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- Closed-back design - 50 mm dynamic transducer - Magnesium alloy construction - Purpleheart...

Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Purpleheart Headphones

  • - Closed-back design
    - 50 mm dynamic transducer
    - Magnesium alloy construction
    - Purpleheart earcups, brilliant gloss finish
    - Leatherette earpads, matte black
    - Magnetic flux density: >1 tesla
    - Impedance: 25 ohms
    - Sensitivity: 94 dB/mW
    - Maximum input: 1,800 mW
    - Frequency response: 5 – 45,000 Hz
    - 10 ft (3 m) thick, braided Y cable
    - 1/4 in (6.3 mm) gold-coated stereo phone plug
    - Weight, without cable: 12.3 oz (350 g)
    - Weight, with cable: 17 oz (482 g)

Recent Reviews

  1. The Third
    Knock knock who's there? PH IS THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!
    Written by The Third
    Published Jun 7, 2017
    Pros - Good extension on both ends, incredibly fun tuning, very detailed sounding, excellent sound seperation, very comfortable, very clean non distorting sound, Excellent impactfull bass and low end rumble, Tight yet smooth sounding, Balanced & warm engaging sound signature, Decent Sound-stage, Build construction, Looks, good all-arounder, super easy to drive.
    Cons - Not ideal for tracking, upper mids could use a bit more impact but on higher volumes they do make more of an appearance, sometimes a bit woozy when it comes to imaging but this creates the engaging sound signature. Can be used outdoor but would recommend a remove-able cable mod.
    *I will upload some beautiful pictures soon

    I received the Purpleheart August last year and have not been able to put them down since. They have become my daily driver, I can only say positive things about them.

    About the bass. Knocking on their wood makes them knock back hard hitting bass, dang these can smack your ears when called upon excuse moi française. And this is not the type of bass I was expecting either. I thought they would just vibrate on my head without too much definition. Quite the opposite turned out to be true. The bass while huge bodied, has very fine control and extension. Some say they sound boomy at times but I don't get that impression, I don't channel them that way.

    The price of 450$ is well justified. You are receiving a premium well made product that delivers excellent sound quality. As you may have heard they are not the most analytic pair of headphones. But in my opinion you get the best of both worlds with the X00 series and even though they are considered mid-fi they exhibit all the necessary qualities to enjoy high-fidelity music, cinematic movie sound or the wide gaming sound-stage.

    The biggest surprise to me is how these headphones are tuned in a fine way that you get the warm glowing sound signature with tons of excitement in the bass, low mids, and high frequencies. They are smooth sounding yet very tight and controlled. These cans remind me of the sound of a woodpecker, easily the mascot for this thing.
    The mids have this special flavor to them, the wood is resonating a bit here to create a very unique tonality that is hard to put down. While the upper mids lack some attack, this is actually a good thing since the can becomes less fatiguing. The definition and form of the mids is there and make their presence known even between the exciting treble and big bass.

    These cans can scream at the higher frequencies and with enough speed as well. All genres can be paired well with these cans but excel at RNB, Hip/Trip Hop and Rock in my opinion. Vocals sound so smooth it's incredible.

    The isolation is enough to filter out most pronounced disturbances within a normal living room. You can even use them outside or in a train, but some detail is lost in the music due to their semi open nature. Indoors though, you feel the airyness that comes with this nature. They won't be as holographic or transient as a HE-400/i, HE-500 or LCD-2/3 PLANAR series, but they sure get close enough. Again best of worlds ladies and gents.
    I would just let them sit indoors and use a HD-25 alumium, DT 770-32ohm or Soundmagic HP100/150 outside instead.

    The headphones stock pads are very good in my opinion but in the main TH-X00 threads on Head-fi you have people recommending otherwise. The stock pads are very comfortable to me and are very well padded. They seal my ears good but your experience may differ. Third party pads are relatively cheap so no worries there. The sound signature is not fatiguing to me and I can listen to them all day, preferably on lower volumes then of course.

    These cans sound good on all volumes. Have a magnesium alloy construction with wooden cups and a nice long braided cable(3m), are comfortable, etc etc etc. Just get them I am having a hard time believing there isn't an X00 version out there for you, or an E-MU Teak/ebony/rosewood for that matter(They got removeable cables)

    I want to write a more detailed review but my busy lifestyle is not allowing for it. For indoor use they are pretty much the only dynamic headphone you need for all entertainment purposes.


