New Head-Fier
The wearable stereo experience from EPZ
Pros: 1. The case is really nice and flat

2. Excellent battery life of 12-13 hours in single charge

3. Actually sounds quite good at a certain range of volume
Cons: 1. The fit could be an issue for some

2. No app support
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Hey guys, today I have the EPZ S80 with me for review. Its an Open ear style TWS or OWS as its called. These have been really popular these days, so lets how these are.

I have also shared a video version of the review at YouTube any support there in form of a view, A like or A subscribe is greatly appreciated. But if you so wish to read the written version you can read this.

These are a review unit from EPZ but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I will be as usual following my bullet style format for better readability for those who are dyslexic and in general find it hard to read long paragraphs. I follow this guide in general from the British Dyslexia Association.

Lets get started!


1. Before I talk about the sound, I want to say one thing is that these are OWS so you shouldn’t be expecting sound quality of them like you would expect from any iem or even any earbuds

2. So lets talk about some basic specs now

3. It has Bluetooth 5.3, Uses a BES2000 chip sadly no qualcomm chip here so the codec support is only limited to sbc and aac I would have liked to see aptx support at this price point. But thats ok

4. The battery is rated for 15 hours on the buds and 45 hours on the case

5. It has a 16.2mm Dynamic driver

6. It is IPX5 waterproof which is nice for your work outs and gym

7. I used these while working out and found no issues when sweating

8. It has 4 mics which ENC during the call

9. Now talking about the comfort these are really comfortable for the first few hours, but after hour or 2 I did had some issues

10. On my left earbud I did feel a pressure on my earlobe. I tried adjusting the wings but they are fixed so they stayed as they are.

11. The material used is really comfortable to wear and caused no irritation as such even after I was sweating

12. Now talking about the sound quality I will display a graph from EPZ here

Imagepipe_275 (2).jpg

13. Well the sound range for the EPZ S80 is a bit weird

14. The first 30% of volume the sound coming out is very faint and teeny but once you reach pass that 30% limit the sound is a bit fuller.

15. Now this continues to be the case upto 70% of volume, after that if you increase the volume even more the sound becomes too shrilly and shouty.

16. So I suggest using the earbuds between 30-70% of volume for the best sound fidelity.

17. I typically used it around 30-60% depending where I am at, and I got around 12 hours of battery life using 50% of volume.

18. This has a fast charge feature where in you can charge for 15 minutes and get 6 hours of battery life. They don’t have wireless charging.

19. I will be talking about the sound from 30-70% of volume range. Because the sound below 30 is unusable and teeny and sound above 70 is shrilly and shouty.

20. Now the sound coming of it from when you hit 30% of volume is actually quite good, it has a good amount of bass.

21. Although the bass you hear is mid-bass heavy than sub bass. When listening to songs like crack crack crackle by classy and waltz by sunny the bass hits were punchy and hearty. Yes the sub-bass did lack behind the mid-bass.

22. The mids are ok nothing great for a OWS. But at higher volumes like 60-70% or the female vocals becomes quite shrilly and shouty.

23. The treble again is very well controlled and they do a surprisingly good job here.

24. The treble does lack a bit of extension but seeing how this an OWS thats ok I guess.

25. Now the soundstage of these buds are fantastic! Being an OWS they always excel at this. They are very wide sounding while the depth is average at best

26. This has no app support sadly.

27. I will leave the control schematics on screen so that you can pause and read it.

Imagepipe_277 (2).jpg

28. The mic test is on my YouTube video @ 4:00

28. These retail for $89

29. So are these worth the $89? well somewhat, I think so it does sound good specially if you stay within the volume range as I mentioned.

30. But I do think they are a tad bit expensive, if they were priced at around $60-70 they would have been a much better deal.

31. I don’t have the openrock or oladance or soundcore OWS which are priced similarly, I would have really loved to compare.

32. Because at $90 you are competing against the already established brands and they have lot more features and app support. Now I haven't used them but this is what I found from the reviews I have read or seen online about them.

33. So yeah that's my review of the S80. Thanks for stopping by!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and also if you have any issues regarding this format of review please do comment I will try to mend it. Also sorry to those who are used to reading long paragraphs of review in headfi. I hope my review was upto the mark, I appreciate any feedback.

Again a big thanks to EPZ for making this review possible.

Have a great day ahead, Bye :)