Helm audio amp AAAmp db12 - Reviews
Helm audio amp AAAmp db12
Pros: Size , power , feature, price
Cons: None.
I would love to thank helm audio for letting me review the db12 aaamp for headfi as well as Ari benjamin morguelan on Facebook. This is my first review of a source so please be nice if it's not that great.

The amp came In a nice size box in which it contained the amp as well as a charging cable and a nice pouch to keep everything inside . The. Amp is connected to wires , one for input of headphone and other side for inputting sources that have 3.5mm jack on them. On the side on the unit , we have charging port and on the other side we have the power on for the amp which amplify the volume by 12db which is roughly 3 times the output from my phone. It's pretty mind-blowing for me because seeing the size I wouldn't expect it to be as powerful as it is. Cool feature also include is the ability to use the amp as an extension cable .this definitely adds some omph to the sound with all the stuff I've tried.

Bass:flat and clean and powerful is the bass and this is with amp enabled and without bass boost feature enabled. With the bass boost feature enabled, you'll get a 6db of subbass boost which is powerful and undistorted. I definitely love it but it can be too much of a guilty pleasure.

Midrange: also clean and flat with natural tone and timber with vocals and instrument. Imaging is spacious and big and clarity is high with black background. On hiss is heard even with the most sensitive iems.

Treble: clean , clear and extended with natural tone and timber . Excellent it is and it is very clean and clear . No artificialness to the treble and no thiness to the sound at all.

At $199 I think this is an excellent value of a amplifier which is powerful and clean and also can be using without it being on as well . Very powerful and very surprising for me .