    1. 42-56240394_0.jpg
  2. sikki-six
    Fun bass, pretty looks & some problems
    Written by sikki-six
    Published Nov 4, 2016
    Pros - Bass punch, smooth FR, woody looks
    Cons - Mid-bass bloom, upper mids suckout, hard earpads
    Here's my review, featuring bunch of comparisons to one of their predecessors, Denon D2000(I've used them Fostex's mostly through Modi Multibit DAC & Lyr 2.)
    My sound preferences
    1. I love some great sub-bass and lively highs to go with them.
    2. The presence region needs to be "present" and upfront (think HD600 and a little bit less 3k, maybe).
    3. My favorite full-sized headphones are an LCD-2.1
    Looks, comfort, cable
    1. I don't give a hoot about bubble wrap marks. They are very, very difficult to see in my usually darkly lit apartment. Also, that very cool color & wood grain are hard to see well here - looks great in bright light though.
    2. The earpads should really be thicker. That smaller opening is ok for me, but D2000 is way more plush on the head and clamp less (maybe because they are quite old). Are these tiny pads all about sound?
    3. The headband adjustment doesn't extend a lot, but just enough for my big melon. I've had few pairs I need to extend fully besides these: M80 (too small), M100 (bit too tight), K701 (too small), CAL!. Others have had adjustment to spare. (D2000 has one more "click"/dent of adjustment, so no wonder there.)
    4. The cable is what it is - long & thick - not a big deal. But it not being detachable might be one day. This is 2016, and these cost lots. This is a minus, no way around it.
    5. I haven't used these with a mobile device, but could imagine they'd work ok there too - maybe a 3,5mm with a screwable 6,3mm (like the D2000) would be a good idea. I'm not going to have that standard 3,5mm-adapter sticking out of my phone - it just might break the output with any sideways force.
    1. The bass is monstrously huge, you have to want that to get on with these (or D2000). Ok, there are many hp's with more, but not at this range of quality or price that I've heard. It is quite clean though, but somewhat slow with all that mass it's producing.
    2. Listening to RATM's Renegades or some of Dr Dre's beats these are a huge amount of fun!
    3. The bass unfortunately bleeds some into the mids, I'd like less mid-bass bloom & force. D2000 has way clearer separation of bass and mids. There's clearly extra boom (upper bass) & bloom in comparison.
    4. Mids are very laid back, which is quite ok, it's what I expected too. There's more of them vs D2000.
    5. BUT, there is a dip in the upper mids / low highs that makes things like vocals, drum transients etc. sound distant. (Maybe in the presence region, 4khz-ish?) This isn't happening with the Denons...
    6. ...Which makes snare drums & distorted guitars (palm-muted especially) sound more snappy and present with my Denons.
    7. Highs are much less upfront than the D2000s, which seem more lively & snappy up top. Some call them too bright, I mostly disagree. Both tunings work for me. The Denons have some weird coloring and spikes up there in comparison, though. If you like lively (but colored) highs and more of a subs thump, them Denons provide.
    1. The PH's have a very warm tone to them, no way around it. That extra boost in mid-bass and smooth highs make them sound like a "HD650'fied" version of the D2000. I'm not sure they needed it.
    2. This comparison has been quite a revelation for me... Damn it, I think I like the D2000 better! They were about half the price and have been deemed too boomy, slow and whatever. But, when compared to the PH they've got that big bass that doesn't boom too high in the frequency range or make the overall sound too warm for me. They have lots of snap, crackle and low pop that I just love.
    3. BUT, trying to be somewhat objective - TH-X00 PH are a big win for fans of smooth highs, mid-bass warmth and cool looks.
    Stuff I noticed
    1. The Purplehearts look better, but don't feel any better made. The Denons have some nice touches, like rounded edges of that lower part that terminates the headband adjustment. That silver color looks more spiffy too.
    2. D2000's headband and pads look a lot like real leather in comparison, which I guess it isn't either. (There is no way it's the same material, though.) Could the Denon's have real leather?! Sure looks like it... So, D2K's materials seem better.
    There it is! What do you guys think of them? Have you compared TH-X00's to Denons Dx000-series?
    Comment below, why don't you!
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    2. sikki-six
      What kind of changes to equipment do you mean? I'm not going to buy a new amp or dac, they work just fine with other headphones.
      sikki-six, Nov 5, 2016
    3. sikki-six
      D2000 is my favorite basshead headphone I've yet heard.
      sikki-six, Nov 5, 2016
    4. sikki-six
      sikki-six, Nov 11, 2016


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