NT-6 with six each in charge of the area by providing a balanced armature transducer, can...

Hidition NT-6

  • NT-6 with six each in charge of the area by providing a balanced armature transducer, can actually hear the sound while listening to an interesting pitch to provide the best environment for.

    Passive network that is responsible for each area to the outside environment by considering the number of the listening environment and accordingly the allocation of frequencies, the output and give it through six evenly balanced armature will be output.

    Its family of broadband users by default to ensure sound and high-resolution and with the sound of music to focus on more practical experience.

    This coupling is also fit the user's ear mold of the hard type of shell-26db sound insulation delivers the best fit to offer and at the same time, and desorption of type code will provide a more convenient user experience.

Recent Reviews

  1. proedros
    Have I found my perfect CIEM ?
    Written by proedros
    Published Jun 17, 2016
    Pros - Balanced Sound, Musicality with Clarity ,Texture , Imaging , Separation , Soundstage
    Cons - Needs a good cable to really show its amazing capabilities (probably a Hybrid one)
    I am not good with reviews , so this is gonna be a small review (will probably update it later with more thoughts/impressions)

    Simply put, NT6 is one AMAZING CIEM, and definitely a level (or two) up , from all the previous TOTL (C)IEMs i owned  ( K3003 , UM Miracles , Custom Art Anzu V2 )
    I am using it with a Whiplash Hybrid V3 cable , so my impressions come from this specific combination . Never tried the stock cable much (which sounded kinda crappy anyway).

    Texture is fantastic, zero grain in the sound . Amazing imaging and separation. The soundstage is large and spacious, and is neither narrow nor distant.

    Bass is robust and  well defined, without being bloated or bleeding inside the other frequencies.

    Mids are neither recessed nor upfront/in your face. Fantastic combination of clarity with musicality.

    Highs are airy and sparkly with zero sibilance. Perfect, just the way i like them.
    I just hear a unified spectrum , with no shortcomings or shouty/peaky areas anywhere.

    One more good thing, they are not genre-influenced. They sound good with every kind of music i listen to (rock/funk/soul/electronica/ambient/prog house/jazz).
    I am addicted to this CIEM , every time i put them on i listen to them for hours.

    if i had to describe my experience with NT6, it would be ''Sex for your ears''.

    Bravo , Hidition !!!!!!
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    2. mahesh
    3. Tony1110
      These have been around for ages now and I've always wanted to try them. Looks like a protracted spell of research paid off for you and you found just what you were looking for.
      Tony1110, Aug 30, 2016
    4. proedros
      5 months later , NT6 still continue to leave me SMILING
      AMAZING ciem.
      proedros, Nov 25, 2016
  2. skfktkwjs
    Personally the Best CIEM I ever heard
    Written by skfktkwjs
    Published Jul 15, 2014
    Pros - Punchy yet super well controlled bass, extremely clear mid, vivid high, isolation, build, fit
    Cons - have to send impression over see, It tries to deliver way too much information at once.
    Please spare with my broken English.
    My first language is not an English LOL.
    I have placed order my nt6 from hidition about 3 weeks ago. 

    They took exact 2 weeks to build iem (10 business days) from the date they received my ear impression.
    My NT6 is little special than others because it is original version of NT6. (NT6 Ver.1)
    Basically what you see on Hhidition.co.kr or inner-fidelity's review is revised version of this nt6. (NT6. Ver.2)
    (hidition do make nt6.Ver.1 under customer's request so if you want version one just let them know.)
    Overall Build Quality.
    I was very impressed with their build quality. 
    The shell had no visible air bubbles. I have one really tiny air bubble on my left shell but
    It was so tiny so that I did not even notice until I took a close up shot of them. 
    I have previously owned JH11, 13, 16 and UM Merlin so this is my 5th pair of CIEM.
    I would say Hidition's build quality is for sure better than JH audio, and on a par with UM & UE
    Printing quality is absolutely amazing although I still think UM has the best printing quality.
    Hidition still can compete with UM in terms of art quality. Cables are very flexible, thin and light. There is zero cable thumps.


    Fit & Isolation
    All of Hidition's products are based on musician fit so they require full depth of impression.
    Therefore isolation is among the best out of all of my CIEM that I have.
    You can request Hidition to make your CIEM in normal listening depth but some iem need insert depth 
    for the extension on treble. I have no issue with fit and comfort for long term listening even though they are musician fit. I think Hidition did a great job on matching my iem to my impression.

