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Evidson Audiosports W6

  1. sanku
    Great cheap sports earphones
    Written by sanku
    Published Dec 31, 2016
    Pros - Built quality,Non tangling cable,Negative Profile, Good isolation.
    Cons - Sound quality, Comfort, Poor Microphone .
    These are the earphones are not from a well known brand but they are great value for money. Let's get into the sound quality of these directly.
    The frequency response of these earphones is 20Hz to 20KHz as the specification say but my experience with these is some what different. They perform extremely bad in this region.I don't know exactly but they are bit better in 60Hz region.
    In the range of 60Hz to 240Hz approximately , they perform well and better than other area of the frequency graph. According to me  they are maid for delivering more bass but they fail in this case. The bass is too muddy to listen. I am experiencing this (may be) because  I've been using MDR xb30ex before these.
    There is nothing special to talk about the vocals response of these earphones. The mid range response is neither good nor bad. they are just there and do no impact at all on the overall listening .
    Keeping in mind the price at which they are retailing they are massive and perform well. But highs is the region where these shine a bit than the rest. It's confusing what to say about the high frequency as they are good but not as powerful as I enjoy them in my music. I have used Phillips SHE3900 before the trouble response of these (Phillips SHE3900) is much satifactory than the W6.
    Considering the sound quality they will disappoint you but considering the price you will get more than that. As I have read reviews all over the internet and they are pretty comfortable with most of them but for me they were not as comfortable as other two I've mentioned in this review. If one is looking for a cheap shorts gear and don't bother about the sound quality much then these will please you 
    Build quality is very very good and the cable is non tangling  these are the positive points that I found with these earphones.
    The jack is 45 degree angled and cable is Y shaped so handling them with smartphones is not an issue at all.
    Hope you will get a better idea about the earphones