HP USB Mini Speakers

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Get clear, crisp sound from your notebook with these ultra-compact speakers, which supply a signal-to-noise ratio of 78 dB. They're also very light, so they're perfect travel companions.

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Pros: Very full and rich sound. Great bass and mid/treble separation. Very tiny, light, and sturdy.
Cons: No volume or bass/treble control knobs. Seems like too many cables.
I'll try to make this short and sweet. I tend to ramble sometimes...
First off these have VERY good sound all around.
Now of course you can't expect a miracle here but for music to movies they're pretty amazing. They actually have BASS and the treble and mids are very apparent and come through with no trouble. Nothing ever seems drowned out, whether they're playing hip-hop, classical, or rock all music just shines. I really can't stress enough how good these sound, especially compared to others like them in the same price class (Altec Lansing tube speakers among many others I've tried).
Oh, also depending on the sound source they can also get surprising loud with zero distortion. With something like a MP3 player (Zune 120GB or Galaxy Note phone in my case) I can easily max the volume out on either device with no problems. I tend to use them on my desk at home when I either don't feel like using headphones or my main stereo would just be too loud (I have BIG speakers connected to my PC). Having them sourced through my AudioTrak InAmp I can turn it up easily to the half way mark (e.g. REALLY loud) before I have any distortion. Very impressive.
The build quality also has to be mentioned. Yes they are plastic, but they are made from very THICK and STRONG plastic. I am 5'11 and 200lbs and I can stand on one of these without causing any damage. That's got to tell you something right there. They have been on a ton of road trips with me, and while they are scuffed here and there they certainly don't show ANY signs of giving up ANY time soon.
Now my only negatives really are the fact that since the speakers are so light the cables can keep the speakers from staying in place. That's about it...easily solved with a little Velcro or creative placement, but this problem isn't a specific issue to these speakers as any their size would have a hard time staying put with pressure being applied. Other than that I would like a speaker knob and less cables, etc...but for $20 I'm not expecting the world. To ask for Bluetooth connectivity then knobs for volume, bass, and treble, etc would be like asking for a Porterhouse steak for a mechanically separated meat by-product thing price...
So overall, they really honestly do get 5 stars from me. Only take half a star off for design because I feel the moving around issue could be easily fixed if they had added a couple weighs on the bottom...but that's a pricing issue more than an actual product issue. Adding things only adds to the price, remember?
Really really impressed with these through and through. Easily will buy another pair IF mine go out and will be sticking with this model for a LONG time to come. There is simply nothing else better out there for the price. Believe me on this one...I travel a lot (pleasure and work) so I've given everything in the $20-40 price range a shot. I could see these HP's being sold by a more reputable name (i.e. Bose, B&O, Dre, etc) for way more than what I paid and what they currently go for. They really are that impressive.
Hope you enjoyed my review and hope you enjoy the speakers if you get them!


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