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Han Sound Audio Muse II

  1. Watermelon Boi
    Han Sound Muse II: Feelin' blue, but in a good way
    Written by Watermelon Boi
    Published Sep 17, 2019
    Pros - All-rounder signature with good crisp
    -Majestic blue color
    -Soft and microphonics-free
    Cons - Could include a soft pouch
    -Lack of distributors

    Muse II - Feelin' blue, but in a good way

    Muse II is a silver-plated OCC (24 AWG) cable with eye-catching, sky-blue color shieldings. The color doesn't look cheap or excessive and blends in well with pretty much any IEMs. This one is retailed for approx. $299, meant to be one of the affordable choices Han Sound offers. The cables are very smooth and soft, not causing any microphonics or tension.


    Matching comparisons

    Campfire Audio Andromeda S - Muse II presents a better layering and extends the background space, especially on the upper frequencies. It also brings out more clarity on the upper frequencies, but not drastically. Mids gain more color as well as a sweeter tone. The headroom size shows a proper amount of improvement, but not loosening the reverbs.

    AZLA Horizon - The bass quantity stays without weakening the details, actually darkening the bass expression. Trebles gain the crisp and small amount of that silver-tone shiness in a very gentle and cautious manner. Mids takes a step closer with a glimpse of shininess added while keeping the copper-like tonality.

    TFZ No.3 Ti - This one already comes with a bold and solid cable, but Muse II still steps up the game for the No.3 Ti. The bubbly upper frequencies still have a good crunch on the texture but with more refined surface and smoothness. This change is applied to pretty much all frequencies, but mids especially show great improvements in terms of naturality and finer texture.


    Crispy sound while keeping the texture smooth.

    Muse II adds a natural yet crispy bite to the upper range. A pinch of coloration is added to spice up the fun too. What I really like about this cable is that these changes are applied without degrading up the tonality or the bass.

    It appears that Muse II especially works well with hybrid or dynamic driver IEMs and would ideally bring a good crisp and brightness to your sound without getting the trebles all harsh. This one will be a reasonable yet perfect choice for replacing stock or cheaper custom cables, not only an upgrade in sound quality but also the looks with its gorgeous blue colored shielding.

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    Thanks to Han Sound Audio for providing the cables in exchange for an honest impression/feedback.
    I am not affiliated with Han Sound Audio and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.
  2. Cinder
    Han Sound Muse II Review: Conduit of Song
    Written by Cinder
    Published Mar 21, 2018
    Pros - Excellent construction, unique aesthetics, nice leather cable strap included, nice packaging, comfortable
    Cons - Price?
    Han Sound Muse II Review: Conduit of Song
    Han Sound is a high-end cable maker from Taiwan. They specialize in making… well, cables! They have a pretty impressive lineup, ranging from unique looking cables like the Muse II to the functional Zen 8 + bass controller. Today we’ll be looking at the Muse II.

    You can find the Muse II for sale here, for roughly $200.

    The Muse II comes packaged in a simple, yet stylish cardboard box. It is neatly wrapped and then tucked into a circular foam cutout.

    Build Quality
    The Muse II can look a bit frail in pictures but is anything but frail in person. It makes use of a simple chain braid below the Y-splitter, and a neat twist braid above it. The Y-splitter and accompanying chins-slider are made from very well-machined aluminum. It is completely devoid of sharp edges or flaws. Part of the splitter has a machined texture, while the rest is reflective and polished.

    My unit was terminated with a 2-pin connector. The connectors are very high quality and are made of the same metal as the Y-splitter. Embedded inside each connector is a strip of colored matte plastic denoting which side is which. Red for right, white for left. The termination is really clean with no obvious glue or shrink-wrap. There is a very small length of clear stress relief protruding out from the termination too. The very tight work done by Han Sound prevents any “unwinding” from happening to the twists too.

    My Muse II came with a 2.5mm jack housed cleanly inside a metal shell. Inscribed into the shell are teardrop-shaped grooves that add a unique aesthetic element to the otherwise solid face of the jack.

    Like the terminations I previously mentioned, the 2.5mm jack is also very well constructed. The braid enters the hack cleanly and is supported by a good length of clear stress relief so as to not disrupt the stark aesthetic the Muse II is going for.

    The cable itself is quite comfortable to wear. There’s no intrusive shaping or ear-molds which mean that you can wear it any way you want. Furthermore, the general weight of the cable, which is balanced nicely, tends to keep it reasonable seated behind the ear. No matter the IEM I used it with, the Muse II provided me no discomfort.

    Furthermore, the Muse II holds almost no body: even wrapping it reasonably tightly and storing it for a couple days did almost nothing to it, and within about ten minutes of use, what little shape it had held onto fell out, a major plus in my book. Nothing worse than a poorly-behaved cable.

    The Muse II also doesn’t have much in the way of ergonomics. The only time it’ll disrupt you is if it rubs up against the hard corner of a table or something, which admittedly, has never happened to me during my use of it.

    The Muse II offers a very clean build and unique aesthetic. Offered in a variety of configurations termination wise, the Muse II is a compelling offer for those looking for a cable to complement the aesthetic of their IEMs. While the average listener probably won’t find value in a cable at this price, listeners who highly value the visual quality of their setup will likely be satisfied with the Muse II.
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    1. B9Scrambler
      Man, I miss being able to take gorgeous pics like those outside. Good stuff!
      B9Scrambler, Mar 21, 2018
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