IDANCE HIPSTER702 - Watt - Channel Recording Studio Equipment - Hot Pink

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  1. pro1137
    "I don't understand how these can cost $60 and be this bad"
    Pros - In-line mic, appearance is very attractive
    Cons - Build, thin cable, sound
    Thanks to iDance for sending these to me to review!

    We all know that headphones can be fashionable and sound good at the same time, right? A few companies combine those two things into a headphone and you get a great product!

    But these.. Appearance to functionality ratio is so lopsided towards appearance, that I can't even begin to explain it without giving a good planning ahead of time.

    Now, let's begin.

    Build - Right away, as I opened the box to these, I could feel that they were pretty poorly built. The plastic cups are very fragile feeling. In fact, I dropped these ONCE and the plastic on the cups actually cracked. The headband appears to be made out of some sort of smooth plastic, and is surprisingly feels pretty durable. The cable is very thin for an over-ear headphone. It appears prone to connection problems in the future. Has in-line mic, so that's a plus. The pads actually seem to be pretty well made too.

    Comfort - Not too bad- at least for my head. Not too much clamping force. Cups seem to be in the size range that makes them on-ear or over-ear depending on ear size.

    Sound - Oh dear. I understand compensating sound quality for appearance, but this is just unreal. The entire spectrum sounds like it was covered with blankets.

    Bass - Bleedy, muddy, overpowering bass is how I can describe it. It muffles everything else.

    Mids - Muffled due to the bass. Vocals sound distant and lifeless

    Highs - Still muffled by the bass. Other than that, it is laid back, has no sparkle, and is generally bland. A treble boost can make it a lot better, but definitely doesn't make up for much.

    Overall - Unless this is your last resort, I would completely advise against purchasing these headphones under any circumstance. The Koss UR-10 sounds better and is only $10.