1. MunkyOne
    "Useful little adapter, but could be better designed."
    Pros - Works well, Useful for using Fiio E07K as an outboard DAC with laptops etc.
    Cons - The connection to my DAC/AMP is not very secure and easily detatches.
    Not much one can review in such a simple device.  The unit works well in my application; to enable my E07K to be used as an outboard DAC between my laptop and desktop speakers or, when away from home, my headphones.   It is reasonably cheap, well built and funtions reliably.
    The only criticism I can think of, is that the length of the docking plug, is too short to provide a secure connection between the LOD and the DAC/AMP.  It is sometimes too easy to accidentally disconnect the two.   This is especially the case, when using the DAC/AMP with it's supplied silicone cover.  If the docking plug were just a fraction longer, this would not be an issue and the L7 would be a five star product.