Forza AudioWorks Hybrid IEM Cable

General Information


- High purity, 4 strands of 26AWG cryo 7N UPOCC copper + UPOCC silver in semi-Litz geometry and PE insulation (no more green copper oxide on your wire!). Blend of the best materials available for superior sound experience and ergonomics.
- Highly flexible thanks to custom formulated PE insulation, 56 individual strands in 7 groups and semi-Litz geometry. With addition of 4x1 braid it is the most flexible Forza AudioWorks cable.
- L-shaped plugs: no matter if it is for Shure, Westone or your favorite CIEM – the Hybrid Series IEM comes with ergonomic connectors for pure pleasure of use.
- 4x1 braid for EMI reduction without the need of bulky metal screening braid.
- Eye-catching transparent, braided cable design, finished with carbon fiber splitter with Hybrid Series logo. How cool is that?
- Built like a tank, 100% handmade in Poland with meticulous care and proudly covered by 2-year warranty.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound, built
Cons: Cables after the split could be a bit larger
After I purchased a Cosmic Ears CE6P and having used it for a couple of months I was curious about replacing the stock cable and the Linum Bax I was using with it. A lot of cable companies I found weren’t very close to The Netherlands, so I looked into this Polish firm, Forza Audioworks, as they could quickly deliver the Hybrid cable. They also responded really quickly and nice to my e-mails. I’m sensitive to this kind of stuff… So here’s my comment on the Hybrid Series IEM.
I had never heard of this company before and I’m in no way connected to Forza Audioworks.
Equipment used:
Source                        : X5-II
CIEM                          : CE6P (Cosmic Ears) and UM Miracle
Songs I listened to       : Dreams (Fleetwood Mac), Eleanor Rigby (Beatles) and Black Cow 
 (Steely Dan)
I do not consider myself as an expert reviewer or expert audiophile, but I love listening to music and details in it. Take this into account when reading this review.
The built
When I first saw the cable I thought I had mistakenly bought a rope for a tanker :wink:. It was big and robust. I immediately liked it. In spite of it’s robustness it felt really flexible. The CIEM connectors look thorough and were easy to attach to the CE6P and the Miracle. Because the cable after the spilt is rather small (for my dimensions anyway) it feels a little tight, but not in an annoying way. I think I will cut away the little plastic tube after the split to make it larger.
The sound
With CE6P
The biggest difference I noticed in all songs compared to the Bax as well as the stock cable from CE is that particularly the kick drum is more defined. You can really ‘feel’ it. In Dreams the vocals step forward and there are more details to be noticed. I could better distinguish the electric piano and the acoustic guitar that comes in in the chorus from the other instruments. Yet, they don’t push away the vocals. The vocal harmonies are really clear and I could actually hear the different melodies Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham are singing.
In Eleanor Rigby the strings are better distinguishable and they are very well defined. You can hear the bows on the strings more than with the other cables. Also I could hear the different vocals apart from each other more.
In Black Cow the sound improvement wasn’t so big, but I think that’s due to the fact that Steely Dan records are really well recorded and produced. However the bass drum sounds fuller and there’s even more details to be heard. The guitar for example isn’t cut off, but keeps sounding, great.
With Miracle
The Miracle sounds a lot softer than the CE6P, but generally the same comments are applicable to the Miracle as to the CE6P.
However the overall improvement was bigger with the CE6P. I (and that is a personal thing) always found the bass in the CE6P a bit muddy, not bad, but not as pronounced as I would like to hear. That is completely gone with this cable. The sound to my ears is very much balanced, really the way I want to enjoy music. Besides the level of detail has made me hear things in songs that I know very well, I hadn’t noticed before.
For me the Forza Audioworks Hybrid Series cable has really been a step up. I’m really happy that I purchased it and I can recommend it to any other owner of the CE6P when looking for a replacement cable.
I hope I’ve been able to give you an understandable impression of the Forza Audioworks cable. If not, please feel free to ask me about it.
Good review, I also owned the Hybrid a while back.
Thanks Flinkenick. Did you like the Hybrid? I wonder how it compares to the other cables like Toxic, that I don't know.
Thanks Flinkenick. Did you like the Hybrid? I wonder how it compares to the other cables like Toxic, that I don't know.


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