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About Omega Series

Fischer Audio’s Omega Series is designed to be an ideal companion throughout your day. With most people having an active and hectic lifestyle, the Omega Series will be the perfect earphones, the one-solution for your entire day. It offers exhilarating good sound for energetic people. With a great comfortable active-fit, Omega aims at providing a fantastic experience be it commuting, casual listening or hitting the fitness arena.
Omega Series offers three choices, depending on your audio demands and preference: Omega Ace, Omega Spark & Omega Twin.

About Omega Twin

Omega Twin will be the choice for those that demands only the best. The double dynamic drivers in this audio menace deliver tight, punchy bass with a warm vocal reproduction that will bound to bring you into music fantasy.

The unique shape of the semi-transparent black housing is specially designed so that it sits snuggly into the cavity of our ears, providing comfortable fitting and excellent passive noise isolation. Sporting an over-the-ear design with memory cable and paired with high quality TPU braided cables, Omega Twin is the ideal earphones from working to working out.

The Omega Twin is also completed with a large variety of accessories that includes a hard carrying pouch, 3 pairs of single flange silicone ear tips (S/M/L), 1 set of double flange silicone ear tips (M), 1 set of premium foam tips and a shirt clip.

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good bass and mid high balance
Cons: For its price I think a BA and Dynamic hybrid could've done better
Bass is toned down compared to it's Ace brother but vocals are amazing.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Lightweight, double dynamic drivers, decent cable, good bass
Cons: Fit can be difficult for those with large ears, lower mids can sound a bit muddied
The Fischer Audio Omega FE-351 (Twin) is the big gun of the Omega series, being the only one of the three to feature dual dynamic drivers. Here’s a description from the people at Fischer Audio:
About Omega Twin
Omega Twin will be the choice for those that demands only the best. The double dynamic drivers in this audio menace deliver tight, punchy bass with a warm vocal reproduction that will bound to bring you into music fantasy. 
The unique shape of the semi-transparent black housing is specially designed so that it sits snuggly into the cavity of our ears, providing comfortable fitting and excellent passive noise isolation.
Sporting an over-the-ear design with memory cable and paired with high quality TPU braided cables, Omega Twin is the ideal earphones from working to working out.
The Omega Twin is also completed with a large variety of accessories that includes a hard carrying pouch, 3 pairs of single flange silicone ear tips (S/M/L), 1 set of double flange silicone ear tips (M), 1 set of premium foam tips and a shirt clip.
I received this sample unit from Fischer Audio Singapore in exchange for my honest review. I have no affiliation with the company and this review is based on my own opinions. I’d like to say thanks to Royston, Sofia and Fischer Audio Asia for the opportunity to test the Omega Twin.
Fischer Audio Asia website:
The Twin comes in a nice looking box made of smooth cardboard. On the front there is a clear image of the earphones giving you an idea of the shape and style.
On the back is a handy frequency response graph along with a genre performance chart.
Music Recommendations – Omega Twin:
Hip Hop / RnB          Very Good
Pop / Electronic       Excellent
Rock / Metal            Excellent
Classical                    Very Good
Jazz / Blues               Excellent
There are also some specifications in four languages including English, Dutch, French and Russian. Speaking of specs here they are:
Driver Unit
9 mm & 7 mm
95 dB ± dB
10 Ohm
Frequency Range
20 Hz – 22KHz
Max. Power
50 mW
1.2 m, TPU
3.5 mm stereo plug
On the front of the box is a magnetic flap which opens up to reveal the inside cover and the earphones in a clear window. There’s a host of information here detailing the accessories, wearing instructions, a detailed breakdown of parts and phone controls.
Build and accessories:
Included in the box are 3 pairs of silicone tips, 1 dual flange tips and 1 foam tips. There is also the Fischer Audio black carry case.
Anyone familiar with my reviews might remember that the included tips with most IEMs are too small for me. Again that is the case here, so for testing I had to dig something out of my personal extra-large tip collection (thanks to Sylmar and 1clearhead!)
Build quality looks very good. The earphones are made of a lightweight but rugged plastic shell that feels solid. Where the cable attaches there’s a memory wire to help with wearing over-ear style. There’s a good amount of stiffness to the wire part making it neither too hard or too soft.
The cable itself is quite good. It’s a smooth plastic sheath that is resistant to tangles and feels durable. At first it was kinked a fair bit from the original packaging but after a few days of use it became more supple and manageable. No complaints here.
On the left side is the microphone and in-line remote. The remote enables you to play and pause music as well as skip or rewind tracks. When testing the microphone, the person I called said that it was difficult to hear me because the volume was too low even though I was holding the mic right next to my mouth.
There’s a cable cinch above the Y-splitter to help with secure fit while moving about. The cinch and splitter are both made of a hard rubber.
The cable ends in a 90 degree plug that has a decent strain relief on it.
Fit and isolation:
I found the placement of the cable attachment a little odd as it’s at the back of the housing meaning I have to tilt the earphones forward in order to get the cable over my ears. This wasn’t a problem for my wife, who has small ears but for me made it quite difficult to get a proper fit.
Due to their small size and light weight, the Twin is very comfortable and can be worn comfortably for long periods.
Sound isolation is average.
Testing was done primarily with my Benjie K9 and XDuoo X2 DAPs, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and desktop PC.
