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iFrogz EP-tb-mtlblue EarPollution Throw Bax Headphones (Blue)

  1. idubwhenimbored
    Earpollution Throw Bax by iFrogz - Save Your Money for Better Cans
    Written by idubwhenimbored
    Published Sep 20, 2012
    Pros - Comfortable for long periods of time, Retro looks
    Cons - Audio Quality is lacking, 3.5mm connector too big
    Hello Head-Fi,
    I finally got around to creating an account, and this is my first review :D
    So, I figured I would go ahead and take this opportunity to put the first review up for this particular headphone, although I am sure, that many of you already could care less about the Earpollution/iFrogz company due to the fact that you've never heard of them, or can tell that they are like Zound.
    -Circumaural Stereo
    -44mm Driver
    -32 ohm impedance
    -108dB sensitivity
    -Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
    -Retro looks are sexy
    -Others have said that they get uncomfortable after about an hour listening time
    -Audio quality is sub par
    First Impression
    Upon first impression, these headphones look real nice. iFrogz took good care to package the product to accentuate its retro looks, and packaging overall was well done. I thought maybe these would be really good. I was wrong.
    Build Quality
    Overall, the build quality seems pretty solid, if you dont care for the plastic cups. Not that those are bad quality, just if you dont like plastic on headphones in general. The faux-leather padding on the band seemed totally fine to me, although many others have told me that it gets uncomfortable after a while. The stitching and embroidery are nicely done, and it definitely gives the brand-name a good look. The ear pads are not cushy, but I found that they fit around my ears pretty well, so I did not find them troublesome. The cable is quite thick and quite durable. However the 3.5mm connector is also thick, and may have trouble fitting into many case designs.
    Sound Quality
    Like I said, these headphones have sub-par audio quality, even for their price range, which is saying something. The bass was formidable, but not very strong. Mids seemed drowned out and faded. Highs seemed fine though, but whats the use if your lower spectrum sucks. The drivers seemed faded and distant overall, and I usually needed to turn the volume up with these. I felt as if they wanted to bump up the bass, but with sub-par drivers, it just faded the sound and you got bass that you could hear, but wasnt punchy and clouded up the rest of the higher frequencies.
    Final Statement
    When I purchased these, I was only shopping for headphones that looked cool. I saw the earpollution line and immediately wanted all of them. To purchase their entire line would be a mistake. A very sad mistake. Now that I have walked away from all of these fashion headphones, I realized that I needed quality audio that I could actually listen to and feel satisfied, regardless of how cool my cans looked.
    So. If you couldn't care less about audio quality and dig the retro looks, I still couldn't recommend these at all. The Panasonic RP-HTX7 models have the exact same looks, on-par build quality, sound amazing at its price range (and with punchy bass), and is exactly the same price. Don't waste your money.
    This was my first review, so feel free to leave me some feedback or something.