Hidition X Dignis Armin leather case


Pros: Nice Looking Design
Completely protected with the thick upgrade cable
Cons: Little bit big size to carry

After purchasing high-end grade in-ear monitors, a case or pouch comes with its package most likely. But, people do not use most of that kind of case and buy another 3rd party product for carrying their product. I also do that action many times. One of the reasons why this action occurs is that even if the case has a great appearance, it doesn’t fully protect the (c)iem or earphone practically. Like always, there are exceptions. This is one of the cases in which brands that have a good understanding of (c)iem or earphone’ protection and who are good at designing protective accessories are involved in designing packages. I’d like to deal with one of the examples here. ‘Hidition’ is my personal favorite in-ear monitor brand because of its accurate soundstage and stable sound-signature even with various environment. And, I was very excited when I heard that a new case in which collaborated with a famous leather case brand ‘Dignis’ will be released from ‘Hidition’. I got an opportunity to get it and try it before launching it worldwide. After three months of use, I am still fascinated by this product.


The collaborated product is based on the iem leather case called ‘ARMIN’, one of Dignis’s existed products. It is all the same as the original one except for one single feature. It is imprinted with a name logo in the Korean cursive style. I reckon it looks more unique because written in Korean cursive, and the leather case is pretty coveted one if you are a Hidition (c)iem user. Users who have already experienced Dignis ARMIN case probably perceive what purpose of its design. It is a large version of ARCA case for a storing thick upgrade cable and an (c)iem together. ARCA is the appropriate size when carrying a (c)iem and a thin (stock) cable, but difficult to keep safely a cable together with 4.4mm BAL plug or thick conductors from bending stress.

ARMIN case (Hidition collaboration version) essentially solved the issue by enlarging its space capacity and adding a newly designed insertion. It has enough space for not only a thick upgrade cable, but also a small DAP and a Bluetooth receiver. If you have any type of bag that can hold the case, it is comfortable for everyday use. The issue with ARCA of being dented in by pressing the top of the lid is also solved by adjusting lid size and partition heights. The partition is easy to adjust by detaching so that easy to store large-sized in-ear monitors.


Its leather parts are slightly glossy and have a dark complexion that creates a heavy atmosphere. I reckon it would be weak on scratch because it feels slightly soft on the outside, but after three months of using it, I found small flaws but no noticeable. If purchasing Violet, Viento-R and NT-8, the collaborated Dignis leather case will be included in the package. In other models, it can be purchased as additional orders. If already own Hidition (c)iem, can purchase it separately from local dealers in each country. Storage capacity and design are far better than existing Hidition's hard cases. I fully recommend having this leather case if you are Hidition user.


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What's that cable? It looks nice.
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It is KH4 upgrade cable from Hidition. I will post about this cable later.