The Twin’s double dynamic drivers produce a V-shaped sound with powerful bass, warm midrange and relaxed highs.  Things still manage to become a little congested at the lower end if there’s a lot going on in the track but for the most part they perform admirably.
The bass on these is quite punchy and fast with a good overall texture. Although it has a strong effect it doesn’t outweigh the other frequencies so is fairly balanced in relation to the mids and highs. Due to the dual drivers the bass is able to do its thing without bleeding into the midrange. Sub-bass has a good presence without being overbearing and is generally well behaved and non-intrusive. It’s there when needed though it rolls off a little early.
Mids are neither forward or recessed with natural tones. Acoustic instruments sound good although sometimes are a little overshadowed by the mid-bass. Mids are warm and full bodied but can sometimes sound a little congested or veiled. Detail is still fairly good.
The treble is fairly relaxed but not lacking in presence. Detail comes through without bringing any harshness or sibilance with it although I wouldn’t be offended if it were a bit more prominent. At times it can sound dominated by the lower mids but it results in a smooth presentation that doesn’t cause fatigue for the treble sensitive.
Soundstage is fairly wide with good spatial imaging and the smooth highs help make the presentation quite intimate without being uncomfortably close.
Omega Twin vs Omega Ace
The Ace has a lot in common with its bigger sibling. They are both V-shaped and have a boosted lower end and smooth treble. The Twin comes out on top due to having a cleaner bass and as a result slightly better resolution.
Omega Twin vs Omega Spark
The Spark is the odd one out in this trio due to having much more energy and presence in the upper midrange and treble. I find them quite refreshing as a result. The bass is not all that far behind that of the Twin, although it's not as full but the treble is much clearer giving some sparkle to the top end which I like, however it can be a little too bright on some tracks. The Twin is much louder, requiring lower volume for similar listening levels and they're warmer in the mids.
The Fischer Audio Omega Twin is a nice earphone. It’s surprising the big sound that comes out of these rather small things.They have a good energy but at the same time bring a smooth overall presentation.Comfort is very good but as stated above I do have some difficulty getting a good fit due to their small size and the placement of the cable attachment.
The only other drawback I find with these is the price. At $79 there’s a lot of competition to deal with at this price point and for a double dynamic it might be asking a bit much.For those with large ears it might be a good idea to see if you can audition them before buying but for anyone with small to regular sized wings they should be fine.
These would be perfect for physical activities such as working out or running due to their light weight and over-ear style with plenty of gusto in the low end to keep you moving. They also have a very low profile so are good for lying around as they don’t protrude out to the side of your ears.
In the photos they look very similar to the Brainwavz R1 model, also a dual driver.  I found those to be an excellent fit which makes me a little curious about these Fischers.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Nicely tuned sound, Strong bass, Immersive Experience, strong cables
Cons: Small case, normal soundstage, slightly stiff memory cable
For starters, I would like to thank Fischer Audio Singapore and Royston for the very warm hospitality and for the chance to review this pair of earphones. These are my honest opinion on these pair of earphones and will be unbiased in whatever way.
The Fischer Audio ‘Twin’ from the Omega series is a Dual dynamic driver pair of earphones with 7mm and 9mm drivers. They can be only worn over the ear and has a very low profile and sit mostly flush with the ear. They are constructed in a solid plastic housing with slightly translucent finishing, showing off the drivers and wires that’s packed within. The cables are strong, sturdy and wrapped in a plastic sheath touted as ‘Highly durable TPU’. The part where the cables go over the ears also have an additional memory segment where I feel is quite rigid, compared to the one LEAR has. On the left side of the cable there is also a microphone with a single button that controls play/pause and the cable descends to a Y splitter with a chin slider. The cable terminates to a Gold plated L plug with a robust strain relief to prevent any cable damage.
The retail packaging is neat and compact, with a magnetic opening mechanism that once opened, reveals the earphones and the included hard case. The package also included 3 sizes of single flange tips, a pair of double flanges and a pair of foam tips (Not from comply).
I will not be going too much into the technical specifications but just an idea of what these earphones can offer to the general public, and my experience with it for the past month or so.
From my conversation with Royston, these earphones are meant for the average user, with the idea of having ‘One earphone for the throughout the day, as a Do-It-All.’ To further elaborate, it was after Fischer Audio did market research that Singaporeans, or Asians generally prefer a single earphone for all their needs, from commuting to work to working out at the gym, as people generally find it too troublesome to carry different pairs of earphones around. These earphones also have been tuned by the team to provide a listening experience that they can be proud of.
Sound impressions
To evaluate these pair of earphones, I have given it a burning in time of over 50 hours, and used it as my daily commute, as well as while cramming for my exams and lastly sweatin it out at the gym. My song choices spread over a wide range and some songs will be listed below.
1.     Roses (ft. ROZES) – Chainsmokers
2.     Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
3.     I Can’t Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix) – The Weeknd
4.     Skinny Love – Birdy
