Enleum HPA-23RM

General Information

Current Amplifier for Headphones by Enleum.

Current Output (6.3mm) : 1W
Voltage Output (3.5mm) : 500mW
Inputs: RCA, 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack
Weight: 750g
Dimension: 116mm X 164.5mm X 22mm (w x d x h)

RRP: $2999

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500+ Head-Fier
Powerful Amplifier in the palm of your hands
Pros: Powerful, Exciting, Sub Bass, Large Sound, Portable, Comparable to Desktops of similar pricing.
Cons: Relatively large for portable, details maybe masked at times, maybe too powerful and exciting sounding for some setup and songs
Update: Added link to compatibility list of headphones for the current out. This is of course based on my acceptance of the sound.

Enleum hpa.jpg

In Summary:

This is a powerful amplifier for the serious head-fi enthusiast, comparable to the best of similar price range like the Holo Bliss and Ferrum Oor + Hypsos.


Headphones used:
Abyss 1266
DCA Stealth
T+A Solitaire T

FiiO M17


Build Quality:
Excellent Build Quality
Limited to only RCA and Single Ended In and out.
Volume knobs is smooth to turn, but note the Solid State Relay has some ticking sound when turning volume.
Sound Quality:
This amp sounds extremely powerful even compared with great amps of its class. It "wakes" headphones like the DCA stealth like a champ.



Sub bass reproduction is fantastic. You can fill the rumble that no amps I tried produces. This includes Holo Bliss and Ferrum Oor. Bass impact is fantastic, more impactful then my Ferrum Oor but not as clean (very very minor difference)

Powerful, large and little more dispersed than even my MHA200. It creates a really large soundstage and it's very powerful/exciting sounding. Vocals have a huge (size wise) and powerful (energy) feel to it, great for songs that needs that kind of voicing. In orchestra like tracks, the instruments in the mids are accurate and large sounding.

Clean, no harshness. At times for very low volume detail treble, may get masked by the strong bass and mids.

One of the largest and biggest I heard out of headphone amp, comparable to the MHA200 and Holo Bliss.

Similar to most amps of similar price

More to the warm and thick type when compared to amps like Ferrum Oor or Topping A70. Topping amps are like polar opposites.

The details are there, but can be not as apparent at times due to the really strong bass.

This headphone amp is powerful and exciting sounding amplifier and I greatly enjoy it. Comparable to similar amps of this price range, its a matter of preference rather then is it absolutely the best. This headphone amp is not for everyone, recommend to audition and pair with your headphone of choice as it maybe too powerful/exciting in certain combination and song genre.


I notice the power behaviour of the amp. First it always draw a standard 9.5-9.8w from my power bank during operation or charging, the amp driving headphones or not similar to a class A Amp. When the battery is full, the wattage will drop over a period of time. I will update the phantom draw/trickle charge amount in the future.


The next is on battery, it runs cool, on usb C, it runs really warm to the point it can be uncomfortable for prolong contact with it. So as a portable device, you probably don't want it to be charging and running in a bag. The amount of power draw remains the same at 9.5-9.8w constant. It’s only slightly warm while charging. So it’s the power section generating the heat. This behaviour doesn’t care if the battery is full or not.

Video Review Here

Compatibility list of headphones I tried:


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I wish they had a $250-$500 amp...smh
A fully dedicated desktop non portable or speaker tapped hpa for 3k would be FIRE
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I think the 'ticking' sound is a function of the speed with which the volume knob is turned; the only time I hear a 'tick' is when going into, or coming out of, stand-by.
I can't say I've experienced the unit getting uncomfortably warm when running off an external power source either, but then, the most demanding load mine has seen is probably the Expanse, which does cause it to run warm, but not uncomfortably so; LCD-5 & HE-560 don't seem to have much affect on the operating temperature.


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