1. jaganeee
    "One of the Best Bundled Package with good Sound Quality and High quality Earphone"
    Pros - Sound Quality, Slim Design, Great Bundled Package
    Cons - Touch Pad, User Interface
    This is my first review. Any suggestion is welcome.
    My review is based on the players i used such as Sansa clip+, ipod touch 4 and Iphone 4s.
    I used Westone 4 and Brainwavz M1 as my IEM and Nova N3 as DAP.
    File format used are 16 bit WAV files.
    I have updated firmware dated on 18-03-2013
    I received the Nova N3 within 2 weeks of my purchase directly from the hisoundaudio,
    well packed and got the following items within the package
    * Nova N3
    * 3 pair of Earphone with stock ear buds
    * USB Data cable for Charging and Transfer of Songs
    If an adaptor and extra ear buds are provided then it would be fine.
    Design and Build Quality
    Compared to previous model of Rocoo and Studio series Nova N3 is the slimmest one.
    Body is made up of aluminum which is a solid look and feel.
    Side Buttons is somewhat plastic feel and there build quality is average.
    I haven’t used left side buttons (Rec and A-B is not necessary for all of them)
    If they dedicate the left buttons purely to music functionality it’s a good one.
    I like the combination of the player Champagne gold color and touch pad red color
    Overall the design is welcoming one and the build quality is good.
    User Interface
    The user interface is the simple and easy to use.  The frame rate is low so that the i can able to feel the flickering effect when scrolling the large list.  I am not interested in  Video and all other stuffs except music so I won’t touch that area.  Folder wise option in music is  my favorite. Folder sorting is not by alphabet which bothers me.  File transfer is straightforward. Tranferring music is as easy as drag and drop files into the player. The transfer speed is little bit slow.  Overall when u need a simple music player with large screen this will do the trick.
    Volume is low in the Initial release of the Nova N3. I updated the firmware to the version dated on 18-03-2013. Now the Volume is improved to the considerable level. My normal listening level is now between 18-22 (max volume level is 32) for westone 4 with EQ Hi-Fi.  I can able to hear pop/click sounds at the end of the track for some songs.  Hiss sound is not noticeable with the update of the firmware.
    Sound Quality
    Sound Quality of the Nova 3 is better.  Instrument separation is good.  Each and every detail of the sound is clear and detailed. No overlapping between the ranges.  Sound Staging is wider and 3D imaging is best. I can able to feel the distance between the each Instrument. I am not a fan of EQ but there is no option to turn off the EQ. Hi-fi EQ is more neutral over other EQ. I prefer Hi-fi and HSA V2.0 most of the time.
    Bass is clear, strong and has good control. Difference in bass instrument is clearly noticeable without straining my ears. I am impressed with the impact of the bass of Nova 3.
    Vocals are getting closer without overlapping any other frequency range.
    Highs are clear and full of energy. Good amount of decay nature. Highs in some songs are remarkable.
    When comes to Sound quality Nova N3 is one of the best audio player bundle for its price. Hisoundaudio has to concentrate more on UI aspects also. I prefer mechanical buttons over touch pad. If you dont have any IEM or headphone this is the best bundle comes with 3 pairs of high quality earphone and DAP.
    Overall Best Sound Quality with stocked high quality earphones definitely makes the Nova N3 is winner.