    I tested my NT6 with Fostex HPA4, Astell7Kern AK100, Fiio X5,X3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and some other portable rigs
    because IEM meant to be used for outside portable listening environment.
    I mainly listen to Rock, Heavy metal, Classical, and Movie & Game sound track.
    I have owned JH11,13,16, UM Merlin, Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCD-2,XC
    Grado PS1000,GS1000, so I should be able to compares NT6 with some other headphones that I have
    Hidition NT6 sound is super well balanced yet fun.
    I know it sounds odd but I can't think of any other way to say it.
    For all of other my custom iem or headphones that I have, I can tell there sound 
    signature easily like jh11 being V shape jh13 is mild U shap etc.   
    However NT6 is just being good at everything. NT6 has an analytic sound while having 
    all fun that you want.
    Bass: NT6 bass is absolutely tight and well control. I can feel the extend down all the way to 20hz
    where Human's hearing limit. It has emphases on sub-bass area around 20hz and then slowly comes down to
    flat by bass reign, so there are absolutely no boominess or fluid. Everything is Tight and well controlled while 
    having all the bass thump that you want. Separations between bass instruments are fabulous. You can't find any interference between bass instruments. While kick drum has its punch, bass guitar remains clear and fluently.
    You can feel cello, and kettledrum's deep and grand vibration While they are clean and vivid.

    Bass do not overwhelm and mud out mid and high.

    Mid: Mid-range is where NT6 truly shines. Mid is super clear and vivid and close to you, 
    yet they are not super boosted like Shure IEM. It is distanced as they should be. It’s not laid back nor forward. 
    All of mid-range Instruments have a greatest details out of all of ciem that I owns. It's clear, crisp and transparent 
    while not being sibilant nor sharp. Vocals are smooth and crisp and do not miss any of details like JH13. 
    Presentation of the mid-range is stunningly natural. They sound like instrumentals are played in small studio space.
    Even comparing NT6's mid-range to some of headphones I have like Beyerdynamic T1, Audeze LCD XC, and Sennheiser HD800,
    NT6 feels natural in overall tone and presentation. In my opinion NT6 reached the cutting edge mid-range that CIEM can have.
    High: NT6 has a little emphasis on treble reign. However due to emphases on sub bass, it does not
    makes sibilant or harsh treble. Treble extension on NT6 is absolutely outstanding. When I tested my JH13,16 
    and UM Merlin they all tent to rolls off around 14khz area. 14 kHz isn't narrow FR range but still some time I just feels like 
    I don't want to miss any of information in the music. My ears can hear up to 17 kHz on my right ear and 17.5 khz on my left
    and NT6 reaches up to 16~16.5khz easily then rolls off. Due to its amazing extension, all of instruments are super clear and they 
    image accurately and clearly. All the treble reign instruments are crisp and transparent. 
    Downside: The only down side of NT6 interns of audio quality is that NT6 makes every single instruments way to clear and vivid. 
    No information is filtered so there is way too much information to listen to. Some people love it because they can hear everything in
    super detail  but some find it too tired to listen to because there are way too many things to focus. 
    If you want to have same sound signature with little bit of easier listing experiences, try to get revised version NT6(NT6 Ver.2).
    Comparison with some of top notch CIEM
    Noble Audio K10
    I have heard K10 demo pair in Vancouver head-fi meat. I borrowed it for few days from the meat host Girls Generation.
    K10 sounds absolutely amazing. It is one of the best CIEM you can get from the market today.
    It’s warm, well balanced while has all the fun in music! It layers music so dramatically 
    you can almost feel the depth of music. Comparing it to NT6 ver.1, K10 has more of 
    filtered or cleaned up sound. Cleaned up means it has all the details that you need 
    while hiding all the unnecessary information.  K10 is more musical sounding
    while NT6 is toward more to analytic sound. 
    I would say NT6 has more transparency and vivid sound then K10,
    yet K10 is more easier and comfortable to listen to.
    I personally do not like JH16. Choosing JH16 was my biggest regret in my audiophile life.
    16 really stand out when you use in stage. I bought them to use on the stage but I tried 
    on my audio rig and they sound so rough and colored. Especially on mid bass are so emphasized, 
    the male focal becomes way too warm and unnatural to my view pint.
    JH13 will be a good ciem to compare with.
    Simply if you fill up the missing information on jh13, they will sound 
    pretty much similar to NT6. The two things that I did not like on jh13 was
    lacking information on mid high reign causing female vocal to sound stuffy, and treble extension.
    When female vocal or mid high instruments reaches the climax, I was drawn off from the
    music because they sounded bit dull and dry. And NT6 fulfills my complains on jh13

    UM Merlin
    The sound signature of Merlin is quite similar to NT6.
    Main differences that Merlin have is the bass and treble nuance. Merlin has richer (lose) bass while NT6 remains tight and controlled.
    Merlin's mid-high and treble are bit sharper and drier than NT6 due to high peak with narrow extension on treble.
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    2. skfktkwjs
      @SilverEars Ya No portable player can be as good and accurate as some of end game equipment but if we think about price of x5, x5 is doing darn pretty good for the price 
      skfktkwjs, Jul 17, 2014
    3. SilverEars
      Why did you decide on version 1?
      SilverEars, Jul 17, 2014
    4. skfktkwjs
      @SilverEars one of my friends who owns both of ver1, and 2 told me ver1 is little more fun sounding than v2 cuz of extra boosted sub bass with more crisp high and mid while  v2 is like flat, in every reign from top to bottom. but as you know all iem's bass reduces if you use in loud involvement and since I was going to use ciem at outside, I wanted extra sub bass boost
      skfktkwjs, Jul 17, 2014


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