the beep sounded like.
I took the speaker for a test run through a wide range of tracks, from classical to electro to metal, higher bitrate to lower, etc. I never imagined something this small could be this loud without causing pain to my ears. I did own an X-mini II for some time. It was loud but I couldn't put up with it for a long time.
The JBL Charge however, has a booming bass that doesn't sound too muddy and soft trebles. The mids, although as I said earlier, I don't like 'em too prominent, were in an acceptable range. Unlike most speakers, the Charge emitted the treble and bass of unplugged string instruments like harp/Spanish guitar as a perfect and inseparable combination. As for percussion instruments, the kick in One (Metallica) sounded a little like it it would crack, for a couple of beats. But that was probably due to the track having a low bitrate. High-hats and cymbals do NOT sound crisp. So people who find solace in treble clarity, you maybe disappointed. You'd probably be better off with a BOSE Soundlink. The vocals may seem a bit off sometimes in movies and stuff due to the overpowering bass. I write all this without tweaking my eq even a little. But as I fiddled around with the mids a little and pulled them lower, the difference was impressive. The trebles became a lot clearer with a deeper bass and a lot more reverb. Again, proving it to be a perfect speaker for listening to strings. On the other hand, watching movies can sometimes be a pain. Especially if it's a Russel Crowe movie... I.e. a movie with a lot if dialogues.
Tips: The Charge is built to direct maximum sound towards the front. It sounds muffled, like someone sitting on a speaker when heard while it's facing away from you. And since it's bass port is towards the side, it sounds best when placed in an enclosed section of your room, like a corner or an alcove. This way it gives a really awesome room-filling effect, so much so that sometimes you can't track the source of the sound.
It's much louder than the Flip as well as the Pulse. Even though the pulse has a couple of 6W speakers as compared to the 2x5W of the Charge. So, among those three, I'd say the Charge is definitely best in terms of: SQ, volume and battery. It doesn't have the call functions in Flip nor does it have the funky LEDs and NFC pairing of the Pulse. But that wasn't what I was looking for personally.
So I guess that pretty much covers what I had in mind. Please let me know whether you do find this helpful. If not, I'll be happy to get any advice/answer any Qs...
Hi and just let me add thanks for posting up your review. I have recently bought two jbl flip essential 16w speakers , and since today two jbl charge 4 speakers .
The small flip are stereo, and the larger charge are mono.
But they all sound fantastic ...either using my phone or tablets or Fiio M7 audio players.
Today I tried the connect plus on the charge 4 .....without the app. ... And both mono speakers come to life, much louder, side by side ......But you can place them in different rooms , providing the Bluetooth signal is clear.
You can have stereo sound ....but you have to use the jbl App for this to work.
Was looking around for info on this connect plus thing but not much out there. Couple of YouTube videos. Looks like portable speakers on this site are very few .
Finish by saying I am very impressed by these jbl speakers , and the price .
Flips new at £45 . Teal charge 4 New £110. And pink £55 ,
I give up , firstly I had to shorten my comments ....and now I can't erase the second one ????
Was trying to say the music I have played on my jbl speakers as been .... Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, northern soul, funk, crossover and modern soul, Soulful house , Chicago House. Etc


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