Headphile Darth Beyer V3 (DT770)

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Headphile Darth Beyers - modified DT-770 woodies.

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Pros: Stunning to look at
Cons: Sloppy bass, recessed mids and treble
Let me start by saying that these were absolutely beautiful.  Everyone I know who saw them commented on how nice they looked.  My only complaint about the looks would be the re-cable job.  Heat shrink was done unevenly on each side (one side actually had two pieces overlapped over each other and the other side had one that was noticeably shorter).  Now to the sound... not for me.  I have a hard time imagining that anyone would be crazy about these headphones for anything other than the way they look.  They sound muddy as can be, lacking clarity in every way.  The bass is quite bloated and poor quality and I would say that they actually have less bass than some of the headphones I have (Pro 900s, LCD-2s).  I did a side by side comparison with the Pro900s (with one of my friends as well who isn't really into headphones, so totally unbiased) and the Pro900s sounded considerably better in every single way with every single thing thrown at them.  I can't think of one good thing to say about these other than their looks and I really, really wanted to like these. 
I used to own a pair of version 3 darth beyers. I have tried many different types of headphones and none compare according to my taste.  I play unreal tournament 2004 and the explosions are insane. When i listen to music its like having 2 12 inch subs strapped to my head in a good way. Me and my ex wife both love the darths the best. We are not audiophiles but I after many years I am back looking for another pair . I upgraded my v3 darths for v4 and I didn't enjoy them anywhere near as much. We both regretted selling the v3 darths.


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