5.     Beat the Sunrise – SNBURN, Andrew Watt
6.     On my own – Samantha Barks
When I first tried them on without burn-in, they were like woah! They sounded just so good! Mind you, I was coming from the LEAR AE1D’s which are single dynamic drivers but still have pretty good sound. I was getting excited as I put the earphones through the burn in.
I feel that the earphones have a general warm sounding signature, with smooth vocals, decent highs that might sound rolled off for some and a deep bass and sub bass that gives the oomph to the kind of songs I listen to. They don’t come across as being forward or recessed in terms of the mid range but at a middle ground where it is nice to listen to.
With songs like ‘On my own’, I can really immerse myself in Samantha Barks’ voice and empathize with her feelings. Even songs like Hallelujah, I am able to hear details like the breaths that Jeff Buckley takes in between and vocals and clarity just amazes me. On EDM tracks, I get the nice bass, very full sounding, not too tight or flabby but just the right amount whereby I get to enjoy my music. Kudos to Fischer Audio for this. I mainly listen to EDM tracks in the morning before the day starts or during my runs where the thump of the bass really gets me going and feeling pumped. I like that I also get to hear details in the song, with decent sound-staging but also sometimes imaging I feel can be improved. With some songs, the Instruments can feel very congested and just not very pleasant. Don’t get me wrong, its just something to nitpick if I were to be fussy about it. 
While doing sports
As these earphones are supposedly able to withstand the rigors of a workout, they are being put to the test. They perform.. really well! The rigid memory wire of the earphones keeps the earphones on my ears the whole time and there is close to no microphonics (wire noise) during my runs. Wires are of adequate length with my phone being in my pocket while doing weights and the wires are curled around my armband while running outdoors.
However, I don’t know if they can withstand heavy sweating or are even water resistant in the first place. Although they are meant for a workout and I have used it without problems.
Royston mentioned that these earphones are competitors with the IM50/70 series, but IMO, these trump them. I find the IM50 a tad too bid and it sticks out of your ears, points dropped on cool factor, they do sound a bit too boomy too, though I do enjoy some bass once in awhile. Vocals are also pretty good on these but I think the clarity on the twins do trump these. Comfort wise I find the IM50 quite fiddly to wear, and gets annoying when I want to just put it on quickly. I find that I can’t sleep on these also as they stick out of your ears.
I did not own the IM70’s but the bass seemed lesser than the IM50 and its similar to the twins in my opinion. Vocals are great too but then again same problem with the shape of the earphones. Some may also not like the bright red colour scheme of the IM70’s and that’s also one of the reasons why I purchased the IM50’s
Another thing to note is the removable cables of the IM50/70 series. They are firm and solid and are replaceable unlike the fixed cables of the twins, but with the rugged feel of the twin, I'm pretty sure they are able to last too.
I thoroughly enjoyed these earphones, especially with the adjustable bass option but in comparison to the twins, the twins with the dual dynamic drivers do sound really really more lively and I enjoyed my music more on the twins although comfort wise, the ‘over the ear’ memory cable of the LEAR is one of my favorite as they are soft and easily shaped. But then again the shell of the AE1D is quite large although it is ergonomically shaped to your ear’s conchae, but much heavier compared to the twin. At almost 2.5X the price of the twin, I would choose the twin on a tighter budget.
These came in shortly after I received the review unit and it might be a fairer comparison compared to the Twin as it is also a dual dynamic driver offering from JVC. I believe they are comprised of the same diameter of dynamic drivers. Sound wise, they are very much different from the Twin, with forward mids and a sparkle to everything. It just feels fast and exciting whereas the Twin feels smooth and deep with also a decent amount of sparkle. When I started using the FXT90s after the twin, it really feels as though some amount of bass and the rumble is taken away as well as the smaller soundstage. This might be due to the shallower fit of the JVC earphones. The FXT90s are worn straight down and has a little protrusion at the back for better fit for the ears. I would think that these are ‘complimentary’ earphones to the Twin and I was able to enjoy my music on both!
What can be improved
1.    I think the hard case that comes with the earphones can be more robust, something similar to the one provided by Brainwavz. The ones given together with the twins are covered in fabric and has a similar generic shape to the usual ones from OEM's like KZ, works okay, but I’ve got to coil my wires really nice and compact.
2.    I think perhaps more kinds of tips can be provided, something that goes in between sizes, I’ve found myself having some difficulty initially with the fit. Ended up going small, not the perfect seal, but still works good.
3.    I think the memory part of the cable that goes over the ears can be made to me more flexible, similar to the one LEAR has, although the rigidity is good for keeping the earphones in place while exercising, sometimes it just feels thick and uncomfortable with spectacles. Remolding it also requires a bit more effort with the rigidity.
I think these are a great pair of earphones and they are good for the money. The good folks over at Fischer Audio has done a good job with the tuning of these earphones. I dare say that these to me, sound better than the popular Shure 215se’s and the Audio technical IM50/70s at a similar price point. For those going for a do it all pair of earphones, give these a try at your local store
For Singaporeans, these can be had for below a hundred dollars at @StereoSingapore and be sure to always try before you buy! 


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