GEMINI DJX-07 Professional DJ Headphones (Full Size)

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Dynamically enhanced, balanced audio with clear highs, crisp mids & deep bass;Lightweight body;Gold-plated connector 1/8"" (3.5mm) with 1/4"" (6.35mm) screw-on adapter

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Good bass, decent isolation, Big heavy sound almost fuller as WS-99, Not fatiguing, Pristine sound quality, Comes with a pair of free velour pads.
Cons: Heavy clamp, Sort of heavy, Quality of construction is not as good as audio-technica. Not for public use i guess due to cheap construction.
I am a student and have limited headphone inventory while living under my budget. So far i own Portapro, ksc75, Grado sr60, Shure srh440, Akg240, Koss dj100, Ath M40x, Gemini hrs1000, Ath 500mk2, Ath ws55, Ath ws99 going back soon. Gemini djx-07.
I curse myself for buying all these sets of headphones which have to collect dust since i own Gemini djx-07. It is such a shame that big companies like Audio-Technica, Koss, Sennheiser,Grado, Beyerdynamic have been failed to produce a great budget headphone for poor student like me. They have good sets of headphones but the price is always too high and set like ATH-WS99 which is only available from Japan is without Audio-Technica warranty which means once you break it dump it in trash or be ready to spend money on repair which is really expensive in USA.While on the other hand ATH700mk2 which is $139 , ATH500mk2 $80 have been failed.
The refinement is as good as WS-99. Narrow soundstage, Mids are very natural, high frequencies are there where they have to be and Bass is more than ath50x and reaches the level of WS-99. overall a warm sounding headphone but if you want full potential out of this headphone, i strongly recommend Sansa Clip for good sound. Note: I am using M50 pads rite now they sound warm but with Clip rockbox they will be fine. 
Grado are good but they leak sound as hell and overprice. As i am A/B-ing between the headphones that i have. the Koss dj100 feels tiny sound yet the construction is very solid. Ws-99 has a bit more refined sound with a bit wider sound stage and bit more sub-bass. Vocals i like better on Gemini-07. they are not recessed by any mean. Alot better than athm40x. I retired my portapros. they need to grow but i still preffer WS-55 over portapros. The Shure Srh-440 which i dont like compare to these headphones because to me these Gemini's sound better.
if i have to buy WS-99 ,before i click the purchase button i will stop myself and buy Gemini djx-07 which is coming in a cheap packing, average construction while possess a big sound with full ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
While i am typing i almost finished MODERN TALKING' READY FOR ROMANCE album and sound feels more stable now.
Gemini cable quality is very good.
they clamp tight on but lesser than ATH500mk2 but ear hurts after long period. for price there is no CON. there is no distortion and i listening it to a full volume with my Clip. From now on i will always buy low budget headphones because they offer more for the price than overprice crap.
I also own Gemini Hrs1000 to me that headphone is the most advanced version of ATH-m50 where vocals are not recessed and has better extension in treble and bass and sub-bass but they are not fun headphone yet they are very comfortable headphones and have solid build quality compare to DJX-07. I prefer DJX-07 more as fun sounding headphone can which is as good as expensive headphones.
a good headphone always tend to give you wow feeling as you put them on your head for the forst time. I was like wow as i put them on my head and played MODERN TALKING' BROTHER LOUIE.
Please do not use touch ipod or iphone if you guys want good sound. Clip is the best with rockbox and it does not need an amplifier. I also own ipod videos5.5 with rockbox and they sound inferior compare to my clip. Do not buy touch and i dont care which dac they have but they sound tiny and mix. Long live Clip and Sony walkman.
I have cambridge S30 speakers paired with YUANJING  TPA3116 red amplifier board which i bought for $11 on ebay and this setup sound fantastic with Sansa Clip lineout without any DAC.
please dont forget to buy M50 pads because they fit better on ear.
OMG Madonna's RAIN and these headphone paired with Clip. bass on 6 and treble on 8.
In the end it is a great bargain just for $24.99 i paid. 
definitely needs some EQ but still a bargain.


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